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February 2021 | Cold Weather Edition
BRRRRR!!! It's cold out there Highland Village! We wanted to provide you information you need to stay safe, protect your homes, yourselves, and your pets.
Protect Your Pipes
We mean your water pipes, of course. Here are a few tips to help prevent frozen water pipes:

  • Be sure to disconnect all outside water hoses. This will prevent an overnight freeze from bursting either the faucet or the pipe it is connected to.
  • Insulate pipes or faucets in unheated areas with pipe wrapping materials that are available at any hardware store.
  • Locate your shut-off valve. Most homes have accessible valves, while others only have shut-off valves in the meter boxes. Keep the Utility Services number handy, so that you may contact us in the event of an emergency at 972-317-2989 or after hours use the HVPD nonemergency 972-317-6551.
  • Any plumbing inside your home that is facing an outside wall should be considered during winter months. To help prevent these pipes from freezing, open the cabinets to expose the pipes to the warmth inside and turn them on to a drip.

If your pipes do freeze, contact Utility Services and they will shut off your water. As pipes begin to thaw, City crews will work with you in turning the water back on to help minimize property damage. Water line freeze protection and prevention is the key to mitigating the problem of frozen pipes and potential property damage.
Garbage & Recycling Service Alerts
Community Waste Disposal has provided a Service Alerts page on their website. In the event of inclement weather. check the page for the status of yard waste, garbage, and recycling pickup in Highland Village. The City will also provide updates as we receive them on the City Facebook page, Nextdoor, in our email newsletter (if you're receiving this email you're on the newsletter list) and as a City Alert. You can sign up here to receive our City Alerts.
Keeping Our Roadways Safe

The City of Highland Village Public Works Department is prepared for winter weather. Crews are ready to sand/salt major streets and intersections
as well as the bridges located on FM 2499.
If possible, stay home during hazardous road conditions.
Pet Safety
Our four-legged friends need special attention when the weather turns cold.
  1. Keep pets sheltered
  2. Bundle them up when heading outside; wipe them down when coming inside
  3. Remove common poisons
  4. Protect outdoor animals
  5. Speak out if you see a pet left in the cold