The Ursuline Experience
December 2, 2018

Achievements in Our Classrooms

Lower School:  Attitude of Gratitude

The Montessori children enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast as a culmination to the study unit on North America.  As we navigated through the physical geography of North America, we talked about the indigenous people of the region and how they utilized the natural resources available to them for their housing, clothing, jewelry, and food.

The children learned about the perilous journey the Pilgrims undertook to arrive in Plymouth, MA from England. The Wampanoag Indians already settled in MA helped the Pilgrims by teaching them to grow crops and hunt. We talked about the crops that the Pilgrims sowed and the bountiful harvest that followed. We discussed gratitude, giving thanks, and the virtue of sharing as exemplified by the Pilgrims sharing their first harvest as a Thanksgiving meal with the Native Americans. The children's admiration for Sarah Hale's effort to make Thanksgiving an annual National Holiday manifested in creating a thanksgiving tree. Thus we cultivated an attitude of gratitude by being grateful for the many blessings in our lives.

The children experimented making butter from heavy cream to go with the corn muffins that they baked. They wore handmade Pilgrim hats and Native American gear that included head bands, vests, and jewelry.

We are so thankful to our parents for all their contributions to make this Thanksgiving feast a wonderful experience for our students!

Middle School:  Wonder Girls Innovate

On Saturday, November 17th a group of 5-7th grade students from Ursuline and other local schools participated in our Wonder Girls Innovate event. This event was led by Middle School science teacher, Eileen Koenig, and Ursuline's Director of Innovation, Erin McNichol. 

The group spent the day stretching their imagination and learning about simple machines, innovation, and how to use everyday objects in unusual ways to complete a task.  By looking at the world as a blank canvas, the girls were guided through the idea generation and prototyping process of designing STEM inspired innovations. They brainstormed, used story boards, collaborated, experimented, took risks, invented, made mistakes, persevered, and had fun in order to successfully create a machine that completed their task. 

Upper School:  Tradition Lasts Forever... Kairos 

Last week the seniors and several juniors participated in the long lasting Ursuline tradition of Kairos. In the midst of all the work and celebration of senior year, the class had the opportunity to pause, reflect on their faith and personal growth. Organized by Sister Betty and several seniors, the retreat asks the girls to think deeply about themselves and the people around them, especially their families. At a time when they feel their lives and themselves in an uncertain transition, the girls can find stability and strength.

Each of the Upper School classes undertakes a retreat each year organized by Joe Louden. Though the retreats for the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will take only one day, we use the Kairos experience as a model, asking seniors to work with girls from each class to plan their day.

Anthony N. Fusco Sr. Student Life Center Update

Student Life Center Dec. 2018 Update

Stockings for Soldiers a Serviam Success

What a wonderful collaboration of Ursuline students and alumnae to create another successful Stockings for Soldiers service project. On November 13th, World Kindness Day, our second grade class prepared 200 packets of "Snowman Soup."
 Snowman Soup is one of the requested donations to include in stockings, which consists of hot chocolate packets, a handful of mini marshmallows, 3 Hershey kisses, a small candy cane, and poem. 

On Saturday, November 24th these packets were brought to the Stockings for Soldiers headquarters, where 25+ Ursuline alumnae and students gathered to stuff the Christmas stockings for troops. Their efforts in filling stockings with candy, toiletries, playing cards, socks, prayer cards, books, and of course Snowman Soup helped reach a record 1000 stockings stuffed in just one afternoon! Thank you to all who participated to make this a great event.

 Ursuline Academy Middle School
A Day in the Life of a Student!

Ursuline Academy Middle School - A Day in the Life of a Student

Giving Tuesday Donations Surpass Goal

We are excited to share our Giving Tuesday results! Our $20,000 goal was surpassed, raising $28,803! Thank you to all the donors who made this possible. Your support of our students is greatly appreciated!

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