To let the world know we, at the Villa, are alive and well in Kerhonkson, with the same help and hope that has been here for over 40 years! Jim Cusack's spirit and mission is alive and well in all of us offering the blueprint for continuous sobriety as he did. 

Are you an alumni of the Villa with a success story to share? 

Are you also an advertising/promotional professional as well? 

If so, we need you! 

Are you available to become a satellite volunteer with a possible paid position in the future in your area? 

If so, please call or email Sue Cusack at (914) 656-5112 or suevilla@aol.com to discuss further. 

P.S. We thank you for helping us continue the mission and legacy of our Jim Cusack. 

Sue Cusack, Co-Founder & President
Villa Veritas Foundation, Inc. 
(845) 626-3555
5 Ridgeview Rd.
Kerhonkson, NY 12446-0610
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