The Veritas Victor
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Important Dates
September 9
House Inductions

Last week, our new students in grades 3 and higher attended a daily Introduction to Latin class with Mr. Schaffer. They covered a lot of ground in this mini-boot camp and got a good dose of vocabulary and grammar in preparation for the school year. Thank you for conducting this class, Mr. Schaffer.

Not a Moment to Waste!
Mrs. Rehl's 3rd/4th grade class hit the ground running, literally, on the first day of school.  They were seen running to the tennis courts for gym class today. Parents of 3rd/4th grade students, you are in for a challenging and enriching year in both mind and body!

Composer of the Month
Franz Schubert
Our Composer of the Month for September is Austrian, Franz Schubert, considered the last of the classical composers and the first of the Romantics. His music is notable for its melody and harmony. His songs became so popular in his day that concert parties featuring his music 
were held in wealthy homes throughout Vienna. These gatherings were called Schubertiaden. Learn more about this master from our Composer bulletin board at school. Here are t wo of his best known pieces:
Ellens Dritter Gesang, aka Ave Maria
Ellens Dritter Gesang, aka Ave Maria

September 6, 2016
Matriculation and First Day
Our new students began their journey this academic year with a Matriculation Ceremony during which they and their parents were formally inducted into the Academy family.  Students and parents signed their names to the matriculation book signalling their commitment to the mission of the school, that is, the acquisition of knowledge and the cultivation of virtue. Rising and new 7th-10th grade students received their school jackets, and all students were asked to recite the Academy Oath. May God bless us as we embark on this new year.  It's going to be terrific!

Our First Interscholastic Victory
Hats off to Sara Ellem for giving VCA its first interscholastic win ever. Sara competed in a tennis match last week, losing one match against Hamilton Middle School, then coming back to win her match against Van Devender Middle School (Wood County).  The win is especially noteworthy because our tennis team is new this year, and our players have had very little practice thus far. Congratulations, Sara!
Academy Oath 
I (STUDENT'S NAME) affirm:
That education has two purposes: the acquisition of wisdom and the cultivation of virtue.
That the acquisition of wisdom requires knowledge of moral and scientific truth for its own sake and in guidance of the will toward goodness.
That a virtuous character is constructed through willing:
Wisdom over ignorance
Justice over selfishness
Fortitude over adversity
Temperance over excess and
Prudence in the eyes of God.
I pursue these ends to order my soul and the commonwealth and accept the guidance of my teacher toward these ends.
I rightfully place God at the center of my education and ask His blessing on my efforts and on the efforts of my classmates.
Thank you for your interest in our school. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a private meeting.


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