The Vande Vere Museum of Technology - Landmark
Established in 1923 by the esteemed inventor and philanthropist Adde Vande Vere, the Vande Vere Museum of Technology was intended by its creator to help spread the knowledge of science and the countless new theories of technology that were quickly becoming the defining factor of the 20th century. Naturally, as with many such institutions of its time, this included many examples of Adde’s own work and theories. After all, if he was footing the bill, why shouldn’t he put forward his own ideas and help educate the people?

Still, while he was indeed a vain man, Vande Vere was not foolish, and he was easily able to recognize the genius of others. Examples of technologies in every field were quickly collected with little expense spared. Even with his death in 1944, Adde made sure that a trust was established to help the Museum continue its work, calling the Museum his ‘great gift to the world’.

Since then, the Museum has sought to gather up examples of all the latest technologies wherever it could. Radar machinery and an exploded display of a jet engine from the 1940s, examples of advancing computer technology from its inception to the modern day, replicas of prototype energy weapons of various sorts and designs donated by retired heroes and many, many other displays all abound waiting to inform, educate and inspire.
In addition to the main museum, there are several wings that have been added to the museum over the years, such as the observatory and planetarium building above. The site of the museum also features installations such as the rocket on the site below.
Like many museums, the Vande Vere will showcase temporary exhibits, as is featured in the exhibit posters below for the new "Super Powered" exhibit on the history of weapons in Titan City and beyond.
The Vande Vere Museum will be a unique spot for players to visit, especially those seeking technology related knowledge, research and to undertake missions of a scientific nature!