7th July 
    The Vintage Girlie Newsletter issue 19
This week: Judy's vintage furniture hits London, Sarah Hawkings and vintage success, Sally from Morphelle returns and how 282 World War One soldiers found sanctuary near Manchester 

Dear Vintagers,  

This week, sees the start of the Summer craze where it suddenly becomes fashionable (and dry enough) to sip your Pimms with lace gloved hands whilst enjoying the sunshine surround by smiling friends in crisp colours and floral frocks.

Hey! I hear you say! What about where's the strawbs??  (wasn't that a group during the Sixties? 'Part of the Union' springs to mind) No!  We mean the stuff you have with cream!  Ha! Blow the waist line! There will be time enough to slim down for the beach!  But, hang on ladies, have not fear of the unmarked level crossing that is our dear middles, I hear the vintage way this Summer is to go and Victorian style!

So what do you think?  As I searched high and low and endlessly around the world wide web-thing, I found this American online shopping place called, rather attractively, Premier Design Historic Clothing - I knew you would be impressed, anyway, I found some wonderful examples of fantastic cover up swim wear to look the ultimate in vintage style on Brighton beach this Summer! Perhaps with an umbrella..... ;)

Answers on a postcard please.....

So, let's dive deep into this week's issue with a big splash and hope we don't come up the other side gasping for air...

 So, once again, let the vintage tales begin.... 
                                  Best wishes,
                  Ed  :)  

In the news...
TVG goes on the rampage for vintage news hitting the headlines this week.

Vintage takes flight in 1970's style at local high school's night of nostalgia

At this time, every year, the students of Moorside High School in Werrington hold a very special event that is bound to take you right back in time. The very talented pupils chose a decade each year to focus on to give their audience entertainment, music and sheer nostalgia.


Moorside High School 1970's show
Moorside High School 1970's show


This year, it was the turn of the 1970's and the show went down a storm even if it was minus the high powered rocket boots of Mr Elton John, but they weren't missed as 40 students performed a incredible tribute the decade that taste forget but music didn't.   


The delighted audience sat back and watched a fashion show, dancing, singing as well as music and a colourful display of their current artwork.


Lorraine Stones, director of the expressive arts at the school said, 'We hold a celebrtion event every year.  We've already done the 1950's and the 1960's.'    


Yet there was a serious note to the evenings performances as much of the money collected that night will go to the Air Ambulance Appeal, which was the chosen charity of young school pupil, Greg Bradshaw, who died at the age of 14 last year.  Another notible charity who is benefitting is Young Minds. 


 Read more at This Is Staffordshire

Saturday nights were made for Rock and Roll

BBC Devon had been hiding away a little nugget of music nostalgia so we decided to lift the lid...

Geoff Barker hosts The Rock and Roll Party live on air every Saturday night for radio listeners in the south west, but have no fear if you are not in the area.  The show can be heard on digital too through the BBC Wiltshire website.

It is two hours of the best records from the Rock and Roll era, so if you can't go without your 1950's and 1960's music at the weekends, tune in digital or find on FM this not to be missed rhythm riot.

More Vrrroooom in Ireland as Vintage Mag hits Issue 98.

 Where would our men be if it wasn't for scintillating glossies about one of their passions,  Cars? 

Not only cars like your common or garden BMW's, but how about a very smart Ford Capri in dazzling 1970's brown with equally desirable tan interior?  Ok, so yes, it was of it's time, but there is more to this piece of interesting interior drool. 

The Irish Vintage Scene magazine is hitting the shelves in Ireland this month with it's 98th issue (will that be TVG eventually? - Ed) It is full of all the best bits, bobs, nuts and bolts on cars to 'paw' over.  This beautiful example of the Ford Capri in 1971 (I remember it well - Ed) is typical of a classic when you buy it from new.  It is a 3000GT XLR, a rare model, as you will read, but an equally calssic example of what happens to a car when the owner falls in love with a younger model!  (Oh ladies! We are still talking about cars! - Ed)

Mr John Pollock, the forgetful and heartless owner of this wonderful car, put it in storage after buying a more updated model in 1981.  Would you believe this brown beast sat in darkness, unloved until 2008?  It was only uncovered with the garage it was sitting very still in, heartbroken, was up for... well, (cough) redevelopment...

