Keeping Your VIEW Current - Nov. 1, 2019
Image Stitching
  •  VMS has the capability to acquire many images over a rectangular area and then stitch them together into a single large image of that area.

  • The way to access this is through the image acquisition tool in the feature toolbar in VMS. Once the image acquisition dialog is open, select “Image Stitch” as the Image Type, and parameters specific to image stitching will be enabled.
  • In the Stitch Options section, there will be a start and an end point drop-down. These will be populated with point variables currently available in the program. The area for the stitching will be defined by creating a rectangle from the two points.

  • Also, an overlap option is available. This is how many pixels each image should overlap with its neighbors. In most cases, 5% of the number of pixels in the X direction works well. For example, if a standard 2 megapixel mono camera is being used, it has 1626 pixels in the X direction. So, 80 is a good starting point.

  • Once the options are all set up, click Run, and let it acquire all the images. Then click OK, and it will be added to the program as a step and an image variable that can be used later. An example stitched image is shown below.
  • This can be used for saving images of an entire area as well as running finders and doing image processing on it, as if it was a normal single field of view image.

  • The same functionality is also available through the function acquire_area_image() with a few more steps. This can be referenced in the function help dialog.

  • Note that there are limitations on how much area can be stitched due to memory constraints with a very large image. Also, if a color camera is used, the image will be converted to gray.

Image stitching is a paid option that is included in the Advanced Image Processing package and the Area Multi-Focus (AMF) package. Please consult your sales representative for information.
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