Spring 2017
VIP Annual Report Totals Up the Sum of Giving Back
Changes at VIP
Corina Sadler, CVA, has been promoted to Resources Supervisor. She has been with VIP for nine years as Resources Coordinator. She is a graduate of the University of North Texas and is a Plano native. Mrs. Sadler replaces Robin Popik, who retired after 27 years of service with VIP. 

Above left: Corina Sadler
Above right: Amy Pagan, on the left 
Rebecca Finberg, on the right 
Amy Pagan is VIP's new Communications Liaison. She is an award-winning copywriter, editor and journalist with many years' experience in volunteer management. She holds a BA from the University of Texas at Austin.

Rebecca Finberg is VIP's new Resources Coordinator. She has a background in non-profit management and, most recently, was the Director of the Denton Animal Support Foundation. She will complete her Master in Public Administration in May.
Get Involved!

Live music fans, this is your chance to take part in the Toyota Texas Music Revolution! Volunteers are needed for the festival on March 24 and 25. Each volunteer will receive one free ticket and one free shirt in exchange for a volunteer shift. The lineup includes Kiefer Sutherland, Castro the Band, Kasey Musgraves and many, many more. Shifts are two-and-a-half hours at Oak Point Amphitheater. Find out more and sign up now!

Downtown Plano is competing in the America's Main Streets Contest! If we win, we will receive $25,000 and throw a city-wide water party. The first round of voting goes from now until April 24. Vote now or go to voteandsoak.com for more info.

Thank you to our Corporate Volunteers
Volunteer Recognition Awards
Congratulations to John Carlson, Plano Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association Volunteer of the Year.
Congratulations to Fabian Gordon, Plano Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association Rookie of the Year. 
Carla Prascher, Police Records Department volunteer, r eached 1,000 hours of service. 
Thank you to Plano Senior Recreation Center volunteers for their service this past year. Staff recognized their efforts with a reception at the Center. 
Spotlight: Interurban Railway Museum
Volunteer of the Year
Maggie Sprague Historic Preservation Recognition Award winner, Charlotte Loontiens

“When Charlotte first started she only wanted to file. The next thing we know, she is helping with all of the school tours and volunteering at all of our Historic Preservation events -- including Hike Through History, the Plano Archeology Fair and Tombstone Mysteries,” said Plano Conservancy for Historic Preservation Co-Director Jeffrey Campbell. He’s speaking of Charlotte Loontiens, this year’s recipient of the Maggie Sprague Historic Preservation Recognition Award.  “She always has a smile and a positive attitude that keeps the team’s spirits up.”

“I was shocked,” says Loontiens when asked about the award. “It means to me that they really appreciate everything that I do for them. In California with a theatre group, I used to be on the other end – thanking our volunteers. To be on this end, for me to get that acknowledgement, it makes me want to be there five days a week.”

A little more than a year ago, Lootiens was looking for a way to meet people and stay busy. “And I didn’t want a job!  It’s worked out perfect. I work with the best managers ever at the railroad. They are thoughtful, kind, knowledgeable and patient.”

Although she came in thinking she would just help with paperwork, Lootiens quickly found she was indispensable in many more ways. “My favorite part is the different events -- we cleaned up headstones at the cemeteries, helped with the archelogy tour and with the historic walk through Plano, -- oh and wine tour – I  love the wine tour.”

Lootiens enthusiastically encourages others to volunteer as well.  “I’ve told people. Go talk to Corina (Sadler of VIP). Tell them you want to volunteer. They have so many things that the city of Plano does and puts on. Let her know you want to help. You’ll meet so many interesting people!”

The Maggie Sprague Historic Preservation Recognition Award was named after Plano Conservancy former co-director Maggie Sprague, one of the founders of The Plano Conservancy for Historic Preservation, Inc.
Sam Mania Volunteer of the Year Award Winner Terry Fleming

When Terry Fleming was just ten years old, he boarded a train traveling from Minnesota to Chicago – alone. 

“It was a whole different time,” says Fleming. “The conductors and train people were really helpful. They were good people. It was a wonderful experience. I had model trains at home and I loved them. To ride on one by myself -- it was a very life-changing moment for me.”  Decades later, Fleming is still involved with railroads – but in a much different way. Fleming is this year’s recipient of the Sam Mania Volunteer of the Year Award for service to Plano’s Interurban Railway Museum. 

“Terry has a passion for trains,” says Plano Conservancy for Historic Preservation Co-Director Jeffrey Campbell.  “When he first started he was a bit quiet. However, his passion for the museum and for helping with school tours and story time brought out his knowledge, kindness and caring.”

Fleming began volunteering at the museum this past year. “I’ve always been very active with people and I just wanted to have an opportunity to teach children,” he says. When Fleming retired, he began looking for a way to give back to his community. “It led me to inquire about the Interurban Railway Museum, and I was looking on their website and I thought ‘How cool would that be?’” 

I go there a couple times a week and help with story time on Fridays. It’s something those kids will remember for a long time. It’s been very rewarding experience,” says Fleming.  “I like telling the kids little tidbits about trains and the history of them. Facts they aren’t aware of. The look on their eyes – they get so excited to learn more things. I talk to them about how much the train car weights and how much it cost to build. They get blown away.”

The Sam Mania Volunteer of the Year Award is named after the Plano Conservancy's first volunteer. It is given in appreciation for exceptional dedication and commitment to volunteer service.
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