January 14, 2018
As many of you already know, tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Please join us in  honoring Dr. King's legacy by coming together for a national day of service! All Ursuline families are welcome to volunteer with us on this day, as we prepare bagged lunches for families in need. For more information on this opportunity and to register, please click here.
Ursuline Visits Google Headquarters
An Educational Trip to NYC
Last week, our Upper School AP Computer Science and Innovation classes took an exciting tour of the Google Headquarters in NYC! Google's team gave the girls a glimpse of what it's like working for one of the fastest growing tech companies. Our students saw first-hand the importance of hard work, and the growing opportunity for women in the tech world!

"Yesterday was probably the best field trip I have ever been on. It was so fun, enlightening, and very eye opening. It made me appreciate everything I do in my daily life that involves coding because it is in mostly everything!"  
-Anna Shearer '19

Save the Date:  February 8th
Coffee with the President

Please join Dr. Trisha Medeiros and members of the Leadership Team to learn more about new initiatives including:  Ursuline Academy's strategic plan, Middle States accreditation and survey result analysis, construction updates and more. 

Thursday, February 8th,  8am-9am
Anna Raskob Auditorium

Please RSVP to Sue Bolinski at  sbolinski@ursuline.org.

Class of 2017 Returns
Back to UA Day

On January 3rd, we welcomed back our newest alumnae, members from the Class of 2017, to our Back to UA Day. This annual luncheon offers our senior class the chance to hear stories about the first semester of college from our most recent graduates. The new college freshmen answered questions about the workload, adjusting to large class sizes, living in dorms, clubs, sports, and sorority experiences. Thank you Class of 2017 for your time. This is a wonderful experience for our senior class!

That's an Ursuline Girl!
Delaware Basketball Hall of Fame

Please join us in congratulating Kate Mills, Class of 2004, who has been selected for induction into the 12th Annual Delaware Basketball Hall of Fame on January 27th!

Founded in 2007 by the Delaware Interscholastic Basketball Coaches Association, the Hall has previously inducted 48 men and women as players and 24 as coaches, officials and friends of the sport. She will be inducted with Steve Johnson, who coached Kate and her Raider teammates to the 2004 State Championship.   Kate also received the Gatorade Player of the Year award in both volleyball and basketball in the same year, another unique and noteworthy accolade! 

Kate will be the third Ursuline alumna in the Hall, joining Val Whiting '89 and Sarah Gause Flanders '82. Coach Laura Capodanno has also been inducted.

You can purchase tickets to the Delaware Basketball Hall of Fame here.

Delaware Young
Playwrights Festival
Congrats to the Finalists from Ursuline!

Two of our Ursuline students have been recognized as finalists for the Delaware Young Professional Playwrites Festival! Congratulations,  Reenie Carroll '20 and Cat Enslen '21, on your excellent writing for the student playwrite, So I've Been Thinking.

Reenie and Cat will participate in a series of playwriting workshops, and publicly showcase the performance on March 8th on the Delaware Theatre Company stage. We wish them the best of luck!

TEDx is Back!
Ideas Worth Spreading

As we announced earlier this year, TEDxYouth is returning to Ursuline Academy! The 2nd  TEDxYouth Conference will be held on Sunday, April 15th  in the Anna Raskob Auditorium. We are very excited to partner again with Teen Sharp to host a series of speakers who will be sharing an "idea worth spreading." Behind the leadership of Yara Awad '18 and Annabelle Miller '19, the TED student committee has been working on  stage design, marketing, logos, event planning, and speaker applications We strongly encourage students, faculty, parents, alumnae, and community members to submit applications. If you are interested in giving a TED talk, please email Mrs. Phillips at  aphillips@ursuline.org

Stay tuned for more details!! This is not an event to miss!! Mark your calendars for Sunday, April 15th . Click  here  to watch Yara Awad's TED Talk from last year's event.

Classroom Collaboration
The following stories come from our Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools.
Lower School: Bear Week is Here!

It's January, which can only mean one thing in the eyes of the first graders...Bear Week! This long-standing, first grade tradition dates back more than 18 years, and is truly one of the highlights for first graders! Math, creative writing, public speaking, and more are wrapped into one fun week all about bears! What better way to learn about charting and graphing than taste-testing a bear's favorite foods such as honey, tuna fish, and strawberry jam? They learn about the legend of the 'Teddy Bear', discuss bear facts and opinions, learn about bear habitats, and even get to hibernate like bears in their pajamas.
At the end of Bear Week, students get their first taste of public speaking. The children are given a plain stuffed bear two weeks prior to their presentation day, and are tasked with creatively dressing their bear and writing a story about it. Our first grade parents are invited to watch as their children present about their bears and answer questions from their classmates. Following their presentation, they parade through the lower school to visit the different classrooms and show their bears. 

Our lower school truly looks forward to this special week every year, and we thank you, Ms. Gorak for 15 'beary' fun years!

Middle School: Alice in Wonderland Jr.

Our 8th graders participate in a theater workshop that will end with the performance of the musical Alice in Wonderland Jr.! The theater workshop lasts for 5 days, and during that time the girls learn lines and choreography, paint scenes, and pull together costumes for their play. Joe Louden and Deb Johnson guide the girls through the workshop.  This is one of the highlights of the year for the 8th graders.  It is always amazing to see the hidden talents that bubble up this week; stars are born each year! 

Come out and support our 8th graders in their performance of Alice in Wonderland Jr. Performances are Friday 1/19/18 and Saturday 1/20/18 at 7:00 pm in the Anna Raskob Auditorium. Tickets are available at the door for $5.00 each or $20.00 per family.

Upper School:  Uniting and Empowering Our Community

At the recent Upper School Community Day, our Sophomore Leadership Class revealed their exciting new project, the Connection Pit! The students created a fun way to unite people, while teaching them to strengthen their relationship building skills.

The Connection Pit allows two strangers to sit in a ball filled box, where they are tasked with finding something they both have in common. Each ball has a unique question written on it, intended to ignite a conversation. After selecting random balls and asking each other questions, the two strangers are bound to find something they have in common! 

Sitting in the Connection Pit is a fun way of bringing strangers together, and helping them learn how to find common ground (a skill that real world leaders often use). Not only is this something that anyone can enjoy, it can help break down barriers when people feel isolated, or bullied. Whitney Grinnage-Cassidy '20 explained, "The whole idea is to build a connection, but when you sit in the Connection Pit, you end up having so much fun! You don't even realize that you're actually getting to know the other person!"

The class intends on using the Connection Pit on campus to help unite the students and faculty members. Eventually, Ursuline would like to take the Ball Pit to other schools, where the project can further unite the community. Bella Cerasoli '20 commented on the importance of the Connection Pit, stating, "No matter how different someone is from you, you can always find something in common."