Our tan tasty girl was falling to bits by then but John found love again and restored her to former 1970's glory.  (breathes out - Ed) It was the happy ending she was looking for!

Also find in the magazine this month a even rarer (is that a word? - Ed) 1937 Austin Seven (the same age as my dad! - Ed) which is rare as it is it a, wait for it, military version of the classic shape.  It has now been restored, loved and cared for,
An example of an Austin 7
An example of an Austin 7
and is alive and well in the Isle of Man - read about it's incredible life during the Second World War in the magazine now.

But you don't have to be in the green isle to buy this motor memorbilia mag, you can buy this online at the website, here.

Aren't we good to you?  Which, brings us neatly to the next feature..... (we don't just through this newsletter together you know....! Ed)

The Sanctuary of Stamford in The Great War
One hundred years on - The story of how 282 World War One soldiers found peace and paradise in Cheshire.
by TVG


Stanford Military Hospital - opened April 1917 to Jan 1919 At Dunham Massey estate, Altrincham.


Lady Stamford, better known as Lady Penelope Grey, lived with her family at Dunham Massey, on the outskirts of Manchester. It had been the home of the Grey family for generations.  


After writing to her son in 1916, Lady Grey had hinted that she wanted to do something for the war effort, so, in the spring of the following year, this glorious stately home was opened as a military hospital.  


It became one of the most important places during the Great War where lives were not only saved, but even souls were mended. It was one of 3,244 auxillary hospitals created during the Great War for the thousands of injured soldiers who had suffered the horrors of trench warfare.  


Many broken men who passed through Stamford's doors still caked in the mud of the trenches, were starving, cold, in terrible pain and deeply exhausted.  Some of them became complete again and went on to live reasonably normal lives, thanks to the care and attention of the staff and nurses who tirelessly nursed these tragic and desperate soldiers back to the land of the living.


The tranquility and serenity of the estate must have been pure paradise to the soldiers who came here, too injured and sick to continue fighting the war. The grounds seemed to spread for miles in this untouched green belt of natural beauty. The men who came here were eternally grateful and were at peace here, when they eventually found it in their minds.


Hospitals were quickly set up in England and France when and where they could be to help the troops. Injured soldiers, who were sent straight back to 'Blighty' to recover did so as soon as was possible for them to be transported. The officers were simply not set up to cope with the enormous numbers of casualties the First World War threw at them.  Men could not be helped and cared for on the front line.  So it was here that many who fell simply bled to death as no one could reach them during the conflict.  


There were the some who were able to recover in the peaceful and safe surroundings that hospitals like Stamford could provide. Many of these soldiers returning to the battlefield after their recovery, to sadly, not make it home a second time round.


During an afternoon in June, 100 years later at this house owned by the National Trust since the 10th Earl's death in 1976, you are immediately transported back to a point in time when the life we now take for granted was dreadfully at stake.  The First World War saw extraordinary military loss.  


The Great War didn't really affect the man on the street, other than the headlines in the daily newspapers. So it is this unknown quantity which must have been doubly agonising for the nursing staff at the house, as they could not have been prepared for the horror which came trooping through their doors. Their job was to deal with everything which was brought to them. No matter how frightening. No questions asked. 


Today, the tour around the house starts off with a walk through a ward which has the backdrop of coughing and retching coming from the corners of the room through hidden speakers.  


