The intricately designed ceramic carnation on these beautifully crafted vases is what will make them an impressive addition to your home's decor. 

Beautiful enough to be a stand alone display, their subtle earth-tone color will effortlessly and tastefully enhance any style & any room in your home.

 since they'll suffer from separation anxiety if you don't purchase them together, we strongly encourage you to do so! We'd hate for you to have a guilty conscience, afterall!

Oh. My. Dog!

Any dog lover will find wall space for these adorable, 10" x 14" prints. Don't wait long to claim them as your own because these canines will be "adopted" soon and going to their new home!

These adorable bunnies might look cute 
but, as you can see, they're up to no good!

However, they'll be the perfect companions as they hear, speak, and see no evil while keeping watch over your cozy, loving home!

  The simple elegance of this lighted vase proves that, sometimes, less is more.

(Accessories sold separately.)

Adding to its beauty is the flexibility to use this battery-operated vase both inside and out. Featuring a 6-hour timer, illuminated indulgence doesn't get any easier than this! Call ahead and reserve yours today!

Add a hint of vintage decor to 
your space with M. Baker candles.

Mabel Baker was ahead of her time. In 1909, as women were beginning the struggle for their place in society, this school teacher from Colonial America was crafting her first candles and building a legacy that would last more than a century. Harvesting native bayberries from the New England landscape, Mabel shaped handmade candles from locally-sourced ingredients in her Cape Cod kitchen. Pouring her heart and soul into every batch, Mabel's passion and attention to detail ensured that every hand-crafted candle would be of the highest quality. 

Mabel's tradition is proudly carried on today with M. Baker candles. Each fragrance is meticulously created using pure essential oils gathered from natural botanicals to deliver the most authentic fragrance possible. Each scented soy blend wax is poured with precision into custom apothecary jars and set with a 100% cotton wick to ensure a classic experience.

Introducing New Additions to Our
Nora Fleming "Mini" Collection!

Don't delay! 
Call ahead to reserve yours today!

February is all about love and we 
looooove  to make new friends! Lucky for us, new friends is what we made when Gail Leonard and Patty Catanzarite recently visited us for the first time!

Pictured above: Friends & neighbors, Gail Leonard (left) & Patty Catanzarite (right).

These two adventurous ladies, who are both friends AND neighbors, recently decided to take a field trip from their South Bend homes to see what all the fuss that they've heard about The Village Shoppes is about! Even though they confessed that they are seasoned shoppers, they had never before been to our stores! Knowing that they were comparing us to many, many other retailers, we were especially flattered when this dynamic duo deemed our stores as "precious" and "one-of-a-kind"! After meeting these two ladies, we can honestly say that they're both "precious" and "one-of-a-kind" as well! 

Please Join Us as We Welcome

to The Village Shoppes' Family!

Linda is a perfect fit at The Village Shoppes because she loves home decor AND interacting with customers! That's reason enough for us to count our lucky stars to have her join our family!
Linda's preferred decorating style is mixing the old with the new, which may explain why she is anxious to see the arrival of all the new merchandise that the changing of the seasons will bring to The Village Shoppes (she's not alone in that)!

We're so delighted to have

join our family and we're sure you will be, too!

Click on the image below to read what  Deanna Pietrzak, our Department 56 Collection Specialist, has to share about new releases, recent retirements, and exciting revelations within our expansive selection of  Department 56 products!

Hide-n-Seek with Bella!

, if you're the first person to come into our store and correctly identify where the image below is hidden in this  e-mail...
 you'll be the winner of a $25 gift certificate from The Village Shoppes!  

*No need to print this newsletter. We'll have one ready and waiting for you! Sorry, , if you've been a contest winner within the last six months, you nor anyone in your household are eligible to participate in this month's contest.


The Inside Scoop
Watch our Facebook page for your chance to win a $10 gift certificate simply by coming up with (in our opinion) the best witty caption for the picture shown below! When you see this picture on our Facebook page, simply post your caption as a comment. 

Since you're an e-mail subscriber, you have "the  inside scoop" and have time to think of something clever before actually seeing the picture posted on Facebook! 

We can't wait to read what you come up with!
Good Luck & Have Fun!

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Bella's Tale
 One of these furry friends is a big believer in "Love is patient, love is kind". It won't take you long to figure out which one it is!