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Part 2 of my Journey with Anxiety: The Lesson

Last week I shared with you some of the symptoms of anxiety and that I personally was coping with so much stress, that my anxiety got the best of me. I mentioned that I was going through something no-one ever wants to deal with: A flood in my home. Literally, it is a disaster. Physically, emotionally and financially.  I was very depressed and filled with emotion last week. It wasn't just the cleanup I was not looking forward too, but the emotional attachment I had to what was lost and going through a release initiated by the Universe. (STILL cleaning up by the way.)

I'm sure you, at some time in your life, had lost something that was significant to you and had sentimental value. It could have been a book, photograph, piece of jewelry or toy from your childhood. The things in our life that take us back to a time that made us feel a joy, happiness, major change or represented a life event we hold dear. My basement was a treasure trove of sentimental artifacts of my life.

My basement was filled with my art supplies, inventory from when I had my clothing line and lots of things that went with these items like: Photos, newspaper articles, magazines, fabric, displays for clothing, paintings, art, etc. These things represented my passions, my freedom, my BELIEF in myself.

My clothing line and art allowed me to express myself and allowed me to create confidence in other women. You see, my clothing line was about self-expression, confidence and spirituality all interwoven, allowing women to feel their best and reminding them to always believe in the positive, and most of all, to love and believe in THEMSELVES.

I no longer have a clothing line and since then have had a jewelry collection and now for the last three years, completely immersed in making the world a better place through The Wellness Universe and the amazing folks in our community. I guess this was my time to let go and release the old.

I say, as many people do, "You need to let go of the past to make room for the present and future". I believe this was the Universe 'doing its thing' and letting me know "Okay Anna! If you don't get rid of this stuff that is clogging up MY channel for you to be your best self, and serve your purpose, I will help you remove what doesn't serve you!"

This is what I believe and what has helped me to deal with this all and make sense of it in my head and in my heart. It is painful to have your memories ripped away from you. The Universe has no emotion, it just acts to serve you to fulfil your purpose. The Universe is unbiased and is there as the conduit for you to reach your greatest potential.

Only God/The Universe knows your potential and sometimes we need a nudge to get there.

To have the 'tools of my happiness' (my art supplies) destroyed, was heartbreaking. BUT I know this is all part of the plan. I know energetically, a cleanse needed to happen. Deep inside of me for years, I really have wanted to sort out, clean and clear out the basement. Thank you, Universe, for your help! (I say that with sarcasm, but in all honesty, when you intuitively know something needs to be done, it will happen one way or another.)

My lesson in this for you is when something needs to be done, there will be an event that happens to make it so. The catalyst is not always graceful. Either take the time and energy to electively act or the Universe will make it happen.
So, take the time for a vacation, before the Universe 'makes you' take a break. If you are unhappy in a relationship, release yourself from it, before the Universe creates a situation for you that severs it. You get my point. Do yourself a favor and act on what YOU need to do for your well-being before the Universe works its magic for the outcome you knew you needed all along. We hold much power and when we make the choices to do what is best for us, it makes life so much easier.
May today bring you love filled blessings of health, joy, prosperity and abundance. May you be living in your light and serving your greatest good.
Lots of love,

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