St. John's Episcopal Church
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For the Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost - August 27, 2017

The View

Precious in God's Sight
Yesterday, I joined with multitudes across the country as we observed a spectacular event that reminds us both how special and how insignificant we are. For two and a half minutes, as the moon slipped completely across the face of the sun, the sky darkened, and the heart of the sun was blocked out. Only the shimmering feathery strands of the corona were visible. In its eerie light, we danced and laughed and jumped around as the completely predictable yet totally incomprehensible strangeness of the event grabbed ahold of us. In that fleeting moment, there was no time for existential contemplation ----it is an experience to be lived not pondered ----but, over the last few weeks and again during the drive home last night, I had a chance to stop and ask what this solar eclipse says about us, about our place in creation, and about our relationship with our creator.
You may have read, as I did, that total solar eclipses will not last forever. Because the moon drifts another inch and half away from the Earth every year, in around 600 million years, the moon will have moved far enough away from the Earth's surface that it will no longer fully block out the sun's light. Those "future earthlings," an NPR article pointed out, will not be able to see the radiance of the corona because the moon's shadow will not be large enough to cover the rest of the sun's rays. It turns out that only because our moon is around 400 times smaller and 400 times closer than the sun do we experience solar eclipses as we do. Not even Jupiter, with its sixty-nine moons, has one that is exactly the right proportion. What a gift we have been given! Or is it merely a coincidence for us to celebrate?
Regadless, we had better take advantage of this while we can. The next total eclipse in North America occurs in seven years, and we should start making plans for it now. We do not want to miss what in 600 million years will have disappeared from our planet forever. But who are we kidding? Who or what will even be here then? Human beings have only been on the planet for 200,000 years, and civilization as we know it has only existed for 6,000 years. Way back 600 million years ago, there was not even complex multicellular life on the planet. The atmosphere did not have enough oxygen in it to produce an ozone layer, which provides necessary protection for land-dwelling life. Where will we be in another 600 million years? No one knows for sure, but, if there is any intelligent life left on this planet, I feel certain that it will not be standing around lamenting the loss of this magnificent sight.
We are a self-absorbed species. We cannot help it. It is written into our DNA, and we have, in turn, written it into our religion. The creation account in Genesis portrays human beings as the crown of creation, the species to which the rest of creation is entrusted and the only one that is made in God's image. In Psalm 8, the poet marvels at the splendor of creation, writing, "When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars that you have established; what are human beings that you are mindful of them?" Yet, as the psalmist continues, he remarks in comparison that God has made us only "a little lower than God, and crowned [us] with glory and honor." When Galileo dared to remove the Earth from the center of creation, the institutional church imprisoned him for a heresy not forgiven for 350 years. When Charles Darwin questioned the origins of our species and the biblical reckoning of geological time, many church leaders labelled him as thoroughly anti-religious, a stigma that persists in many Christian communities to this day. Over the last five hundred years, we may have learned a lot about how small we are in the grand scheme of things, but how has that changed the way we think of our relationship with God?
What if there is intelligent life on other planets? Does God's plan of salvation include them? Can humanity truly be the center of creation if the universe existed for billions of years before our infinitesimally small mark was made on the history of all time and space? If the universe carries on for billions of years after the last human being has died off, does that change our understanding of what the end of time means? If there are trillions of galaxies in the universe and each one contains billions of stars, how many other planets are there out there where the size and distance of an orbiting moon allow the same sort of eclipse that we watched yesterday? Is there anyone else out there watching it happen?
Despite all of the imponderabilities, or perhaps because of them, on this tiny speck of rock in this tiny solar system in this tiny corner of the galaxy in this incomprehensibly huge universe, insignificant creatures like us are given momentary glimpses into the beauty that is our creator, and we see in them a reminder that, no matter how small we are, God knows us and loves us and calls each of us by name. How amazing that the one who created all things has numbered all of the hairs on our heads! How awesome that the one who spoke all planets and stars and galaxies into being watches over every sparrow, every squirrel, and every person as carefully and lovingly a parent watches over her newborn child! As we learn more and more about the enormity and complexity of the universe as well as how minuscule and fleeting we are in comparison, our understanding of our place in God's heart grows bigger. We are all precious in God's sight even if that sight stretches to places and beings beyond our imagination. We may not be as important as we thought we were, but we are still just as important to God.
Yours faithfully,
Evan D. Garner