Each bed tells the true story of the solider who occupied it at some point during the two years. The temperature charts hang like stern reminders of how recovery for each man was slow, very painful and above all, doubtful. The nurses who cared for these men were having to deal with shell shock, compound fractures and trench foot to name only a handful of these dreadful conditions. The staff there could not have seen anything like this before in their training. Yet, they were, doing the best they could. In some cases, this would have been literally a steady diet and rest. Sometimes, this was all they could do to help a soldier recover.  


Trench fever was particularly nasty caused by lice which crept into a soldier's clothes to feed on the blood of their hosts. Bites were scratched to relieve the itch, thus infection would spread in to the bloodstream by way of the scratch distributing the lice faeces into the body. The symptoms of this was horrific nightmares as well as high temperature and desperate aches across the body. Totally unbearable pain and at night, sleep did not come as the fear of closing one's eyes was too much.


There were notable figures, like Sister Catherine Benett (right), the ward matron here, who led the care of the hospital literally from start to finish and others who worked there, did until the day the hospital closed. For one patient at the hospital, that last day was in February 1919.


Yet despite the horror of War, these men who recovered here enjoyed their time here eventually. The estate had the use of boats for relaxation and fishing on the lake, so soldiers could enjoy a rowing boat in the evening sun. They played games, sang songs, read books and entertained themselves in this idyllic setting. Some were too infirm to return to the trenches so they returned home and expected a humble war pension there after. Others regained their fitness and returned to the battle ground.  


But perhaps one young soldier's tale here is the one which is the most heart breaking of them all. After fooling officers that he was old enough to join his older brother in the Great War, a 15 year old boy went to the trenches to fight for king and country. After being badly wounded, the soldier was sent to Dunham Massey where he recovered and after five months, he was fit enought to be posted to France where he re-joined the war.  Exactly one month before peace was announced and the war was over, he was killed in action. This tragic tale is enforced when we learn that it was on his birthday that he lost his life.


It was a war that still darkens the mind much more than others before and after. The conditions that these soldiers endured were extraordinary. Thousands of men, sometimes constantly up to their knees in filthy, muddy water who no longer felt their rotting feet but instead agonising pain so unbearable that they were not able to even stand up.  


Perhaps the only way out of the trenches was to go 'over the top' and risk being killed instantly by enemy fire. These young men (for many lied about their age to join up and fight for their lives, their families and their homes, suffered enormous pain and injuries that it truly was a war where these men fought with everything they had. Including their very souls.


I defy anyone who isn't standing in silence in the last hall whilst reading the records books of those who passed through this safe haven to recover. It is a place, like many of its type which recalls points in history of human sacrifice, which people need to come and see. While it is still there and while we are still here to appreciate it and those who fell in battle for us.


'A Country Estate At War' is open to the public at Dunham Massey as an exhibition about it's life as Stamford Hospital.   


On until 11 November 2014.




Sally and the Pop Up Closet
More vintage tales from Sally from Morphelle.

I went along to help celebrate the start of Victoria's Pop up Closet in Basingstoke.  


An extension booth of an already well-established road boutique,

 V J Vintage. In between setting up The Closet, and I might add a new  VJ Vintage hire venture, Mrs bubbly Victoria Kennedy n�e Arrowsmith, organized her own 50's vintage wedding and reception. She looked stunning and her decision to shorten the authentic gown from full length to 3/4 , I think, made it perfect for her. Congrats Vicky!!!


Whose a busy girl then? "With all the Vintage crockery and props I've collected over the last few years for my special day" she said " I thought why not incorporate them and expand my business to event hire."  


Within two weeks of her own wedding she has successfully completed a client's period wedding reception, opened the aforesaid Closet, prepared for  Wiston Steam Rally on the 5th/6th July and  Dollys Vintage at Hook is looming on the 28th July. If you need your vintage done and dusted, ask a busy mother of two!

..... where does she get the energy?


Thank goodness she asked me to sit down and have a cuppa she was making me dizzy ...... content with vigorous verbal exercise we chatted vintage from cleaning techniques on stale underarm stains ( a topic raised by last weeks TVG) to, what's in your attic?


