Monthly News & Updates
February 2021 | Issue 6
COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Denton County Public Health offers COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics and the Vaccine Interest Portal is now open. Please visit to sign up to be placed on the waitlist, learn which phases are able to be vaccinated, and when registration for DCPH vaccine clinics open/close. You can find other providers in Denton County who've received the COVID-19 vaccine and updated information on vaccine rollout at the Department of State Health Services website.
Bond Project Update

In November 2017, City voters approved two propositions – street improvements and park and recreation improvements totaling $7.15 million.
Street Improvement Projects 
City staff evaluated the 126 asphalt pavement streets located within the City using a pavement condition index (PCI) from our Street Maintenance Program. Twenty-three streets were identified as failing; another 25+ were identified as deteriorating rapidly to the end of their life cycle. The City issued bonds in the amount of $2.8 million to fund street improvements for 26 streets. The streets were grouped into four phases, with Phases 1-3 now complete. Phase 4 is currently in design with construction scheduled to begin late winter or early spring this year. Streets included in Phase 4 include Rockland Dr., Hickory Ridge Dr., S. Clearwater Dr., N. Clearwater Dr., Scenic Dr., Springway Dr., and Pecan St. Residents in these areas will be notified before construction begins.
Parks & Recreation Improvement Projects
The City issued $4.29 million for several different projects. Projects left to complete include Highland Village Road Sidewalk, Victoria Park Walking Path and Chapel Hill trail extension. Staff has approved the alignment of the new sidewalk which will connect to the existing sidewalk at the Municipal Complex and head east along the south side of Highland Village Road to The Robert & Lee DuVall Center, then connects on the north side of Highland Village Road to Lakeside Park, then crosses Highland Village Road and is on the south side to connect to the Copperas Trail adjacent to Wichita Forest Park. We are combining this project with the Victoria Park walking path improvement project and the trail extension from Chapel Hill to the FM 2499 tunnel on the west side of FM 2499 for a cost savings. These projects will likely go out for bid early 2021.
Winter Averaging & Water Conservation
The amount of water a residence uses mid-November through mid-March determines what the sewer bill will be for the rest of the year. It's difficult for most people to get a "feel" for how much water they use and where they use it. Here's information to help:
Water conservation is just as important during the winter months as during the summer months. The following are just a few ideas that could help you and your family conserve water.
  • Check every faucet in your home for leaks; if a leak is detected, have it repaired as soon as possible. A slow drip can waste 15 to 20 gallons of water per day.
  • When you wash clothes or dishes, wash only full loads even though your machine may feature a short cycle.
  • Install water saving devices such as water saving shower heads, or flow restrictors. They are easy to install and available from your local hardware store, these devises can save up to 3 (three) gallons of water per minute.
  • Do not use your toilet as an ashtray or waste basket. Every time you flush a tissue or cigarette butt, or other small bits of trash, you use three to seven gallons of water. This usage depends upon the age of your plumbing fixtures.
If you would like additional information on water conservation or information regarding our water, please call the utility operations office at 972-317-2989.
Neighborhood Video Partner
The Highland Village Police Department would like you to join us in a partnership to make our community more secure. Many residents and businesses have taken extra security measures to monitor their property by installing outdoor security cameras.
Security camera video footage is often a valuable tool when investigating criminal activity. Video footage can capture images of crimes in progress, people involved in suspicious activity, provide detailed suspect vehicle information, and can sometimes help track the direction of travel of a criminal entering or leaving a neighborhood.
The Neighborhood Video Partner Registration Program provides us with a volunteer database of video resources we can quickly turn to when searching for investigative clues. Registering your camera not only helps deter crime, but assists in the overall crime prevention strategy in your neighborhood.
HVPD will not have direct access to any system. We would only contact you if a crime occurs in the neighborhood and your system may have captured video of investigative value.
Commute with Confidence:
Ride Safe, Stay Safe with DCTA
It may be a New Year, but our dedication to keeping our passengers and employees safe while providing essential trips hasn’t changed. Whenever you’re ready to hop back on board, we’ll be here to help get you where you need to go. Learn how you can #RideDCTA safely and stay updated on all DCTA COVID-19 news and resources!