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Did you Know?

Did you know that the literal translation of "alma mater" actually means "bounteous mother?" Did you know our Middle and Upper School Alma Mater was composed by our very own Sister M. Aloysius Peach? 
 In the first couple of lines we sing about "the lamp of learning." As you approach the Franklin Street entrance to our beautiful Anna Frances Raskob Auditorium, stop and focus your eyes above the door. You will notice a genie lamp resting on a book etched into the façade of the building. The ancient symbolism of the genie lamp represents the potential dreams one can unleash. The genie lamp resting on the book of learning adds a further layer of symbolism. It is through one's quest for knowledge that dreams can be attained. It is no coincidence that Sister Peach chose to write about the "lamp of learning" standing beside "our colors, red and white." According to Sister Peach, our wishes and dreams must be grounded in two important facets of our life - knowledge; represented by the lamp, and faith; represented by the colors "red and white." Red is symbolic of the blood of Christ and the Holy Spirit in the church. The color white is symbolic of purity and new life. The alma mater further refers to the "lamp of truth a-gleaming and love that cannot die" as a symbol of the love of Christ that will never die. For an Ursuline student, it is their faith and knowledge, coupled with "serviam," that has the potential of transforming the world into a place of peace and love for all.  

Classroom Collaboration
The following stories come from the classrooms across our Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools.
Upper School:  Innovation

Mrs. McNichol's Innovation class is challenging the status quo, and seeking ways to improve our community, city and state.  They looked at the criteria provided by Amazon as they search for their HQ2, and discussed how they think Wilmington stacks up.  They are currently in teams looking at ways to improve Wilmington's quality of life because they want to be a contender--if not for Amazon, then for the next mega-prospect! 
Lower School:  First Grade
Ursuline Lower School:  How to Make Bread 
Watch as Ms. Gorak's first graders describe how we use God's gifts in many different ways and what good things come from God - furniture made from the wood of trees, how we can make a salad with vegetables grown in a garden, how clothes are made from cotton grown in a field, and the steps to making bread. 
Middle School:  Sixth Grade

Mr. Bolinski's 6th graders participated in a Math Relay Race.  Here, Mr. Bolinski is explaining the rules - Each team was given a certain number of problems to complete.  Students needed to communicate non-verbally in order to determine what problems they would do and when they would be able to go to the board.  This particular race featured problems covering order of operations and integer operations.
Upper School:  Ninth Grade

Mrs. Nardo's freshman Honors Biology class was engaged in learning about experimental design and scientific method.  The students worked in collaborative groups to complete the activity.
Alumnae Speaker Series

On September 7th, our hallways were "buzzing" with excitement as we welcomed our first alumnae speaker of the year, Betsy Carter '09, Digital Journalist with Buzzfeed.  Betsy shoots, edits, and produces viral, step-by-step food videos for the popular Tasty channel, a job that she describes as a "dream come true!"
Recognizing early in her career that food is a culinary art with a constantly changing platform, Betsy applied her undergrad degree in Communications and minor in Visual Arts from Fordham University to internships with The Chew and Chobani Greek Yogurt before landing a full-time position as Social Media Manager for Wawa.  Seeking more creativity, she pursued the Journalism Master's program at USC, landing a position with Buzzfeed just days after completing her accelerated 9-month program.
Betsy shared true experiences of persistence in the work force, explained how she honed her people skills, and described the studio process of shooting and editing 2 videos per week.   
So as you are watching Tasty videos on Facebook or YouTube, be on the lookout for Betsy's signature Shark watch, as shown in her latest cooking video which recently launched!

Senior, Juli MacGregor has been a patient at Nemours Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children for the past four years, when she first became diagnosed with Intractable Epilepsy. The positive influence of the nurses and doctors at A.I. was so great, that Juli has decided to pursue a career in the medical field. Her teachers are helping to make this a reality for her. When Juli learned of the volunteer services at A.I., she felt called to serve the other children and help make a difference in their lives in the way that the doctors and nurses did for her. Juli gave up her summer at the beach, to fulfill her weekly volunteer hours at the hospital. Her Ursuline spirit of Serviam did not end there. Juli stepped forward to help organize the A.I. duPont faculty and volunteer staff flash mob ad campaign, and she further went on to raise a significant amount of funds for the annual A.I. duPont radio-thon fundraiser. Juli helped make the volunteer services stair climb event a big success through her participation, and by encouraging others to join the event. She is pictured with the A.I. duPont Director of Volunteer Services, and the check that reflects their contribution to A.I. duPont.

Advancement Office

Invitations have been mailed and tickets are now ON SALE for our Ursuline Academy Red and White Christmas Casino Night to benefit tuition assistance.  Please join us on Saturday, November 1 1th  for casino fun, holiday hors d'oeuvres by Caffé Gelato, reindeer games, silent auction and great raffle prizes. Class Basket coordinators from each grade will be contacting you shortly regarding contributions towards your grade's Class Basket.   For more information regarding the event or to purchase your tickets online, click here We look forward to celebrating the season with you!
Upcoming Events:  Open Houses  
The Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools will be welcoming prospective families to our campus over the course of the next three months.  We encourage you to share our dates and registration information to all families you believe to be interested!
As a current family, we invite you to register and attend any of the Open Houses to see what's happening across the campus! 
Upper School 
Sunday, October 15th
1:00pm - 3:15pm 
Lower School 
Friday, November 10th
9:00am - 11:00am 
Middle School 
Tuesday, December 12th
9:00am - 11:00am 
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