 Short commercial interval;


My take on stubborn stains that make a gorgeous vintage into a recycle only, is 'Vanish Oxi action for colours'. I never wash in the washing machine, you can't see what's happening, get your marigolds out, don't try and patch clean with a strong solution unless it's white (speaking from experience), better a weak and longer full soak with 'hands on' coaxing, and cajoling pleas to finish.( exceptions to the rule are extreme non-fasts and silver lined or coated beading, test first and beware prolonged soaking ) I've successfully and completely removed those awful 'women perspire' stains, that don't know they should be more yielding than man's sweat, from absolute no hopers ............ I must say, as a seller with sensitivities, this is a last resort for me, as eco-washpowder and Bicarb is standard practise, along with a good natural blow dry and sun treatment (first blot with a towel and turn inside out to prevent fading). Really! Pamper those vintage fabs for rejuvenation! Try, try , try and get a well laundered result.... You can't feel confident in yesteryears un-washed!

If you have any tips on how to clean a pair of 30s fabric covered shoes... HELP!! 


Now! The question we love to ask a dedicated vintager, what's in YOUR attic?


Victoria let me peek at three treasured 40s/50s dresses. One of which was a beautiful Belinda Bellville (before Bellville and Sassoon) 50s wedding dress. Hand embroidered with metallic thread and Mother of Pearl sequins. See pi c.


So what will you find in Vicky's home Closet?

A rail of assorted women's vintage, shoes, handbags and jewellery.. ..

Yes! but you'll always always find a tea dress.

Pssssst, don't ya just love this Jaeger sky blue ... it's still there at �30.


Two early bird ladies on their maiden hunt for business gala evening outfits, both left with dresses, stoles and jewellery, leaving only the shoes to find.


So I call that a successful beginning, Victoria. An ensemble makes for satisfied customer!

The 'Closet' is open every Tuesday from 10am-7pm, entrance round the back. There is even an outdoor cr�che area.


Mabel came along for the ride .....and we both had fun ! Next stop the IACF Shepton Mallet!  


Pit stop reporter Morphelle V v v vrooom!





                      Sally xx





Meet the girls, 'cos the girls are here. The girls to educate you!
Kate and Keeley at The Vintage Academy...

The cosmic duo get to work on their latest programme of brainstorming courses...

Friends and general vintage idols of TVG, Kate and Keeley are business women of the vintage kind.   


Hard working and knowledgeable in all things vintage as well as setting up the most successful businesses of their own, they set up The Vintage Academy to put something back in to the vintage industry.  For all those men and women who are keen to join the rest of us in this field, The Vintage Academy are showing us exaclty how it's done.   


It' a jungle out there, and if there is some true, professional guidance to be had then it is from these lovely ladies where you will find that ever impressive helping hand.  


So, if you dream of having a business in vintage and want to get going on the path to success, then get in touch with the girls at info@thevintageacademy.co.uk or clink on the link here to go to their contact page.



For more information on their careers in the business so far and why they set up to help vintagers just like you, please go to The Vintage Academy for more.  

Sarah's Homespun Stitch does work!
Vintage blanket covered journal.

Sarah Hawkings takes time out to talk to TVG about her business, 'Homespun Stitchworks' and how it has travelled around the world...

'I started Homespun Stitchworks by sheer accident really.  I was looking for a lovely picture for our newly decorated bathroom and could not find what I wanted at all. 

So I bought some beautiful vintage fabrics, linen and buttons and made What I wanted and had it framed.  Friends saw the picture and wanted to know where I had bought it and were eagerly giving me commissions for their requirements and Homespun Stitchworks was born.

Sarah Hawkings
I not only do commissions for Vintage Wedding and Nursery Samplers but pictures in general as well as make vintage Christmas stocking and things for Sewing rooms and keepsakes.

