Faith Based Security Event
Please join us on March 28th at 6:30 PM for 1-1/2 hours of teaching & audience interaction regarding security for faith-based operations taught by Carl Chinn.

Chinn had been involved with churches and ministries all of his adult life, but seldom considered security. Then, while serving as building engineer for a ministry in 1996, he and three other employees were held hostage at gunpoint by an angry gunman.

That event changed his life. In the following years, he began advising ministries to develop intentional readiness plans. Among many who listened, was his home church in Colorado Springs.

He was serving on that team the day a gunman killed two girls in the parking lot, then moved into the church with his A/R 15 and 1,400 rounds of ammunition. The team responded; the killer was stopped before he could kill any more.

Now, as president of the Faith Based Security Network (FBSN) Chinn is advising communities on developing intentional security not only at their individual House of Worship level, but as a connected area alliance.

The FBSN is a member-owned 501(c)(3) non-profit professional association dedicated to improving the safety of faith-based communities across the U.S.

Hear how your faith-based community can work together with each other and with law-enforcement in joint training, shared best practices and shared threat information to improve the safety of the faith-based community. This model is now being replicated in connected communities across the United States, and we would like to see your area involved.

The FBSN now has members in 37 states and in Washington D.C.

This teaching is not about guns or heroes, it’s about seasoned and responsible methods of defending our most valuable treasures – the people we love. 

The net result of this meeting should be a new or improved local area coalition of faith-based organizations working together with each other and local enforcement partners towards the goal of increased safety for their staff, congregations, visitors and the community as a whole.

Whether you are a teacher, pastor or protector, we encourage you to attend this event to learn more about protecting your people and to get your organization officially connected with others in your area and beyond.

Please forward this to others you feel may be interested

Cost: No cost, but pre-registration is appreciated.

Date:  Thursday, 3/28/19 Time:   6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Venue:  Eastpoint Christian Church

Address: 345 Clarks Pond Parkway. South Portland,    ME
Eastpoint Christian Church