The Ursuline Experience
February 24, 2019

Achievements in Our Classrooms

Lower School:  Library

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Coretta Scott King Book Awards. In the Lower School library, Mrs. Kriner, read Rap a Tap Tap: Here's Bojangles -  Think of That!, a 2003 Illustrator Honor Book. The students noticed the interesting illustrations which seemed to show movement such as tap dance and a cat's tail wagging. 

Students watched a clip of Bojangles (Bill Robinson) tap dancing with Shirley Temple in one of four movies they starred in together. Students tried tap dancing with their own homemade tap shoes. First they experimented with paper clips. Then they discovered they had more "tap" with quarters! 

Middle School:  Recreating The Last Supper

While studying the disciples and their work along with Jesus, the 7 th grade analyzed the Leonardo da Vinci rendition of The Last Supper. Mr. Louden guided each class through the exercise of planning the recreation. While the students enjoyed a nice spread of food, the main goal was to discover more about the disciples. 

Each student was randomly assigned a particular disciple to research. During their The Last Supper recreation, each student was in character portraying their assigned disciple. Throughout their conversations, students were able to take notes and ask questions in their quest to identify which disciple everyone was portraying. At the end of the meal, they submitted a cast card labeling who they thought each classmate was portraying.
The first group really enjoyed this immersive experience of taking on the persona of their disciple during their meal. Some even brought in costumes to wear. The second group's recreation was affected by the snow day last week and is looking forward to having their meal next week. This was a great learning opportunity for the students to add their own creativity while gaining an understanding of each disciple's role.  

Upper School:  Visiting Authors

This semester, Mrs. McNichol's innovation students are writing and creating their own short film about anxiety and depression in young people, and how resources in high school and college can make a difference. The innovation class invited Newark Charter sophomore, Megan Chen, to their class. Megan wrote a children's book called The Unknown Jungle about implicit bias and stereotyping

After spending more than a year bringing her idea for a children's book from an idea to reality in Dual School, her message was clear. "Find mentors and don't take 'no' for an answer." Stayed tuned for what our innovation students come up with!
Our AP Research class shared their love for true academic research by meeting with guest speaker, Ms. Tracey Holden, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Communications at the University of Delaware (and mom of PJ Holden '24). Building upon investigative research skills learned in the Junior Seminar course, seniors in the AP Capstone program are tasked with investigating an issue in our society, identifying a gap in current research, and designing an experiment to answer the unknown.

The results culminate in an academic paper and oral defense. This is where our guest speaker was of such valuable help! Dr. Holden, published herself, was able to provide timely and relevant advice for the seniors grappling with all matters of scholarly writing, from determining research gap to articulating and defending methodology. "Hearing from Dr. Holden allowed us to clarify our process and truly envision our ideas as a finished product. It was so helpful." - Claire McFadden  &  Caroline Taylor '19. 

Global Leadership Around the World 

Dawn Davis, World Language Department Chair, and Stephanie Kulenguskey '21 were recently each awarded immersive summer opportunities through the Youth Ambassadors Program. This elite global program brings together high school students and adult mentors from across the Western Hemisphere to promote mutual understanding, increase leadership skills, and prepare youth to make a difference in their communities. While on exchange, delegations focus on important global topics including human rights, multiculturalism, social justice, and social transformation. The three-week exchanges are sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State, and are administered by World Learning.

Mrs. Davis looks forward to serving in the Dominican Republic. "The program in the Dominican Republic has several components that I was interested in. First, our group of 12 students and two mentors will work with a kids summer camp who are learning English. Then, we work on a community service project in the kids' community. Finally, there is a focus on socially and ethically responsible grassroots companies in the country like the one that makes shoes from old rubber tires and leather scraps from bag companies. I will guide students who travel with me in implementing a year-long community service project after they return. It feels like this program is exactly what Ursuline is all about - empowering students and improving the world around us."  

Stephanie was excited to be accepted to the dual-country program in Chile and Argentina. "I was inspired to apply because I think it will be a great experience that will allow me to understand different cultures and learn many new things. I am excited to see what Chile and Argentina are like and get to know people from each of those countries. Part of this experience is to do a service project when I come back home and I hope to have the Ursuline community involved with this experience of bringing these countries together."

We wish Mrs. Davis and Stephanie bon voyage and best wishes this summer. Can't wait to follow along on your journeys!
Fusco Student Life Center
Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies

On Thursday, February 21st, students, faculty and administration gathered in the Student Life Center for a Student Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and the Order of Blessing, presided by Bishop Malooly. This special ceremony included readings, songs, and prayers led by students, along with a formal blessing of the building by the Bishop. After the blessing, representatives from each grade gathered to cut the ribbon which had been signed by every student. To help commemorate this occasion, each student received a special UA pennant to share their Ursuline pride!

On Saturday, February 23rd over 200 donors gathered for the Fusco Student Life Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. It was a monumental evening, celebrating a successful multi-year project in the new space. Ceremony remarks were provided by Dr. Trisha Medeiros, Maritza Poza-Grise, and Meghan McFadden '11 for her sister Claire '19. Claire planned to speak but due to advancing in a mock trial competition at the same time, she sent Meghan in her place. As mentioned in Claire's speech, the students are soaking up every moment in the new center, especially our seniors who will be graduating in a few months. The new space has been transformational for our students. They revel in the light and all that the building has to offer. Our guests had the opportunity to experience this firsthand as they toured the building. An energy radiated throughout the building yesterday as it does every day - so much that it is almost tangible!

Thank you to Anthony N. Fusco Sr. and all the donors who made this possible. Fusco Hall will provide expansive learning opportunities for many years to come. 

Thank You Fusco Student Life Center Donors!
Thank You Fusco Student Life Center Donors!


March 31st, 2019
10am - 5pm
Anna Raskob Auditorium

This years theme "Voices Behind Visions" expands on the idea of bringing a vision
alive by speaking it into existence. It's important to be able to visualize our futures,
however to speak about our futures marks the first step to being successful. At
TEDxYouth@UrsulineAcademy our speakers will be talking about topics such as grief, relationships, academics, and music that will challenge our audience to ask questions about what their visions are for a brighter future. Join us on March 31st for invigorating conversations about what tomorrow means to you and the community of Wilmington.

Expect More at Ursuline's Lower School Video

Expect More at Ursuline's Lower School!

Ursuline Uniforms through History Exhibit 
Now on Display!
Next time you are visiting the Student Life Center, we invite you to walk around the first floor to view our Ursuline Uniforms through History Exhibit. Available through May 2019, this exhibit includes various pieces of Ursuline uniforms dating back to the 1950s through the 2000s. Graciously donated from over 15 alums, uniforms on display include school uniforms, spring uniforms, athletic pieces, gym apparel, and accessories. Descriptions and donor names are included with each collection.  Uniforms are located in the Welcome Center, Library, Atrium, and outside of the Conference Room and Chapel. Please enjoy the collection.
Summer at Ursuline offers a variety of specialized camp options for students of all ages. From early childhood programming to camps and activities in athletics, the arts, and more, there is truly something for everyone here at Ursuline Academy.

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