Capital Campaign Update: Weighing Possibilities
Capital Campaign Weekly Update

Since we asked you to consider extending your capital campaign pledge by an additional year, we have received additional pledges of over $314,000. What a statement of generosity and commitment to this project! This week, we are considering a few different ways to move forward, including cutting back on the scope of our work and seeking long-term financing for any shortfall we may have. We believe that this project is the right one for our parish, and we trust that, if part of the project is not finished at this time, we will pursue it later. The Vestry will meet Monday, August 28, to make a final decision on the scope of this work. Please continue to pray for the Vestry and the other leaders behind this effort as we seek to do God's will and honor the sacred responsibility that has been entrusted to us.

Please send in your pledge cards this week or call or e-mail Vickie Reed, our Financial Administrator, with your confidential pledge (256-353-9615 or Thank you!

Wednesday-Night Series: Home Group Book Study
The anticipated construction provides us with an opportunity to gather this fall in home groups for fellowship and a book study. St. John's Wednesday-Night Fall Series will combine community gatherings and home groups for a study of Henri Nouwen's book The Return of the Prodigal Son. The organized home groups will gather in parishioners' homes for a potluck supper, book discussion led by volunteers, and a moment of worship.

Everyone is welcome, and everyone who signs up will be grouped into a home. Families of young children will gather together in one home so that the children can have their own program. Likewise, our youth will gather together in another home for their own program. Nursery care will be provided at the home where young children and parents gather.
Everyone is invited to sign up by contacting the church office at 256-353-9615 or

The book is widely available for purchase (~$10) from a local bookseller  
or online from If you need help ordering a book, please call the church office.  

September 20
- Parish Supper & Introduction at St. John's

*September 27 - Pot-Luck Supper & Part I in Home Groups

*October 4 - Pot-Luck Supper & Part II in Home Groups

*October 11 - Pot-Luck Supper & Part III in Home Groups

October 18 - Parish Supper & Conclusion at St. John's 
Wednesday-Night Fall Series Book for the Adults 
*The Wednesday-evening Eucharist will not be offered at St. John's during the home group gatherings (9/27, 10/4, and 11/11); however, worship time will be shared in each host household.

A Parish-Wide Day of Fun: August 26

A Parish-Wide Day of Fun on Saturday, August 26  
Canoe Outing along the Elk River and
Tour of Prichard's Distillery
Kelso, Tennessee
Meet in the church parking lot by 8:00am to ride in the church bus, to carpool or caravan to the Elk River Canoe Rental. We are scheduled for about a 2-hour canoe ride down an easy flowing river from Shiloh bridge to base. Cost $18/adult; $5/child under 100 lbs. riding as 3rd or 4th person in the canoe. If folks bring their own canoes, it's $15 per boat. Cost includes paddle, life jacket, and transportation to and from the river. Pack a lunch and drinks in a small cooler. Bring a change of clothes for ride home (no wet clothing on the church bus).

Then it's a short drive to Prichard's Distillery. The original distillery, located in Kelso, is in an old schoolhouse where the basketball hoops still hang on the wall. There is no cost for the tour, and children are welcome.   

A few seats remain on the church bus. Please call the office or reply here by 3:00pm on Thursday if you are interested in attending.

Event organized by St. John's Family Life Committee representative, Joe Propst.    

Outreach Partnership: CCC Food Pantry

Each August brings an opportunity for St. John's to support the CCC Food Pantry by filling grocery bags. Please pick up a grocery bag or two from the Parish Hall, office, or Narthex and fill it with groceries for the Committee on Church Cooperation (CCC) food pantry. A list will be attached to each bag. Please return your filled bag(s) to the Parish Hall, and the CCC will pick them up.
Shopping Suggestions: The CCC needs small easy-access food items to hand out to homeless individuals. Also, anything that might go in travel bags would be good, too. Suggested items:
  • Cornmeal
  • Dried beans
  • Granola bars
  • Jell-O
  • Jelly
  • Kool-Aid and drink mixes
  • Laundry detergent
  • Oil
  • Peanut butter
  • Pop-top canned goods (meat, beans, fruit, etc.)
  • Powdered milk
  • Ranch dressing
  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Sugar
  • Toilet tissue
  • Zip-lock sandwich bags
  Thank you for your support!
Cassandra Moore, St. John's Outreach Representative,

St. John's Supper Clubs: Sign Up by August 31

They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread ... Acts 2:42

The best relationships usually begin with a meal. The first Christians knew it. At St. John's, it's one of the best ways to get plugged into our church----Supper Clubs. It's not just for newcomers. It's a great place to make new connections and to build old ones. The only agenda for a St. John's Supper Club is to get to know one another better and share food and fellowship. There is no program----just dinner, hospitality, and conversation!
Sign Up Online or Call the Church Office (256-353-9615) by August 31.  

