The Ursuline Experience
October 21, 2018

Achievements in Our Classrooms

Lower School:  5th Grade Retreat

On Friday, October 12th our 5th graders participated in an all day retreat with Mrs. Scarpitti. The class engaged in a variety of team building and other fun activities, which included a stress management and yogi demonstration with Ms. Courtney from La Petite Yogi. 

Mrs. Fodge also presented the 5th graders with leadership pins to signify their important role as the leaders of our Lower School. As part of this leadership role, the students created and practiced skits to demonstrate our school-wide bullying prevention rules. These rules and other bullying prevention information will be presented by the 5th graders to the rest of the Lower School at an upcoming Friday Family Meeting. It was truly a special day for all!
Middle School:  Adventures Outside the Classroom

On Saturday, October 13 th  a group of Middle School students spent the day at the United States Naval Academy's Girls Only S.T.E.M. Day in Annapolis. In the morning, each group rotated through three different S.T.E.M. stations led by Naval Academy instructors and Midshipmen (current Naval Academy students). From building batteries to learning binary code, to density testing to building a house structure that could withstand over 100 mph winds in a storm chaser activity, it was a jam packed day of building, testing, exploring, and collaborating. 

The afternoon provided opportunities to ask the Midshipmen about their major, the types of classes they are taking, and their career hopes. They then embarked on a team problem-solving mission. They were presented with a scenario, a navy ship needed to bring supplies to an island that had been hit by a hurricane. However, they couldn't bring the ship up to the island, and the teams had to develop a launch and catch device that could successfully deliver the supplies to the island. The groups were provided with a limited supply of materials and had 60 minutes to create their finished project. Our group was able to utilize the innovation concepts they have learned participating in Mrs. McNichol's group projects. Their knowledge about brainstorming, taking risks, developing prototypes, testing those prototypes, and going back to make adjustments was just what they needed to successfully execute this project. It was awesome to see the groups navigate through the 60 minutes and to see the different products that were created. 

It is these outside of the classroom adventures that enables the students to network, meet new people, make real-life connections, and get an inside look at potential career options for the future. Keep an eye out for more adventures to come!     

Upper School:   Excitement in Learning

One of the pleasures of being at Ursuline is hearing the excitement from both teachers and students about a really interesting class or the sense of a course going really well. Just this week, we heard the following:
Sister Betty 's enthusiasm and purpose in freshman Theology. The year began with the study of St. Angela and the Ursuline story, and now they are exploring the global Ursuline network. The girls will research other Ursuline schools around the world and create posters representing each.
Mrs. Waldron's work with seniors on capstone projects ( independent work involving research about a topic of great interest to each girl) is a model for curriculum initiatives in other areas.
Mrs. McKinstry in Honors World Regional History II asks the girls to research characters from the Enlightenment Period and then stage a dinner party, carefully seating the people.
Meg Kane-Smith talked about her class going to a Greek Orthodox church. Mrs. Heasley spoke with pride of the progress of her Chemistry classes in mastering the subject and learning proper lab techniques.
We see and hear more every day, proving the vitality of the teaching and learning here.

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Ursuline's Global Reach

Insieme - Ursuline Academy Global

For the past ten days, we have had the pleasure of hosting a delegation of 12 students and two faculty chaperones from our sister school in Paris, Sainte Ursule. Our partnership with this school began three years ago and we look forward to many more years ahead including when our Ursuline Wilmington delegation visits Paris in April 2019. 
While here, our guests have immersed themselves in American and Ursuline culture - attending classes with their host sisters, cheering on the Raiders on the court and field, dancing the night away at the Fall Fling, competing at the Pep Rally, and becoming members of their host families. It is amazing to see how the bonds of St. Angela tie us to each other. We are one... INSIEME! 

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