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Volume 129 - November 29th, 2014
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Got Bass?

There are some great basses JUST in that we haven't even put on the site yet!  Scoop one up before the world even knows they're here.  
Just in:
1920's Harold Jargar
2013 Hybrid Brescian
1939 Kay

If you're a bass player into fitness like Gary, then Like this page!
When not playing, making and restoring double basses, Gary can be found leading Spin classes at Renegade Gym in Pawcatuck, CT!

It was like Christmas morning here in the Upton Bass barn.  Jack had just returned from a short trip...and on his bench waiting for him was the Fishman pre-amp.  He was so excited, so Dave grabbed the camera and shot an impromptu video of his first look. 

So, why would you need a pre-amp?  We've always thought that if you're a professional musician who relies on an amplified tone, it's as important as your pickup and amplifier.  First, you don't always have the luxury of using your own amp, and having something that you know that sculpts your tone is a great tool in creating your sound.  Second, most of us are using piezo pickups, and some amplifiers don't quite understand the signal being sent, so the pre-amp acts as an impedance matching device.  

Wait, what? (OK, techies stop reading, i'm about to get very basic).

Imagine your pickup is talking French, and your amplifier only understands German.  With lots of effort and wild gesticulating, the amp kinda gets the gist of what is being said...but it's missing the nuance and romance of the language.  Enter the Pre-Amp!  The pre-amp is the translator, and makes it so the amp understands everything the pickup is saying.

So, if you've experienced feedback, low volume, thin tone?  Get a pre-amp!

There are so many reasons to buy an Upton Bass...give Gary or me a call...we love telling you all about them!  1-860-535-9399  We love what we do and we'd love to do it for you!

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Upton Bass String Instrument Co.
Fishman Platinum Pro EQ Preamp First Look
Our setup genius Jack Hanlon has been beating up his old Fishman Platinum for years, and finally gets his hands on the new one. Join him for a quick first look at the features of this totally redesigned killer preamp!

We've estimated Jack has about 300+ gigs (not to mention rehearsals) on his old one and it's still going strong!  A follow up video is in the works once Jack has used it for his impressions...but we wont make you wait 300 more gigs for it.

Take a look at the new pre-amp and get yours today.

$500 Off Upton Basses...going...going...

Many have asked WHEN the $500 OFF all NEWLY ordered UPTON BASSES is ending...and we have a date!

The special will end Saturday, December 20th 2014.  We will continue to honor the $500 of special to ALL estimates issued PRIOR to that date UNTIL Saturday, January 31st, 2015.  

After that time, the $500 off line will not be valid on ANY estimate issued.

So...give us a call...talk to us about your bass and get your estimate started and your order in before this special ends.  This is the BIGGEST discount we've ever offered on our basses...and it's likely to not rear its head again anytime soon.

Sorry!  This special limited time price is for NEW orders ONLY.
Rate Your Bass!

This is a call to all you UB bass owners out there: we want to hear from you! Write us a review about your bass and receive 10% off your next order of double bass strings.

To write a review, go to UptonBass.com, locate the applicable bass model and then find the "Reviews" tab and click on "Write a Review". Once you've submitted it, email us and let us know. *Please note that your review will not post until we have verified it.*

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