Our Partnerships with Banks-Caddell

Kids are back to school, and we are beginning another year of partnering with Banks-Caddell in the Backpack Food Program. Each week during the school year, St. John's will deliver bags, each filled with meals and snacks, for students at Banks-Caddell who need extra food on the weekends. We are asking for volunteers to help with shopping for food and/or packing these backpacks for the students. To learn more, please contact Suzanne Thompson at or 256-431-4499.  
Homework Helpers kicks off our 2017-2018 school year on September 12.  We have 16 volunteers committed to support our program on a weekly basis through March of next year, and we would love to have a few more join us.  We have 5 regular volunteers on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and 6 on Thursdays.  We also have 10 or so volunteer substitutes.
Thanks to monetary grants from St Johns, Decatur Historic Neighborhoods, Rotary of Decatur, and Vintage Faith Church we are fully funded for this school year.

We would love to have more volunteers come forward.  If you are unsure, join us for one afternoon and see if it is a fit for you. Any of the above 3 days from 3:00 to 4:00pm at Banks-Caddell (except for school work days/holidays). Let me know if you are interested. I can send you a Homework Helpers calendar, and I will meet you at the school on a day you select.
Kevin Malcolm, St. John's Homework Helpers Representative 

Choir Notes: Adult & Children's Choir

The St. John's Choir meets at 9:45am on Sunday mornings during the month of August and will resume Wednesday-evening rehearsals beginning on September, 6 at 6:45pm in the choir room.  
St. John's Children's Choir for K-5th grade (younger children may sing if accompanied by a parent) meets each Sunday morning from 9:15 to 9:30am in the choir room. For more information, contact Lauren.
Lauren Salerno, Choirmaster 

St. John's Roadrunners

The Roadrunners are off to Tennessee on Thursday, September 21.  
Seniors (55+) 
Church Bus Departs at 9:30am from the St. John's parking lot 
11:40am - A thirty-minute bus tour of Jack Daniel's Distillery Hollow and Lynchburg (no stairs, no walking). Includes sampling of Jack Daniel Old No. 7. MUST bring valid photo ID (for the discount).  
1:00pm - Lunch at Miss Mary Bobo's
Cost: tour, lunch, tax, tip, and $4/person to help pay for gas 
Ages 65 and up = $45.15
Under 65 = $47.75     
Deadline for reservations and payment is Tuesday, September 5. The bus is full, but to have your name placed on the church bus waiting list, please call Vickie in the church office at 256-353-9615.  Checks should be made payable to St. John's

Children's Ministries

Sunday, August 27 
8:00am Holy Eucharist Rite I 
8:45am Breakfast, Parish Hall
9:15am Childcare through 10:30am service
9:15am Children's Choir Rehearsal, Choir Room
9:30am Sunday School for All Ages 
10:30am Holy Eucharist Rite II   
5:30pm Sr. High (9-th-12th) Small Group, at the home of Wade Dinsmore (1051 Jackson Street). Dinner will be provided.  

Sunday Mornings for Children 

Infants and Toddlers
(birth to 3 years old)
will meet in the nursery downstairs during the Sunday-school hour and worship services. Nursery is provided from 9:15am through the 10:30am service during Sunday-morning worship services. 
Nursery: Birth to 3 yrs 
Preschool: 3K-4K
3K-4K will meet in their room downstairs across the hall from the nursery. This year our Preschool will be "Growing Up For God" hearing stories, playing games and crafting their way toward what God wants us to be. Our topics will be God Wants Me to: Share, be Helpful, be a Good Friend, and be Kind.  
5K through 5th Grade will meet downstairs in their NEW classroom locations. We will be studying all about God through his son, Jesus. They will explore God's forgiveness, people that Jesus healed, and how Jesus prayed. (An outline of the lessons are available.)
Children: 5K-5th grade
Children's Chapel moved to a new location
Children's Church is offered during the 10:30am service. Children 3rd grade and younger are invited to participate in an age-appropriate Gospel lesson, homily, prayers, and songs. Children follow the wooden cross and teachers during the Sequence Hymn and walk to the downstairs Children's Chapel (across from the choir room). They return during the Peace. 

