January Newsletter - 4th Week            Jan 26, 2017
  A Channeled Message for You!
"The Vibration of Peace"

Did you know that you are evolving at a faster pace than ever before? Evolution  is taking place inside you, around you and because of you. You hold the key  element of this light energy inside you.
Take a moment and close your eyes....
Imagine the essence of you, your core energy, your heart rendering, beautiful self,  being brought closer and closer to the surface of your physical body. Imagine this  self breaking thru past beliefs, past hurts. Imagine this true you, finally believing  and acknowledging that you have completed this aspect of your journey. You are  ready to live a life of awareness, of love and compassion and brilliance. Imagine  this true you finally settling into the warmth and the love of all that exists....

Imagine the true you recognizing your love, your strength your perfect self. You  are now ready to open up and share your enlightened heart and mind. Know that  every step of the way has been worth it. You have been guided to this very  moment, by this very breath. This realization has been guiding you to eternity.  Honor this very real part of you. Press your hands to your heart. Breath deep.
We have always been with you. Allow yourself to be healed to explore this new  energy that is you.... your highest you. Reach before you, reach around you and  draw in this love.... We, your guides and angels have been seeking you.... This  realization, this dawning with in you, might come and go, but we will remain by  your side. You will again remember this realization of self awareness and self  love. Rest your fears. Open up to a complete healing of the soul.... let us guide  you.

Peace, compassion, awareness these are words that can’t sufficiently  describe what awaits for a heart that is opening....  We will always allow the needed shifts to occur for your happiness and well  being.... We delight in your ability to explore the energetic realm in so many ways....  When you tire we will be waiting for you. To lift you up and take you home....  Where you have always been. Your true self awaits. 

The above message was created as a tool for those seeking to connect with  eternal love and the vibration of peace. We wait for you always.
~ End Channeled Message

Hello and welcome everyone! 
I am so excited for my trip to Southern California! I’m ready to escape the crazy  weather in Anchorage, Alaska. It is similar to the crazy energy swirling around our  political world. I just want to remind everyone it will be OK. I could go into all the  things that appear to be failing, but I won’t. I know it will all be OK. This is one of  those times when faith can step in and lead you to a more comfortable place. We  need to remember that there is so much more going on in our Universe, then we  can comprehend. So thankfully, Faith and Grace are here to guide us.
On a side note..

Try imagining turning off some aspects of your senses when wanting to connect  with higher vibrations. We automatically turn things off in our mind when  meditating. Our logical mind decreases and this allows us to connect with other  energy. So instead of trying to open up.....try shutting down. Shut down the part  of you that is often on overload, by loud sounds, other people, electronic devices,  etc. etc. Try shutting things down, by spending more time in nature, or listening  to mellow music. Spend time alone. Create a little personal sanctuary. Basically,  decrease the things that agitate you.....even for an hour a day. See if you start  experiencing anything fun and unusual. Let me know how this goes!

With much love and appreciation,
~ Polly

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