I do lots of magazine work, especially in American publications and am working on my first craft book.


I believe in the ethos and the lifestyle of vintage.  It is not mass produced and when things were made 80/100 years ago, they were made to last unlike our very disposable society today.  I am passionate about my work and I love what I do and hope that this shines through in my
Vintage wedding sampler that has just appeared in Somerset Life magazine in the States.

I write a blog daily, except for Sundays and you can become a member and read about what is going on in my vintage world and what vintage fairs that I attend at Homespun stitchworks there is always a competition running bi monthly to win vintage goodies as well.

I am on twitter and have a facebook page as well.

Vintage needle cases made from pieces of vintage quilts with hand stamped ribbon and hand made yo yo's

I have a work room at home and that is where all my very adored vintage fabrics and goodies are stored.  I enjoy being in there surrounded by so much wonderful inspiration. 

I would have to say that Vintage French linen is my favourite to work with as a base and that vintage paisleys are something I adore and collect. 

I use a lot of paisleys in my work because of the delicate and small print. When using in applique with hand embroidery, you do not loose the pattern because of the intricate detail in paisleys.

I only use vintage embroidery threads or the hand dyed shaker threads that I buy in the States from the Gentle Art. 

The colours are amazing and are organically and sympathically dyed.  They have delicious names like pumpkin patch, seashell, school house path and celery!  The colours blend in perfectly with my vintage
My picture in my bathroom that started homespun.

I have an awful lot of exciting projects coming up and you can read about them on my blog as and when.  I hope you join me on my vintage journey.

I keep a design books and my sketches and quotes are all in there.  I add little samples of fabrics used and also I use water colour sketches in there as well.'

You can find Sarah's business advertisement in the section further down the page. Please email her for news on features and other competitions she has running. Or you can contact her on the facebook and twitter pages.

Your Vintage Shout!
It's your platform to shine, so if you have an 
event or fair you would like us to shout about, 
then please get in touch with Michelle at thevintagegirlie@outlook.com.

Until the 1st of August we are offering a smashing 50% off all features and ads so if you are a vintage trader or event organiser, please do let us know!!


   For the love of vintage.

Taking beautiful vintage fabrics and linens to create bespoke and unique artefacts for the home and special gifts.  Combined with hand embroidery and vintage mother of pearl buttons.  Commissions taken. 

    Email me at homespunstitchworks@yahoo.com  for details.


Spotlight on...
Lana Turner
by TVG

Lana Turner was born Julia Jean "Lana" Turner on February 8, 1921.  She died after developing throat cancer in June 29, 1995. She was an icon of her generation and has remained an enegmatic figure of Hollywood glamour ever since.


She was only 16 when she was noticed as a signficant beauty for film by MGM.  She had first made an impact on the film crew in The Won't Forget in 1937.


After this first appearance, she went on to feature in Love Finds Andy Hardy in 1938, but wasn't really seen as a serious actress until 1941, where she took her first leading role in Johnny Eager.  Notible roles quickly followed with Honky Tonk in 1941, Zeifeld Girl, also in 1941 and then, Somewhere, I'll Find You in 1942.   


She became the Hollywood 'scream' girl after showing us what her lungs had to offer in the 1941 classic horror, Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde.  She went on to star in some of the world's most iconic 'film noir' movies such as The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946) perhaps her best film.


During the 1950's she became noted as a brilliant actress by the studios as well as her fans and was nominated in 1957 for an Academy Award for her part in Peyton Place.  


Yet her life wasn't completely starry, her daughter, Cheryl Crane stabbed her mother's lover, Johnny Stompanato to death in an attack.  The publicity was immense but Crane was found to have acted in self defence by the court.  


Lana's next film was Imitation of Life, and it was this film in 1959, which gave her the recognition of a truly serious actress that she had craved.  However, it did not bring the success that she had desired, and during the 1960's to the 1980's, films dwindled and she worked only part time, taking roles here and there.  