St. John's Children's Choir Rehearsals for K-5th grade (4 years old and if under accompanied by a parent) Sunday mornings from 9:15 to 9:30am in the downstairs choir room.
Lauren Salerno, Choirmaster 

Sally Marsh, Director of Children's Ministries 
256-353-9615 ext. 104,

Youth Ministries

EYC Kick Off at Insanity Complex 
EYC Wednesday Dinners
(6th-12th) On Wednesday nights, when the parish does not gather together, EYC will meet in a nearby restaurant for dinner and fellowship.  Our first dinner is set for August 23 from 6:00 to 7:00pm at Moe's SW Grill (1241 Point Mallard Parkway). Please bring $10 to cover the cost. Invite your friends, too! 
Junior High (6th-8th) small groups continue meeting on Sunday, August 27 at 9:30am in the downstairs classroom, and the class will be co-led by Sr. High youth.

Senior High (9th-12th) small groups begin meeting on Sunday, August 27 at 5:30pm at the home of Wade Dinsmore (1051 Jackson Street). Dinner will be provided.  
Due to future construction at St. John's the Fall Wednesday-Night Series will be a bit different this year. We will be utilizing a "home group" model for this series in which the youth will look at prodigal son examples in different forms of media (movies, literature, etc.). The first night of the series (September 20) will feature an opening session at the church and then home groups will be held the following three weeks ( 9/27, 10/4, 10/11). The series will conclude on October 18 with a closing session at the church. Food for the home groups will be provided via a potluck meal so bring a favorite dish! Let me know if there are any questions.
Sunday, August 27        
8:00am Holy Eucharist Rite I 
8:45am Breakfast, Parish Hall
9:15am Childcare through 10:30am service
9:15am Children's Choir Rehearsal, Choir Room
9:30am Sunday School for All Ages 
10:30am Holy Eucharist Rite II   
5:30pm-6:30pm Sr. High (9-th-12th) Small Group, at the home of Wade Dinsmore (1051 Jackson Street). Dinner will be provided.

Check out the  EYC Calendar f or upcoming youth events.

Upcoming Events:
  • EYC Retreat at Camp McDowell with Trinity in Florence: September 9-10 (Saturday-Sunday). Registration coming soon.
  • Our Ski Trip this year will be February 16-19 (President's Day Weekend). More information to come.

Tim Callahan, Director of Youth Ministries
(256) 353-9615 ext.104 or (205) 807-8998

Adult Sunday School Opportunities - Fall 2017
August 20 - October 1
(Focus on Sin & Forgiveness)

Studying the Lectionary - David Rice, Bingham Edwards, and Joe Propst (Library)
Each week, we will explore the three lessons appointed for each Sunday with a primary focus on the gospel lesson.

What is Sin...Really? - Evan D. Garner (Parish Hall)
Is sin something we think or do? Is it part of who we are? There are many images for sin in the Christian faith. This series will explore the definition of sin and the images for forgiveness used in the Judeo-Christian tradition.  

And further ahead...

October 15-November 26  
(Focus on People)
Lay-Led Class by Luke Slaton and Julie Sneed

Clergy-Led Class by Seth Olson 

December 3-17
(Focus on Prayer)

Seminarian-Led Class
by Warren Swenson

Clergy-Led Class by Evan D. Garner and Seth Olson 

Sunday Worship Schedule

The Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost
August 27, 2017

Sunday Readings (Track One)
The Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost
September 3, 2017

Sunday Readings (Track One)
8:00am Holy Eucharist Rite I 
8:45am Breakfast, Parish Hall 
9:15am Childcare through 10:30am service
9:15-9:30am Children's Choir Rehearsal  
9:30am Sunday School for All Ages
9:45am Parish Choir Rehearsal 
10:30am Holy Eucharist Rite II
5:30pm-6:30pm Sr. High (9-th-12th) Small Group, at the home of Wade Dinsmore (1051 Jackson Street). Dinner will be provided.
8:00am Holy Eucharist Rite I
8:45am Continental Breakfast, Parish Hall
9:15am Childcare through 10:30am service
9:15-9:30am Children's Choir Rehearsal
9:30am Sunday School for All Ages
9:45am Parish Choir Rehearsal
10:30am Holy Eucharist Rite II

