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New Blog Posts

Are Your Users S.T.U.P.I.D?
How good design can make users effective

It is an honest question: how smart are your users? The answer may surprise you: it doesn't matter. They can be geniuses or morons, but if you don't engage their intelligence, you can't depend on their brain power.

Far more important than their IQ (which is a questionable measure in any case) is their Effective Intelligence: the fraction of their intelligence they can (or are motivated to) apply to a task. Read more �

Microsoft's Vision for Future Productivity (video)

There are some interesting concepts in the video involving augmented reality (adding visualizations to one's environment), new user interfaces and user collaboration, and 'Web 3.0' style communication: where relevant information finds the user at the appropriate time (an intelligent filtering of the overwhelming information now being generated by 'Web 2.0' technologies such as social media). Read more �

As a reminder, we are offering $500 off our Social Media Marketing Campaigns through the end of November to celebrate our 4th year in business. Please mention the code 'anniversary' when registering.

All the best for you and your business this month. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 


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