She did appear in the television show, Falcon Crest, a poor man's Dynasty, but it was her cameo role which earned the show's highest rating ever, but it failed to do much for her PR and she appeared in on more film in 1991 before her death in 1995.  She was 74. 

The Vintage Girlie goes a-mentioning....
Here is the weekly list of warm smiles, firm handshakes and general natters with the best in the trade this week...
Jewels galore in vintage London!  Appeared in Pretty Nostalgic. Photo by Sam Jones
This week, TVG heads off to London to a very exclusive garden party to celebrate the launch of Passionate About Vintage, a new boutique opening in north west London by jewellry designer and vintage inspired lady, Natalie Leon. I was very excited to be invited so can't wait for this! 


Vintage Parade - Summer events - news from Alex:

Hi Everyone,

We would like to let you know about the current availability for our forth coming events we have planned.To book a fair please contact us for a booking form - info@vintageparade.co.uk

Fashion, Furniture, Home-wares, Accessories, Live Entertainment, Jive Dancing and a Tea Party , Arundel we'll see you there for the biggest event in town!



Arundel Festival

Friday 22nd August

Jubilee Gardens 10-4.30pm

6ft x 6ft - Market style covered awning - �50 - please email info@vintageparade.co.uk.




 Vintage Parade at The Air Tattoo  11-13 July 2014

The Royal International Air Tattoo is excited to announce their collaboration with The Vintage Parade.  This event is the Worlds Largest Air Show attracting over 130,000 visitors.
The Vintage Parade will be bringing their expertise to our unique event, creating a vintage retail themed area within the highly successful Vintage Village.
 The Vintage Village is where you can come for some true vintage retail therapy, indulge in the all day provided by  Tea Vintage, eat and drink from an array of vintage mobile wagons, and view historic airplanes and cars, all whilst being entertained with our nostalgic singers.
 The Vintage Parade retail selection will include purveyors of housewares, fashion, accessories and jewellery from the 1900's onwards, bringing vintage authenticity at affordable prices. With vintage stalls, hair stylists and live entertainment, you will always have plenty to do at the Vintage Village.
Please keep a look out for further details of our Vintage Village as we have further exciting plans to be concluded.
We also have an event coming up at Arundel in West Sussex - for more information, please click here
Should you wish to be involved in the vintage retail area please contact info@vintageparade.co.uk

TVG joins the Pretty Nostalgic stand at The Air Tattoo.
As it really isn't worth locking up the diary at this time of year and chaining me to the office door, I am very very pleased to be let loose along side very good friend, Nicole Burnett, editor and founder of Pretty Nostalgic.  On the Saturday, I shall be taking the stand with chums from the PN team and making a buzzing noise in the general PR direction!  I shall look forward to doing my bit!

HelesBelles Takes on Stroud.
Saturday 19th July 2014. The Subscriptions Rooms, George Street, GL5 1AE 10am to 4pm. 


We have some rather exciting news... we are taking the Hels Belles Fairs on the road and will be setting up another fabulous Vintage & Craft fair in the glorious setting of the Subscription Rooms in Stroud, a magnificent regency building. 

The first one at this new venue will be on 19th July. We are looking forward to seeing lots of familiar faces and also lots of new ones too...









The Vintage Girlie hits the airwaves with Harry and Edna


Well, I wished and wished and wished hard every night and at last my wish came true!  Fame at last!  I received a lovely email from Harry asking me if I would do the honour of appearing for an interview on their radio show... eeek! I thought, no point getting my hair done just yet as the show will be broadcast live, of course on the 22nd of October at 7pm on Secklow Sounds!

Better get my beauty sleep in now... eek again! For more information about what else could tempt your vintage ears, please go to their website. 




