Monthly News & Updates
October 2020 | Issue 2
Nov. 3 Election - Early Voting Begins Oct. 13
During Early Voting, qualified voters may vote at any Denton County polling site, including the Highland Village Municipal Complex located at 1000 Highland Village Road. Dates for Early Voting by personal appearance have been extended by Governor Abbott and will be conducted from October 13, 2020 through October 30, 2020. Dates and times for Early Voting are as follows:
Tuesday, October 13 - Saturday, October 17 -- 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sunday, October 18 -- 11:00 am -- 4:00 pm
Monday, October 19 - Saturday, October 24 -- 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sunday, October 25 -- 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Monday, October 26 - Friday, October 30 -- 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
On Election Day, registered voters must vote at their assigned polling site during the hours of 7:00 am until 7:00 pm. Below are Election Day polling sites in Highland Village:

Precinct 3002
McAuliffe Elementary School Gymnasium, 2300 Briarhill Blvd.
Precinct 3003
Heritage Elementary School Gymnasium, 100 Barnett Blvd.
Precinct 3004
Briarhill Middle School Cafeteria, 2100 Briarhill Blvd.
Precinct 3005
Highland Village Municipal Complex Training Room, 1000 Highland Village Rd.

More information can be found at
Kids Kastle Update
It was about one year ago that we began seeking community input with our kick off at Design Day. Certainly the build has not taken place as we had envisioned – but that is not unusual for 2020. We have had to cancel our community build dates on two different occasions. Still, we have moved forward at every opportunity and, while we have made a lot of progress, the playground is not yet complete. We have heard from the community and we have amended our contract with Play By Design, LLC to eliminate the community build component and replace it with a contractor-build agreement for Phase 2 construction supervision and to provide skilled labor as necessary. We continue to work with small community groups to install the stand alone pieces which will continue through October. If you have an interest in participating with your own small group or want to join with another group, please let us know at We anticipate completing Kids Kastle in early to mid-December.

Fence Pickets - Interested in purchasing a fence picket for placement at the new Kids Kastle We have a limited number of fence pickets available. Each picket can be purchased for $250. Learn More 
Fall Lawn Maintenance
Late summer and fall means your lawn will begin going dormant for winter before the next growing season. Fall may require lawn maintenance and proper application of fertilizers and herbicides. Improper application of lawn care chemicals can result in the pollution of stormwater, which flows untreated through storm drains into the nearest water body. High levels of herbicides in a water body can kill the aquatic plants and animals, and make the water unsafe for humans. Reduce stormwater pollution by using organic alternatives. For example, post-emergent organic herbicides prevent seeds from establishing roots; seeds cannot grow without roots. By using post-emergent organic herbicides, you prevent weeds from growing and prevent toxic chemicals found in traditional herbicides from entering storm drains. Typically, the time to apply post-emergent organic herbicides is in October and November.
Garbage & Recycling Info
Weekly trash and recycling services in Highland Village are provided by Community Waste Disposal (CWD). CWD also collects residential yard waste on a weekly basis (Mondays) for use in a composting program.
  • CWD runs garbage pickup from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. 
  • If your trash has not been picked up by 7:00 p.m., fill out the online report or call CWD at 972-392-9300 and they will reschedule your pick up.
  • CWD provides one 95-gallon blue recycle cart. Additional recycle carts are an extra $7.24 per month charge. Contact Public Works at 972-899-5093 for more information. 
  • The City does not provide your trash container. 
  • CWD picks up yard clippings for the entire City on Monday - that's over 5,100 homes - so please follow the guidelines at
  • We have a household hazardous waste program through CWD; just call 972-392-9300 to schedule a pick up. 
  • Residents receive bulk pick-up service weekly with their regular trash and recycling service day. Bulk service is limited to two cubic yards per week.
  • Residents also have an optional drop off for bulk waste at the CWD Transfer Station Wednesday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. A copy of your water bill is required at the gate. Contact CWD for more information.
  • Residents can contact CWD at 972-932-9300 for questions / bulk pick-ups / missed collections or visit the City’s website
National Night Out
National Night Out this year was scheduled for Tuesday, October 6th. Normally we would host and encourage block parties but due to the recent CDC guidelines and social distancing measures we are all practicing, we have decided to do things a little different this year.  While the goal of National Night Out is to make communities safer by enhancing the relationship between neighbors and promoting police-community relations, this year we plan to achieve this in a virtual way by promoting active participation in our crime prevention and community safety programs. We encourage all Highland Village residents to:
Sign up for HVPD E-Watch (HV Alerts) - HVPD E-Watch is part of Highland Village Alerts and provides residents with an easy way to obtain crime alerts, crime prevention, severe weather and community information. Sign Up
Request a free E-Watch Yard Sign – E-Watch members can receive a free E-Watch Yard Sign which are a great crime deterrent tool. Show your support with an HVPD E-Warth Yard Sign and help us protect Highland Village one house at a time! Send us an email to request a sign.
Neighborhood Video Partner - Many residents and businesses have taken extra security measures to monitor their property by installing outdoor security cameras. The Neighborhood Video Partner Registration Program provides us with a volunteer database of video resources we can quickly turn to when searching for investigative clues. Registering your camera not only helps deter crime, but assists in the overall crime prevention strategy in your neighborhood. HVPD will not have direct access to any system. We would only contact you if a crime occurs in the neighborhood and your system may have captured video of investigative value. Register now
October is Fire Safety Month
October is Fire Safety Month and older adults are twice as likely to die or be injured from a fire as the rest of the population. It is essential to take the necessary steps to stay safe.
  • Consider sleeping on the ground floor in order to make the emergency escape easier. Keep a cell phone handy or install a land line where you sleep in case of emergency. If you are living in an apartment or high-rise, make sure it is equipped with an automatic sprinkler system. These systems can extinguish a home fire in less time than it takes for the fire department to arrive.
  • If anyone in your household is deaf or their hearing has diminished, consider installing a smoke alarm that uses a flashing light or vibration to alert you to a fire emergency.
  • Conduct fire escape drills on a regular basis. If someone you live with cannot escape alone, designate a member of the household to assist and have a backup plan in case the designee isn’t home.
  • Make sure that you are able to open all the doors and windows in your home. Locks should open easily from the inside. Any security bars on doors or windows should have emergency release devices inside so that they can be opened easily.
  • Keep emergency numbers by the phone so that you can communicate with emergency personnel if you are trapped in your room by fire or smoke.