The simplistic beauty of our leaf tabletop decor makes it obvious why they are best sellers!

They're also proof that The Village Shoppes is the place to go for distinctive home decor!

Don't wait long to find the perfect shelf, table, or mantle for this exquisite decor to call home!

Bella Says...
Is it just me, or would this sign 
be funny in a bathroom?

Please say it isn't just me!

Luckily, you get to decide the most appropriate placement for your selection from our new collection of lettered art!

Not only can these signs express your wit, they can also convey what you're  grateful for...

Check out our entire assortment of lettered art while our selection is at its best!

Elliott the elephant looks plush, soft, & adorable, wouldn't you agree ,

Well, not only is Elliott soft, plush, and adorable...he's animated!  Just click on his trunk and prepare for cuteness overload!

You'll find Elliott and all his Cuddle Barn friends at  The Village Shoppes!

Wet-It! reusable cleaning cloths are soft, flexible, and eco-friendly, lasting up to six months before naturally biodegrading!

Strong, durable, easy to clean, and gentle enough to wash a baby...

...there's no need for paper towels when you have Wet It! cleaning cloths!

Protect the environment and care for the future with reusable, stainless steel straws!

Each earth-friendly, telescopic straw and its accompanying cleaning brush can be stored in its own handy case and conveniently attached to a key ring for easy access.

Go green in 2019 with reusable straws from The Village Shoppes...
it's a small change  to help the planet!

Click on the image below to read what  Deanna Pietrzak, our Department 56 Collection Specialist, has to share about new releases, recent retirements, and exciting revelations within our expansive selection of  Department 56 products!
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It was a special day when sisters Nancy (Jones) Black of Indianapolis (left) and Karen (Jones) Kaser of Carmel (right) recently visited their hometown of New Carlisle and visited The Village Shoppes!  Both of these ladies graduated from New Prairie High School, Nancy in 1973 and Karen in 1969.  It's obvious they discovered the fountain of youth sometime between then and now!

Next time you stop by,  bring us some of that magic potion (and don't wait long)!

Hide-n-Seek with Bella!

, if you're the first person to come into our store and correctly identify where the image below is hidden in this  e-mail...

 you'll be the winner of a $25 gift certificate from The Village Shoppes!  

*No need to print this newsletter. We'll have one ready and waiting for you! Sorry, , if you've been a contest winner within the last six months, you're not eligible to participate in this contest.

Did You Know...
It is thought that "buck", the slang term for a dollar,  is linked to...deer!

 Although the  history of the word is difficult to pin down with absolute certainty, the popular theory is completely plausible because of documented evidence.  In 1748, many years before the first U.S. dollar was minted, there is a reference to the exchange rate for a cask of whiskey being "5 bucks", referring to deer skins.  In yet another documented reference, it was noted in a pioneer's journal that someone had been "robbed of the value of 300 bucks." 
N ow you can  sleep peacefully tonight! 
You're welcome.

Happy Father's Day!

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Bella's Tale
Sometimes, just sometimes
the dad has the advantage...
Dalmatian puppy dancing while drinking milk
Happy Father's Day
to all you lucky dads out there!