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Important Dates
March 18
Masquerade Ball

April 28 & 29
Once Upon a Happily Ever After

May 12
Grandparents Day 
Meeting Reminders
House lunches every Wednesday
House Meetings 
Tarsus -2nd & 4th Wednesdays at 7:45am

Washington - 2nd & 4th Mondays at 3:05pm
Chesterton - 1st & 3rd Wednesdays at 7:45am
Chess Club Mondays at 3:05pm
Photography Club Tuesdays during lunch
Cicero Club first 3 Wednesdays at 3:05pm

Basketball practice Tuesdays at 3:05pm
Scrimmages on Thursdays
The Garden Committee is preparing to mulch the front gardens at school. Several families have made donations to help cover the cost of the mulch and weed treatment.  If you would like to contribute, please click here to contact Linda Ritter via email.  Thank you.

If you have stopped by the library you have seen significant changes in its layout and furnishings. It is still a work in progress, but many thanks to Mr. Cottrell, Mrs. Lather, Mrs. Ellem, and Mr. Haas for the improvements to our school library.
Welcome to our new students and their families
Andrew Smith (7th grade)
Ava Ayers (3rd grade)
How do we recruit our teachers?
We are often asked how we find teachers for the Academy. The answer is simple enough: we begin with the end of education and search for teachers who understand that end. From among those teachers, we then look for people who are not only well prepared to teach our curriculum but who can model virtuous behavior to students. Last week Headmaster Rutherford and co-founder, Mr. Ritter, traveled to Hillsdale College in search of talent. When a potential VCA teacher is asked, "What is the purpose of education" and she responds, "To prepare for eternity with God," you know you're looking in the right place.
From our school family to Mrs. Rachelle Smith, we extend our joyful congratulations on the arrival of Roseveare Neale Smith, born February 28, 2017.

It's Official!
Here is the lineup for the big show on April 28 & 29.

One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Snow White
the Fairytale Museum
Plus, hors d'oeuvres and desserts, music, and art auction.

Tickets on sale next week!
Studying Soil Erosion
The 5th and 6th graders recently planted grass seed on one mound of soil and nothing on another mound of the same height.

This week they tested whether the grass helped prevent soil erosion by pouring the same amount of water on each mound and studying their results.

The mound of dirt was flattened while the grass mound decreased in size by half an inch. The students concluded that the grass roots helped preserve the shape of the mound and overall height. Well done, young scientists!
March 3, 2017
"Chicago was Fabulous!"
...revelled one of our high school students recalling the class trip to the Windy City with Mrs. McKay.  The 9th and 10th grade students spent three days last month exploring many of the treasures preserved in some of the nation's most prestigious institutions. 
At the Chicago Art Institute, the students had a private art class with one of the curators. At the Oriental Institute they took a seminar on artifact analysis and got a private tour of the collection. They also explored a Frank Lloyd Wright home and visited the beautiful Rockefeller Chapel. The morning of day three was spent at the Field Museum of Natural History and the afternoon at the Shed Aquarium. During their "down time," the students relaxed at a book store, played frisbee, and recalled their early childhood at the playground.
It would take up entirely too much room to post a photo or reflection about everything the students did, but suffice it to say that this is not an experience they'll soon forget.
Thank you, Mrs. Mckay, and our chaperon, Dr. Galupo, for this terrific trip!
To view our photo album,  please click here!
Virtual Images
This week in physics class with Mr. Dschida, the 7th and 8th grade students studied how images are formed behind a mirror. A virtual image is produced when rays of light reach our eyes that appear to come from a real object, but there is in fact no object at the apparent source of the light. The most common example is when light from an object strikes a plane mirror. The reflected rays appear to come from an identical object that is located behind the mirror. The spatial distribution of rays is completely consistent with what we would see if there really was an object behind the mirror. In the photograph below, the image of the jar is completed by the actual jar - exactly equidistant from the mirror as the reflected jar.  This phenomenon occurs because light travels from the object to the mirror, then to our eyes - the image has to travel both distances to reach the eye, so it appears farther back.  The object's distance is equal to the image's distance - that is, the image is the same distance "behind the mirror" as the object is in front of the mirror.

History with Mrs. Rehl
Last week Mrs. Rehl's students presented bottle depictions of a number of notable personalities, including Queen Victoria, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Henry Ford, Samuel Morse, Sitting Bull, Hellen Keller, and many others. The students researched their characters and presented biographies that not only included significant achievements but more importantly, whether or how those achievements were examples of virtues we should emulate.

Huddling in the Hallway
Wednesday morning brought with it extraordinarily high winds on Harmar Hill and elsewhere in the valley. Several schools and institutions sounded a tornado alarm, so in an abundance of caution, we moved the students to the interior hallway. Rather than panic and mayhem, some students spent their time reading or doing class work, older students entertained younger ones, and teachers explained lessons. The "drill" was a good exercise and went quite smoothly.

Blow, blow, thou winter wind
Thou art not so unkind
As man's ingratitude;
Thy tooth is not so keen,
Because thou art not seen,
Although thy breath be rude.
-William Shakespeare (from "As You Like It," Act Two, Scene VII)

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