The Villa Picnic on Saturday was very special...sad without our Jim but alive with the spirit of Jim Cusack's love for the addicted and their families carried on into our 44th year! 

Thank you one and all who had fun swimming, mini-golfing, tattooing, photoboothing and last but not least our newest addition as a strong request by our dear friend and co-worker Barbara Murray before she passed away ....A DUNKING BOOTH ! By far the hit of the day.

Thank you to some grateful alumni with their powerful recovery stories for topping it off with a love-filled AA/AL-ANON meeting followed by some grateful staff.

Thank you Villa Staff Family for giving selflessly of your time and efforts to make it the smoothest time ever.

We hope to see everyone again at our Walk the Walk event at the Walkway over the Hudson on September 17, 2017!  

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