Vestry Representative: Billy Middleton
LEM: 8:00am Karen Smith, Carol Sartain
10:30am Sally Bibb, D Hall
Bread Baker: Rachel Wiley
Altar Guild: Team 2
Lector: 8:00am Bobby Greene  10:30am Julia Roth
Acolytes: 8:00am Server - Sanders White, Crucifer - Cortner Crumlish; 10:30am Epistle Server - Nathaniel Pride, Gospel Server - Nathan Stewart, Crucifer - Hilton Wiley, Torchbearers - Harrison Wiley, Cricket Powell 
Ushers: 8:00am Woody Peebles  10:30am David Irwin, Welman Gebhart, Huey Hall, Patrick Haughaboo
Childcare (9:15am through 10:30am service):  Haley Melson, Ella McAnear
Breakfast: Jim Smith
Flower ReArranger: Julia Chenault, Ann Gebhart
Flower Delivery: Allyson and Ed Land, Patrick Haughaboo 

Vestry Representative
: Harry Moore
LEM: 8:00am Pat Price, Paul McCain
10:30am Allyson Land, Harry Moore
Bread Baker: Suzanne Thompson
Altar Guild: Team 3
Lector: 8:00am Bobby Greene  10:30am Mary McKimmon
Acolytes: 8:00am Server - Will Dinsmore, Crucifer - Jack Dinsmore; 10:30am Epistle Server - Ethan Thomas, Gospel Server - McCauley Smith, Crucifer - Natalie Huber, Torchbearers - Harrison Kincaid, Eppes Rogers 
Ushers: 8:00am Jud Pheny  10:30am Dodie Hall, D Hall, Brandon Hanks, John Howell
Childcare (9:15am through 10:30am service):  Haley Melson, Ella McAnear
Continental Breakfast: Jim Smith
Flower ReArranger: Julia Chenault, Ann Gebhart
Flower Delivery: Eileen and Joe Sunstrom, Ann Stewart 

View team schedules from the church website at 

Around the Diocese of Alabama
The Labyrinth as a Spiritual Tool Workshop
Led by Parishioner Mary Ellen Calhoun
September 15 to Sunday, September 17.

This class will cover the rich history of labyrinths. We will discuss guidelines for walking and ways to use labyrinths. There will be ample time to walk Camp McDowell's labyrinth, journal and share your feelings. A hand-held clay finger labyrinth will be made, and we will discuss the care of the labyrinth at Camp McDowell. Go here to register.

Altar Flowers Contributions

Altar Flowers Contributions are given to the glory of God in memory of loved ones, or in thanksgiving for particular people, or in celebration of special occasions such as a birthday or wedding anniversary. A donation of $60 will sponsor the flower arrangements arranged by the Flower Guild. We accept only one dedication per Sunday.

If you would like to make such a gift, please complete the Contribution Form and return form and contribution to the church office. Available Date: December 3, 10, 17. 
A Communion Wine Contribution is another way to honor a special person or event. Please call the church office, 256-353-9615. Wine dedications are $10 each.  Several dates are available.      

Our Prayers and Thanksgivings

Our Prayers and Thanksgivings
We pray for family and friends who are ill or distressed : Jimmy Appleton, Grace Arnold, J.W. Beasley, Karen Cunningham-Becker, Danny Berry, Judy Blackwell, Pam Blakely, Frances Bradley, Butch and Shields Brown, Ava Campbell, Gere Carnathan, Billy Chenault, Nell Clem, Georgia Crumbley, Margaret-Anne Crumlish, Anne Draper, Ruth Dreisacker, Debbie Dumas, Marlene Eads, Anne Eich, Linda Engelman, David Farmer, Alice Fincher, Frank Fleming, Todd Gabotte, Welman Gebhart, Chuck George, Lori Grasz, Sally Jo Green, Steven Hall, Angie Harris, Tania Harris, George Harvey, Jo Ann Harvey, Mildred Head, Harold Henneman, Sherry Holland, Laurine Hughes, Caitlin Irwin, Peter Jenke, Will Johnson, George Journey, Katy Kavanagh, Phillip Kelly, Carol Kerbel, Nancy Kitchener, Ray Landis, Dena Lewis, Carey Link, Don Logan, Mike Lothspeich, David Lyons, Jim MacIlveen, John McAfee, Henry McCrary, Nancy O'Flinn, Bill Oliver, Dora Payne, Bethany Pridmore, Scott Richards, Braelyn Richardson, Bridget Ros, Erica St. John, David Sandlin, David Schacht, Cindy Schoeneck, Reece Seal, Glee Sides, Paul Simpson, Ann Leslie Smith, Nathan Smith, Sloan Smith, Billy Speegle, Thala Stalls, Emma Strane, Bob Straub, James Taylor, Mauda Terry, Michael Terry, Paula Thomas, Geraldine Tubb, Florence Turpin, Stanley Vaughan, Laura Vos, Nancy Turner Wilson, and Pete Winemiller. 
We pray for those who serve in and with the Armed Forces, especially : Michael Blair, Steven Blair, Brandon Blevins, Jonathan Easter, Jesse Garcia, and Christopher Harwell. 

