Volume 1, Issue 16  
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The Trucker Tax Letter
"We don't just "do" your taxes, we CUT them"

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Texas Trucker Saves $28,000!


Don't we all love a super-cool success story? Well we here at eTruckerTax are no exception - we love 'em too, and especially when we get to help "write it"!


An owner-operator from near San Antonio had gotten behind on his tax returns, and went to one of the well-known "franchise" preparers to get them caught up.


For the six years that they were filing, this other firm had come up with him owing a little over $42,000, an average of about $7,000 per year.


Even though he felt that the $7,000 per year was not terribly bad, he decided to have us review the returns against his situation to see if we could save him just a few bucks...


Halftime Adjustments

Have you ever noticed, especially in football or basketball, how the really great coaches are able to make adjustments at half-time to score a come-from-behind win?


Do you feel like you're 20 points down and you've already given up? Or maybe you've had unexpected stuff in the first half, and honestly, your head is not even in the game right now?


While it definitely helps your performance and results to have written, realizable goals, they are not a complete win or lose proposition.


Say you wanted to increase your income by $20,000 over 2014, but it's looking right now like you are "only" about $5,000 ahead of last year.

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From Your Friend, Dennis Bridges
No Annoying Tax Lingo... Just Straight, Easy-To-Follow Expert Advice!
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Are you sick and tired of getting trampled by the IRS at tax time year after year?


Do you feel like, what's the use in trying to save any money, when they're just gonna take it all whenever you file?


Either way, we've got your Tax Relief right here!


Over three years ago, we here at eTruckerTax created our very own E-Z Tax Trucker Checklist.


Vision for your Biz?


So where exactly do you see your trucking business three years from now?


How about five years? Or ten?


You may be totally happy to continue exactly what you do right now. And that's perfect!


Some of my very best friends and clients in trucking have been behind the wheel for over 30 years. And they wouldn't change a thing!

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