Thirty VIP supervisors attended a presentation by trainer and author of W.I.N.E. (Wisdom Inspired Notable Expressions) for the Mind, Jerri Grant-Robertson. Jerri shared her personal experiences and insight on being present in the moment. 

“Wisdom, like wine, is better when it is aged, matured, or passed down through generations." She suggests we step away from the mainstream and elevate our minds.

The thought-provoking presentation engaged the VIP Supervisors in their learning. As Jerri explained, "Volunteer leadership has its own set of adventures. You are coordinating diverse individuals with different goals, learning styles and motivations." We were reminded how important our five senses are for good communication.

Jerri led the group through an exercise where only one sense could dominate and group members communicated through that sense. She explained the need to stay focused on core values while properly planning and managing the volunteers.

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