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The Value Review has a new look! In order to make our content more interactive, customer-friendly, and responsive, we've updated the look and feel of our quarterly updates. We hope you find the information useful, and as always, feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions or suggestions for the future!
Industry News

Michael W. Lamach, Chairman and CEO of Ingersoll Rand released a letter outlining IR's continued committment to improving its environmental footprint:  "The Commitment has helped us avoid 6.7 million metric tons of CO2e globally from our products compared to a 2013 baseline - equal to the emissions from the energy used in 700,000 homes for one year."

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To R'newal™ or to Replace?

The Trane R'newal™ program brings your existing chiller to the same level of reliability and performance offered by a new Trane chiller. If you are considering unit replacement and would like to know if your chiller is eligible for an R'newal or would like more details on the process and benefits, please contact us today!

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Hunton Services Tech Spotlight

Hunton celebrates the Top 30 qualifying performance of chiller technician Jody Avila at The American Ninja Warrior San Antonio Qualifying Course. Our "6 ft. 6 in. Ninja" is a true asset to the Hunton Group, and his work family wishes him well at the finals! 

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Hunton Highlights

Hunton Services has had a busy second quarter. Click below to see social media snapshots of our recent events and accomplishments:

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Solving Issues. Saving Money.
Hunton Solutions = Continued Payback 

Hunton Services was hired by a large commercial building to give its BAS some much-needed TLC after issues arose from a prior installation. By fixing BAS issues and working with the organization to create an accurate schedule of use for the building, the savings began to roll in.

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Featured Factory Service:
Tracer AdaptiView™ Control Upgrade    

The Tracer AdaptiView™ control panel with Adaptive Control™ keeps your chiller online when other chillers shut down. For Series R, AdaptiView upgrades are available for models RTHA, RTHB, RTHC and RTHD.  For Trane CenTraVac®, all models can be upgraded, including those with pneumatic and
electro-mechanical unit control systems.
Don't let an obsolete panel impede your production.
Call us today for more information or email!

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