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We hope you enjoyed the inaugural edition of Verse! Here is our second with some of the latest or relevant happenings in the world of STEM data, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Interesting Reads
DeepMind AI tackles one of chemistry’s most valuable techniques.

Amazon has published a post-event summary to shed some light on the root cause behind the recent massive AWS outage that took down a long list of high-profile sites and online services.

Why you need these 5 skills on your resume today, says CEO who has read over 1,000 resumes this year.

Amazon announced plans to shut down its global website ranking system and competitor analysis tool "Alexa.com", which has been available for 25 years.

Python power-up: new image tool visualizes complex data. The image viewing and analysis software napari has filled a gap in the programming language’s scientific ecosystem.

A Microsoft Researcher on the Power (and Perils) of Building A.I. Harvard anthropologist Mary Gray explains why some of the biggest problems can arise in the earliest stages.

Optibrium Shows Deep Learning to Successfully Predict Human Panel-based Sensory Perception of Novel Compounds Used for Flavors and Fragrances.
Company News
Bloomberg announced that its Data License content is now available to clients on Amazon Web Services (AWS), enabling clients globally to receive content cloud-natively and dramatically reducing data onboarding time.

Odyssey Announces Agreement to Combine with BenevolentAI.

The $500mm+ Debacle at Zillow Offers – What Went Wrong with the AI Models?

Pentagon to name AI chief. The U.S. Defense Department says next year it will hire its first chief digital and artificial intelligence officer, reporting directly to Deputy Defense Secretary.

Duke, Mayo Clinic and UC Berkeley and others launch innovative AI collaboration.
Movers and Shakers
Decentralized clinical trials company Thread hired Scott Pearson to be chief product officer. Pearson most recently had a stint at Amazon, as head of product for healthcare and life sciences.

Jungle Scout appoints Amazon veteran Stephen Curial as company's first Chief Technology Officer.
Upcoming Conferences
January 26-28, 2022, The PMWC 2022 AI and Data Sciences Track. Santa Clara Convention Center
for all who work with large data sets to learn first-hand from leaders in the field about recent data and technology developments and how the various advancements will expedite both improved healthcare solutions and business outcomes.

March 10, 2022. CDO Magazine & EDM Council present: Data for Good Global Summit 2022
Agenda highlights include:
  • Data Innovation for Good (challenges and opportunities)
  • Data for Good in the Public Sector
  • IoT data to improve society
  • Data to improve environmental sustainability and ESG initiatives
  • Public-domain Data for Good
  • Data leveraged for the betterment of mankind
... and finally, ‘which early hominid are you?’ quiz made by palaeoanthropologist Marc Kissel. 
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