June Email #3
Village Notes for June 18th
Sunday Volunteers:
Kid-Vespers: Chelsea Conlee, Hannah Yeakley and Alyssa Garcia 
Nursery:  Kathy Hugen and Julie Brunson
Mid Kids (11-12's): David Sommitz
Cooks: Kara and Andrew Sengua
Building Cleaners: Keith Brunson and Teresa Rieke
Sound: Michael Cousineau
Band: Karen Lefevre, Keith Brunson, Russ Lewis
Bring Your Re-usable Water Bottles!
We've  got a new cold and hot water dispenser at the Village. Hopefully this will help us move away from all the disposable water bottles we've been using.

So,start bringing your reusable water bottles on Sundays (or at least start refilling your disposable one)!
Keith Brunson Loses mind, invites pre-adolescents on camping trip...
Hello Village!
I am writing this to: 1) convince you that I’m not deranged; and 2) offer the Village’s older kids a getaway for a couple of days in mid-July.

What: An easy and fun backpacking trip for any and all interested kids 10 -13 years old…and any other younger kids if a parent tags along for the trip. I wouldn’t mind having some teenagers along to, but only if they agree to be part of “camp staff” to help manage things. No disappearing upon arrival.

When: Departing Thursday morning, July 13th; returning in the evening on Saturday, July 15th.

Where: The White Mountains, in a little river valley called West Fork Black River, about 3 miles southwest of Big Lake. Big Lake is about 19 miles south of Springerville, AZ. This is a practically flat hike, no more than 2.5 miles.

I’ll put out more details in a couple of weeks to those who sign up, such as a list of things to bring. Be on the lookout for a sign-up sheet at church. In the meantime, p lease email me at keith.brunson@gmail.com if you are interested..  I fear that I have convinced no one of my sanity…oh well. Bring it on!

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1. Log in  at villagersonline.com. 
2. Click "+ New"   at  top of page.
3. Click Post
For help with Log in, email Julie B .
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As The Garden Turns...
It's HOT! That being said, here are a few watering tips for the summer months:
  • Water close to the soil and put the wand on “soaker”.
  • Try not to get the leaves wet unless you are watering pre-7am. If the sun is high and the leaves are wet, it causes leaves to burn. If there is not already one, try to create a trenched ring around the plant base before you water. This will keep the water close to the root system.
  • Though the bunnies have done a good job of hiding them by chewing off the tops, there are actually onions between the tall plants. Please continue to water there. I will put orange golf t's so you can see where they are.
NEEDED SOON for the first big round of seed planting in July:
  • Plastic gallon milk jugs, 
  • Plastic egg crates, 
  • Clear or light colored glass vessels.
  • There is a drop box by the kitchen.
For more information or to get more involved in the Garden, email Stephanie.
The Clipboard Online!
Check out the Village Volunteer Sheet online!

If you need to make any changes, email Julie B. If you need to switch with someone, see who's up in the weeks ahead.

There's a link at Villagersonline in the Resources tab.
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