March 2024


CCLA Attorneys at the 2024 BCBA Black History Month:

A Celebration of Our Black Judges

Opening Statement From CCLA's Executive Director

Dear Friends,

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, it’s important to reflect on the progress we’ve made and the work that still lies ahead. One crucial aspect of this work is ensuring that all women have access to justice, especially those who have experienced domestic abuse, vulnerable seniors, and young women seeking refuge from human trafficking. Our lawyers at Coast to Coast Legal Aid of South Florida, Inc. (CCLA) work tirelessly on behalf of the vulnerable women that cross our threshold.

Civil legal aid plays a vital role in supporting women. Of the 237,000 people living below the poverty line in Broward county the largest demographic are women age 25-34, followed by women age 55-64, and then women age 65-74. CCLA provides crucial services such as obtaining protective orders, securing custody/timesharing in domestic violence matters, and accessing resources so seniors and survivors of domestic abuse have financial stability. Without legal assistance, many are forced to navigate a complex legal system alone, facing barriers to achieving safety and justice.

During Women’s History Month, let’s reaffirm our commitment to supporting survivors of domestic abuse, and all women, by advocating for increased access to civil legal aid. We ask for your support which plays a vital role in honoring women’s resilience and contributes to a future where all women can live safely, securely, and free from harm. Thank you for your generosity and dedication to this important cause. 

CCLA In the Community

2024 is off to a strong start with over 30 outreach events in these first three months. In January, for Human Trafficking Awareness Month, we proudly co-hosted our second annual QR Code Outreach in Broward County and participated in Nancy J. Cotterman Center’s Collaborative Provider event highlighting the importance of collaboration when serving survivors of human trafficking.

During February, we spoke with hopeful interns and postgraduates at several local law school career fairs discussing CCLA's work in the community. CCLA celebrated Broward's black judges at the 17th Judicial Circuit and BCBA's inspiring event. We had the honor of hosting Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz at our office to speak about her work for Broward County residents in our nation’s capital and for her to learn more about the work we do.

This month, we were awarded the Truist Nonprofit Organization of the Year for Collaboration at the 13th Annual 211 Broward Nonprofit Awards Luncheon! We engaged in several conversations and events for Women's History Month and presented at the Homeless Providers and Stakeholders Committee. Congresswoman Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick awarded CCLA Attorney Victoria Sexton EmpowHER Humanitarian of the Year.

We enjoy being a part of this community and look forward to engaging with more community members and providers as the year continues. If you would like CCLA to attend an event, conduct an outreach, or you have a topic you'd like us to address in an episode of Legal Learning on our Facebook and YouTube pages, please contact us at: [email protected]. Check out our Community Outreach page.


Client Feedback

Words could never describe how much I truly appreciate you and the work you are doing for victims of trafficking, I sincerely Thank You for taking my cases and fighting for my rights as a victim and also for communicating with me every step of the way throughout the process... You have no idea how hard it has been to get to this point...the lack of resources (nationwide) available to victims of trafficking is mind blowing. None of the agencies in other cities have any sort of special division or departments that are dedicated to handling trafficking cases like you have done for me. I was really starting to get discouraged about dealing with any of it, until I was connected with you. Ever since our very first communication I started feeling hopeful again that I can do this and put the past to have treated me with respect and kindness every time we speak. Please keep it up because it is so important and means so much to people like me.”

Coast to Coast Legal Aid provides crucial support to individuals who can’t afford legal representation. 

Your contribution makes a significant difference in someone’s life, protecting their rights and ensuring equal access to justice and a fair legal process. 

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