Monthly News & Updates
September 2020 | Issue 1
City Manager Leavitt's Final Article to the Community
In the book, “A History and Heritage of Highland Village,” the story ends in 2000 with Mayor Bill Lawrence, and that ending was my beginning. I have had the pleasure of working with seven different mayors and multiple different council members, many of them longtime residents and others corporate executives transferred to the DFW metro area that just happen to find their new home in Highland Village to raise their families. The success of this community is reflected in the past and present leadership and their aspiration to move Highland Village forward while still maintaining all the exceptional qualities that are ingrained in Highland Village. Read More

Michael Leavitt is set to retire on Sept. 30 after 20 years of service to Highland Village. Council spent the summer months interviewing candidates to take the leadership role in the City. Council appointed Paul Stevens as city manager. Stevens will officially begin on Oct. 1.
Back to School
Kids are starting back to school on Tuesday, September 8. It's been awhile since we've had to pay attention to school zones so please use caution around the schools in the mornings and the afternoons and watch for pedestrians.
Mosquito Prevention
Mosquito season is coming to an end! The City has a mosquito surveillance program targeted to capture and test the mosquito species that can transmit the West Nile Virus to humans. Staff monitors mosquito updates for the Denton County area too. Here are some tips to help protect you and your family.
What defines a hazardous waste item? Hazardous waste is defined as a waste product with properties that make it dangerous or capable of producing harmful effects on human health or the environment. They pose a potential danger to the workers of CWD, children, pets, and the environment. Help keep Highland Village environmentally friendly and safe for all by participating in CWD’s household hazardous waste collection program. This program encourages residents to dispose of hazardous waste easily, responsibly and safely. The household hazardous waste program is provided for Highland Village residents once a month and is included in your monthly trash and recycling charge.You can view the collection schedule here. In order to participate, simply visit for details.