We pray for the departed, especially: Kenneth M. Schuppert, Sr., father of Ken Schuppert, Jr.

We pray for: persecuted Christians and refugees around the world; for an end to poverty, addiction, and violence; for our companion diocese of the Virgin Islands and its bishop, Ambrose; for Interfaith Mission Services, Huntsville; for Christian Center of Concern, Fayette; for Grace Harbor, Pell City; and for Greater Birmingham Ministries.  

If you are hospitalized or in need of a clergy visit, please notify the Church Office  (256-353-9615). Please remember that area hospitals do not notify us about admissions. 
Planned Giving

The mission of the St. John's planned giving committee is to help any person who is interested in making a planned gift to St. John's accomplish that goal. Two examples of a planned giving are:
1. Give appreciated property like real estate or stocks to St. John's during one's lifetime. 

Give a bequest through a codicil to a will. If you already have a will, you can make a codicil to your will and designate that a specific bequest is also being made to St. John's in addition to the other provisions in the will.

You may read brief descriptions about other types of planned giving from our website page .  

If you are interested in learning more about planned giving, please contact the church office, and either Evan or one of the committee members will contact you. Your gifts are confidential.

St. John's Faithfulness

Birthdays & Anniversaries

08/01 Dell Felts 
08/01 Lance Wenzler
08/02 Woody Peebles
08/03 Tammy Snider
08/03 Kim Nickels
08/04 Anne Haynes
08/05 Phillip Kelly
08/06 Steve Smith
08/07 Dana Baggette 
08/09 Pat Owens
08/12 Cookie Stoner
08/12 John Davis IV 
08/14 Melinda Dunn
08/15 June Hall
08/15 Lucy Haughaboo
08/15 Mary Morgan
08/16 Loretta Troup
08/17 Marilyn Volonino
08/17 Renee Wenzler
08/21 Melissa Christopher
08/21 Caleb Arnette 
08/24 Helen Holland
08/25 Frances Bibb
08/26 Huey Hall
08/26 Will Hollon
08/27 Bob Bell
08/27 Welman Gebhart
08/28 Carolyn Jenke
08/29 Allen Stoner
08/29 Ashley Bolton
08/29 Cricket Powell
08/30 Bobbie Gordon
08/30 Elias Lokken 
08/31 Ben Martin
08/14 Cathy & Glynn Tubb
08/14 Melanie & Henry McCrary
08/15 Lyla & Woody Peebles
08/17 Bunny & Bingham Edwards
08/17 Lisa & Andy Dye, II
08/18 Barbara & Earl Pettey
08/26 Lou & Bobby Greene
08/27 Larkin Martin & John Thornton
08/28 Erika & Guenther Huber

If your celebration is not listed, please forgive us. Call or email the church office with any updates.   


