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 Newsletter from Situated Research - June 2012



Naperville Area Networking Event @ Hugo's 


Situated Research along with the Naperville Chamber of Commerce are hosting a local networking event at Hugo's Frog Bar in downtown Naperville on July 23 from 6-9pm. Registration is $25 and includes food, drinks and networking with a wide variety of local businesses. Several valuable prizes will be raffled off. Click here to learn more and registerAll are welcome to attend.  



Five New Usability Webinars 


Situated Research is proud to offer five new free webinars on usability research (dates & registration below). Those interested in website usability may request a free website usability report before the webinar, so that a personalized analysis of their website can help frame the webinar discussion.

Those interested in software and product usability may want to compare usability studies to familiarize themselves with the webinar topics.

Webinar Schedule:

June 27 @ 2pm CDT - Making Informed Decisions About Your Website Needs  


Whether you have products to sell or are just looking to inform people about what you do, websites - more than ever - have become vitally important for small businesses.


Unlike your office or shop, your website can keep you open for business 24/7, and making sure yours is running at peak efficiency is key. Unfortunately, according to a recent survey, 83% of companies believe that their website doesn't meet their needs.

Topics covered:
  • Evaluate whether you need to redesign, update, or make changes to your current website
  • Decide if working with a website firm is your best option
  • Reach new clients through better Search Engine Optimization
  • Understand the steps involved in redesigning a website
  • What to look for when hiring a web design firm
  • Learn about accurate pricing for a website
  • How to write content that matters

Join us on June 27 @ 2pm CDT to learn more about how a revamped website with new content can help you to reach new customers, gain credibility, and increase loyalty from present and potential customers.


Wednesday, June 27, 2:00-3:00pm CDT

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July 6 @ 2pm CDT - Live Forum: Website Usability Experts Q&A


This webinar will take a new interactive format, allowing guests to ask usability experts about their website. In this free webinar, we will host an open forum with usability experts discussing questions raised by attendees that want feedback on their website. If you'd like some feedback before the webinar, you can request a free website usability report so that you can ask additional questions at the live forum.


Topics covered
  • Website usability questions and answers (Q&A)
  • Expert reviews of live websites, on the fly
  • Usability guidelines, with examples of how they can be applied to improve websites
  • Conducting your own usability tests versus using independent experts
  • Sizing up your competition via competitive analysis
  • How to evaluate your website's structure, navigation, and layout
  • Improving your marketing efficiency to better communicate with customers
  • Suggestions to improve the quality of interaction on your website

Join us on July 6 @ 2pm CDT to discuss your website, receive expert analysis, and see live examples of how usability guidelines can improve the functionality and marketing effectiveness of actual websites.


Friday, July 6, 2:00-4:00pm CDT

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July 9 @ 2pm CDT - Social Media 101: How to Start a Business Marketing Plan


Social media marketing can help your business to increase revenue and achieve a high ROI for marketing efforts. The cost / benefit ratio can often far surpass those of traditional marketing: many tools are free, and have a very wide reach. Social media marketing offers many of the benefits of word-of-mouth advertising, with an exponentially higher 'share' rate. Our webinar will describe the ins and outs of social media marketing by examining actual case studies of businesses that have worked with Situated Research. This webinar is part of our 'Social Media 101' series. 


Topics covered:

  • Defining social networking and social media
  • How to utilize the power of the most popular social networks
  • How to use each social network most effectively
  • How to develop a basic marketing plan
  • Long-term benefits of participation

Join us on July 9 @ 2pm CDT to learn how social media can help you reach new customers, gain credibility, boost ROI and increase your company's market share.


 Monday, July 9, 2:00-3:00pm CDT




July 10 @ 2pm CDT - Designing Software for Meaningful User Experiences


Have you designed a product that often was used in an unintended way? Is there a better endorsement for software than "It's easy to use"? If you want to make your products better for your customers, this webinar can help you to take the first step. 


Topics covered:

  • How interfaces affect users
  • Conceptualizing user interaction to design meaningful use
  • Designing for collaboration
  • Users' activity and performance
  • Comparing your software with competitive products
  • Methods to incorporate usability into the design process

Join us on July 10 @ 2pm CDT to learn how user-experience research can help you design meaningful, intended software interactions that yield happy and productive users.


Tuesday, July 10, 2:00-3:00pm CDT

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July 19 @ 2pm CDT - Gamer Psychology - Designing Hit Video Games

The rate of success when developing video games is relatively low to other industries. Designing a hit video game requires a brilliant concept, hard work, and a bit of luck.

What can game companies do to raise their success rate in building profitable, hit games? User experience research may be the key to raising the success rate, but misconceptions of what it entails and confusion with QA testing often leave it on the backburner.

Topics covered:
  • Differentiating Quality Assurance (QA) from usability research
  • Problems with starting usability research at the end of the development lifecycle
  • Modeling gamer psychology and gamer challenges
  • Designing engagement: motivating players through goals and failures
  • Problems with standard usability tests, such as the RITE method

Join us on July 19 @ 2pm CDT to learn how user-experience video game research can help you design meaningful gamer interactions that boost player motivation and feelings of self-efficacy. 


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Whether we help you design tomorrow's video games, software, or websites, you should know exactly what kind of experience you create for your users. This knowledge helps to design situations that yield intended, meaningful outcomes with lasting results. 


All the best for you and your business this month,


The Situated Research Team




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