The Ursuline Experience
September 9, 2018

Achievements in Our Classrooms

Lower School:  New Outdoor Classroom

The enhanced outdoor classroom has quickly become a favorite area for learning with our Early Childhood students. Our young children enjoyed the warm weather while listening to a story about various colors, participating in a color scavenger hunt, searching the area for items of all different shades, and sorting these items by color. The students experienced the effects of color mixing as they used colored lenses to discover how items changed appearance once color was added, and they even painted a colorful window mural.  We look forward to watching the children explore STEM activities centered on nature and our ever-changing environment.

Middle School:  Code of Community 
" New school year, new beginnings, new mindset, new focus, new start, new intentions, new results. You have a blank's up to you how you want to paint it." 

The Middle School students are off to an awesome start already beginning to paint their canvas for the 18-19 school year. Our MS Mantra this year is built off of our Ursuline Portrait of a Graduate. It is "We are Citizens, We are Pioneers, We are Disciples, We are Thinkers....We are Ursuline." This will be our slogan that will fuel each day and is read during announcements each morning. 

Our Middle School homerooms spent the first two flex periods developing a Middle School Character Code that will be the foundation for our Middle School culture. The students produced several amazing products and we voted on the one we would adopt for this school year. The development of this code will help the girls take ownership of our building and will help to create a culture that is cohesive and nurturing and accepting of all.  In our school, as in our community, we work together.  We are proud to present our winning code:

Ursuline Academy Middle School Code of Community
  • We will welcome all people with open arms using only kind words and actions.
  • We will respect others opinions, property, and space.
  • We will practice positive communication by listening and waiting your turn to speak. We will forgive others for the mistakes they've made, because relationships thrive on positive communication.
  • By putting our best effort in everything we do, we will set good examples for the people around us.
As a member of Ursuline Academy's Middle School, I pledge to follow the Code of Community every day, in and outside of school.

Upper School 

Diverse Minds Writing Challenge:   Whitney Grinnage-Cassidy '20 and Leslie Ramirez '20  won honorable mention in the Diverse Minds Writing Challenge. The contest is sponsored by B'nai B'rith and encourages tolerance and equality of all people. Their children's book,  The Name on the Plane,  wove in a theme of the need for diverse images in our books. Each student won $250 for their wonderful writing and beautiful illustrations. Pictured with Whitney and Leslie are Carly Palkon  '19 and Alexa Scotto '19 who won the first prize of $5,000 in 2017 for their book, Cami's Secret Talent. Congratulations to all!

Young Heroes Award:  Jane Lyons '19 was a recipient of the Young Heroes Award, which is given annually at the Liberty Museum in Philadelphia to 14 young people from around the U.S. Jane was recognized for her work with adjudicated youth who are transitioning back into the community from the juvenile detention facility in Wilmington and need support to remain on the right track. She also received a special award, the Spark Award, given by the Johnson-McNutt family in honor of their deceased son, for Jane's "spark" in helping a segment of the population that is often overlooked. Pictured are:  Patricia and Garry Lyons, Jane Lyons, National Liberty Museum Executive Director Gwen Borowsky, and Dr. Trisha Medeiros. Congratulations to Jane for her wonderful work in the larger Wilmington community!

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Celebrating Ursuline Academy's 125th Anniversary!

Ursuline Academy's 125th Anniversary

Class Basket Parent Volunteers Needed

It's that time of year to start thinking about Class Baskets for our 125th Anniversary Gala ! This year, we are looking forward to gathering on Friday, November 9th at the DuPont Country Club to experience a fun evening of dancing, food and drinks, raffles, and auction, with all proceeds raised directly supporting Ursuline's Tuition Assistance Program.

One of the biggest fundraising components of this event will be Class Baskets. Our Gala Committee is looking for Class Basket Coordinators (1-2 parent volunteers per grade) to help with collecting monetary donations from your grade families, deciding on a theme of your basket, purchasing the items for the basket, and assembling it for the event.  

If you are interested in being a Class Basket Coordinator, please contact Joanna Arat at  or (302) 658-7158, ext. 6257. We will be reaching out to the volunteers next week with further instructions on how to get started. Please consider supporting this fundraising opportunity.

Fall Open House Dates: Share With a Future Raider!

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