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ORBiT Annual Members' Meeting: Reason to attend #1
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In his keynote Refining Your Skills for the Not Too Distant Future, Alex Gallacher makes the point that in order to deliver a great customer experience, we need to ensure we are delivering a great employee experience. If we don't have engaged, happy employees, our customers will know.

ORBiT Moderates Keal Panel:
e-Brokerage of the Future
By Wendy Watson, President of ORBiT

As President of ORBiT, I was honoured to continue the discussion we started at last year's Keal Users Experience conference, moving the conversation along to the "e-Brokerage of the Future".


Our discussion covered client connectivity, eDocs, newer technologies, social media and the ever-growing internet of things. The information shared was useful, current, insightful and thought-provoking. How the future will truly unfold is still a mystery, but some really good minds have an idea of what we need to do to be a part of that future. Phew! 


A survey conducted during the session revealed there is lots of opportunity within our broker community to enhance the consumer experience. Knowledge is power. 


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