The Ursuline Experience
December 16, 2018

Achievements in Our Classrooms

Lower School:  Celebrating the First State

At the end of October and throughout November, our 4th graders were busy learning about Delaware's role in creating the United States Constitution.  Kathleen Doyle from Delaware's Office of Historical & Cultural Affairs visited the students to give an informative overview of the work that was done in Dover so many years ago and how it shaped our lives today. Each group of students collaborated to research, write poems, design illustrations, and create posters displaying their hard work related to their topic. Not only did they learn about the First State's role in our nation's history, but also about cooperation, shared responsibility, and collaboration to accomplish a shared goal.

The project culminated with participating in the 17th Annual 4th Grade Delaware Day Competition, which focused this year on Delaware's role in the Constitution and suffrage. The competition is organized by the Office of Delaware Secretary of State (and father of Ursuline alum Caroline Bullock '16), Jeffrey Bullock. This is the second year that Ursuline's 4th grade social studies class has participated and they were awarded Honorable Mention!  Way to go, 4th graders! 

Middle School:  Ursuline Girls LEAD

On November 9th, seven Middle School students, along with Ms. Donnelly and Mrs. Phillips attended the LEAD Conference (Leaning into Equity Awareness & Diversity) at Tower Hill School. The LEAD Conference is a multi-school inclusivity conference for students in grades 7 and 8. Students attended workshops on implicit bias and stereotypes. The highlight of the day was an insightful presentation from keynote speaker Dr. Michael "Mykee" Fowlin. 

Our students and faculty thoroughly enjoyed their experience attending the LEAD Conference. They recognized their similarities with other Middle School students and how to respectfully discuss differences. 

"It was a great experience because it made me think about how I can be more inclusive and aware of others." -  Olivia Hanson '23 

"I thought the LEAD conference was really powerful. It uncovered many problems we have in the U.S. that I didn't realize." -  Caroline Peach '24

Upper School:  That's an Ursuline Girl!

Last Tuesday was a busy day in the Upper School, more so than usual. First, Ms. Safaee's biology classes presented posters on their research on endangered species and answered questions from observers similar to a science fair. The project required students to research the biology of the species, provide visual information, and explain their work. The girls did a great job talking about dolphins, pandas, snow leopards, tigers, and more.

That afternoon we hosted the annual ARC Party for adults who need support. Students took the lead decorating the gym, preparing food and treats, and collecting presents. They worked hard to help our visitors find Christmas joy. In the evening Mr. Louden took our choir to join fellow schools for the annual All Catholic Christmas Concert, the perfect ending to a day that speaks volumes of our US students.

Aussie... Aussie... Aussie!

Our Global Education Program officially expanded last week to a new continent - Australia! Our inaugural exchange began with a delegation of 15 students and three faculty members from our sister school, St. Ursula's College in Toowoomba. While they were only able to be with us for a short time, we packed their itinerary including sightseeing in Wilmington, attending classes with their amazing host sisters, visiting with students in each of our divisions, and presenting to our Upper School students during community time.  A highlight of their stay was their performance with both Middle & Upper School choirs at our annual Christmas Concert last Sunday. 

Through our bond of sisterhood we have a connection that will endure for many years to come. We look forward to seeing our sisters again when our delegation of 11 students travel to St. Ursula's in June 2019. 

Uniforms Throughout Ursuline's History Fashion Show

Surprise! Our entire school gathered on Friday morning for a special, surprise 125th anniversary treat... a fashion show of Ursuline school, athletic, and gym uniforms ranging from the 1950's through today. Hosted by the Alumnae Relations Department, the event was conceived from a question during a 125th anniversary brainstorming meeting, "I wonder how many alums held onto their old
Ursuline  uniforms?" We asked our alumnae to find out the answer: a  lot! 

The original plan was to create a uniform exhibit that would be displayed in the new Student Life Center. Once we saw the wonderfully nostalgic uniforms arriving for the exhibit it was decided that the students needed to see these uniforms in action!
Student models ranging from Montessori through 12th grade proudly walked the runway in pieces such as a 1950's hunter green skirt and gray wool blazer accessorized with a hunter green cap, the famous spring uniform shirt dress, and even a 1970's basketball smock dress. While they walked a slideshow of historic Ursuline photos were displayed on the screen and music from the decades filled the gym. Our students weren't the only ones invited to watch this parade of uniforms. The alumnae who donated the articles of clothing were invited back to Ursuline with front row seats for the show. It was clear to see that even 125 years later Ursuline has never gone out of style!

 Fusco Student Life Center

As the days draw close to Christmas we look forward with excitement to opening the doors to the Fusco Student Life Center in the new year! Keep a look out for the email later this week with an update!

The Ursuline Experience Returns on January 13th!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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