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Volume 133  December 25th, 2014
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Got Bass?

There are some great basses JUST in that we haven't even put on the site yet!  Scoop one up before the world even knows they're here.  
Just in:
2008 Gorman
1930's "Juzek" 
1939 Kay

UPS and the 
death of my father

Join Us in Support of Making accident reconstruction by state police mandatory for all accidents resulting in auto fatality on major highways and limit corporations use of fictitious science in court.

Merry Christmas!

Peace to all...

Gary, Aubrey, Jack, Eric, Chris, Tom, Dave, Kristin, Julie & Holly

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Upton Bass String Instrument Co.
Happy Holidays from Bailey, Wooten, Patitucci and Clayton!
Berklee Music's towering Bass Department shared this holiday track for all you denizens of the low end and asked recipients to share...and with John Clayton playing a UB Standard Hybrid on this track...we just couldn't not pass it along to you!


Rate Your Bass!

This is a call to all you UB bass owners out there: we want to hear from you! Write us a review about your bass and receive 10% off your next order of double bass strings.

To write a review, go to UptonBass.com, locate the applicable bass model and then find the "Reviews" tab and click on "Write a Review". Once you've submitted it, email us and let us know. *Please note that your review will not post until we have verified it.*

Upton Bass String Instrument Co.
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