8-9:30am Yoga-2

12:10pm Healing Eucharist & Dutch-Treat Lunch 
8:30am Yoga-1

5:30pm Evening Eucharist

6:00pm EYC Work Week Banquet, Parish Hall 
9:00am Centering Prayer    

5:15pm Theology on Tap, The Brick  

7:00am Men's Reunion Group, Library 
8-9:30am Yoga-2 

6:00-8: 0 0pm St. John's Pool Party 
8:00am Holy Eucharist Rite I
8:45am Continental Breakfast
9:15am Nursery Care through 10:30 service
9:30am Children's Sunday School, Downstairs
9:30am Articles Class with Adults & Youth, Parish Hall
10:30am Holy Eucharist Rite II
followed by Town Hall Meeting 
and Acolyte lunch & training  
10:00am Rector's Bible Study

1:30pm Senior Bridge Club, Parish Hall   

8-9:30am Yoga-2

12:10pm Healing Eucharist  
8:30am Yoga-1    
11:00am Roadrunners lunch & movie

5:30pm Evening Eucharist

9:00am Centering Prayer   

5:15pm Theology on Tap, The Brick   

7:00am Men's Reunion Group, Library 
8-9:30am Yoga-2

Jonathan Daniels Pilgrimage

13 Rally Day
8:00am Holy Eucharist Rite I
8:45am Continental Breakfast
9:15am Nursery Care through 10:30 service
9:30am Children's Sunday School, Downstairs
9:30am Articles Class with Adults & Youth, Parish Hall
9:45am Choir Rehearsal
10:30am Holy Eucharist Rite II

Rally Day Ministry Fair & BBQ Lunch  
10:00am Rector's Bible Study

1:30pm Senior Bridge Club, Parish Hall  


8-9:30am Yoga-2

12:10pm Healing Eucharist   
8:30am Yoga-1   

5:30pm Evening Eucharist

9:00am Centering Prayer   

5:15pm Theology on Tap, The Brick

7:00am Men's Reunion Group, Library 
8-9:30am Yoga-2 

20 Sunday School Kickoff!
8:00am Holy Eucharist Rite I
8:45am Breakfast
9:15am Nursery Care through 10:30 service
9:15-9:30am Children's Choir & Parent meeting
9:30am Sunday School for All Ages
9:45am Choir Rehearsal
10:30am Holy Eucharist Rite II
3:15pm EYC Kick-Off
6:30pm EYC parent meeting  
1:30pm Senior Bridge Club, Parish Hall
(Vestry Meeting moved to 8/28)

8-9:30am Yoga-2

12:10pm Healing Eucharist 

8:30am Yoga-1   

5:30pm Evening Eucharist 

6:00-7:00pm EYC Goes to Dinner at Moe's SW Grill 
9:00am Centering Prayer   
9:30am Beans & Rice Ministry, Parking Lot 

5:15pm Theology on Tap, The Brick  
7:00am Men's Reunion Group, Library 
8-9:30am Yoga-2  
8:00am Parish-Wide Canoe Outing & Distillery Tour 
8:00am Holy Eucharist Rite I
8:45am Breakfast
9:15am Nursery Care through 10:30 service
9:15-9:30am Children's Choir
9:30am Sunday School for All Ages
9:45am Choir Rehearsal
10:30am Holy Eucharist Rite II

5:30pm Sr. High small group dinner & program (offsite)  
1:30pm Senior Bridge Club, Parish Hall

5:15pm Vestry Meeting   

 8-9:30am Yoga-2

12:10pm Healing Eucharist 
8:30am Yoga-1 

5:30pm Evening Eucharist 
9:00am Centering Prayer   

5:15pm Theology on Tap, The Brick



St. John's Parish Staff & Vestry


Office 256-353-9615 | Fax 256-350-0514      
Monday -Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Closed for Lunch 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
The Rev. Evan D. Garner, Rector, ext. 102;
The Rev. J. Seth Olson, Associate Rector, ext. 103;
Vickie Reed, Financial Administrator, ext. 101;
Sally Marsh, Director of Children's Ministries, ext. 104; 
Tim Callahan, Director of Youth Ministries, ext. 104;
Ann Stewart, Director of Communications, ext. 105;

Lauren Salerno , Choirmaster 
Foster Bailey, Organist 
Haley Melson, Nursery 
Ella McAnear, Nursery 
Ken Schuppert, Chancellor
Bobby Straub, Treasurer
Stan Evans & D. Hall, Assistant Treasurers  

Class of 2017
Squee Bailey; Harry Moore; David Rice; Steve Sandlin (Senior Warden); Kathy Slaton
Class of 2018 
Alana Haughaboo; Mary McKimmon; Billy Middleton; Pat Price (Junior Warden); Karen Smith 
Class of 2019
Dana Baggette; Elise Hannah; Pam Howell; Harvey Pride; David Rahm
Clerk: Martha Freeman  Chancellor: Ken Schuppert    
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