TVG takes a stand at Vintage and The Village Hall


EEK! In a real rare appearance, pleas come down and see the TVG stand at



comes to




10am - 4pm




07754 946169     There will be a staggering 45 sellers transforming the  beautiful Georgian Corn Exchange into a vintage emporium (easily done!) They will be offering a huge selection of antique & vintage textiles, clothing, furniture, furnishings, homeware and contemporary designer-maker crafts, so make a note in your diaries now and come and join us for a very vintage day!



Judy's Summer Furniture Flea in Bethnal Green
Last weekend saw the ever popular Judy's return to London's east end and the furniture flea.

I love London.  There is always a but of a buzz in the office when I know I due to come up to the big smoke and attend a fashionably vintage bazaar.  This time, it was the turn of Judy's Furniture Flea market in their London venue of Bethnal Green.  Easy to get to from just about anywhere in town, this has always been equally inviting as the items inside.

The atmosphere is entirely different here.  In other parts of the UK, vintage seekers tend to be more careful with their coins, only browsing seriously for the first two or three hours and then going away perhaps to ponder over tea and cake, before returning to make a very collected decision followed by careful purchase.  In London, it's different. 

Vintage seekers come in with eagerness which is more atomic than anywhere else.  Wallets are out the minute the doors fly open at 10.30 in the morning.  It is a serious fast sell here. If that 1970's glass boat lampshade is what you want then go for that orange and be bold with the green stuff and plant it very readily in the hand of the trader before some one beats you to it!

Emily Hughes, Event and Brand manager at Judy's
There is no time for sitting around and people watching at Judy's.  As Adam, other half of vintage homewares writer, Kate Beavis told us, 'People know what going to be here.  They know where it is going to be, how much they are going to spend on it.  There is no time for deliberating.  It is sold, and that's it.'

It is vintage at dawn.  The white hanky drops and they are in.  By lunctime, there are tables, chairs, artworks and flap downs being carefully manoeuvered around other stalls, out in to the street and then home. 

This is not a place you want to come to by tube or Morris Minor if you are after decking out your front room in mid century chic.  So, come with a large van and four strapping chaps. 

I bet you won't leave without a lorry full.. ..

For more dates on clothing and furniture flea markets, please go to Judy's to find out more.

The Vintage Diary...
Forthcoming vintage and retro fairs, markets and events

Here is our advertisement section for forthcoming events.  

If you would like us to feature your event flyer, please email us at thevintagegirlie@outlook.com

We simply love attending events, so if you have a fair or market you would like us to review then get in touch and we will be there!
Please email us at thevintagegirlie@outlook.com to book us. 


The Goodwood Revival - starts - Friday 12th September 2014
It is almost that time of year to start thinking about your vintage outfit for the very special air and road event at the Goodwood estate near Chichester, West Sussex.  It is the one weekend where all the big names in entertainment, motor racing, motor trade and vintage style come together to celebrate the historic race track and it's continuous vintage theme.  We will be covering this event for Pretty Nostalgic as well as for TVG.  It is the event of the year for best hats, outfits, vintage aircraft, racing cars and music, so be there and be seen!

For more information and tickets, go to the website, The Goodwood Revival.  
The Royal International Air Tattoo - 11th to 13th July 2014
It is no doubt, the greatest air show you are ever likely to see, and 2014 sees the spectacular celebrations of the Royal Air Force's, 40th anniversary of world leading military aircraft as well as the 50th anniversary of the Red Arrows.  It is oozing with history, over 7 hours of world class air displays as well as a complete gala of style, glamour and all that is typically vintage. This nostalgic celebration looks back on the golden era of the Royal Air Force.  It is a truly unique experience for your eyes and your ears!  


Of course, it holds a very special date in the TVG diary and we will be bringing you all the best on ground and air for this memorable weekend.  This year, the organisers will be opening up the first day (Friday) to the public for the first time, so this year, really is set to be the ultimate in flying history events.


For more information and tickets, please go to 


Here is a list of forthcoming vintage fairs and markets around the UK.  If you want your event to be listed in future newsletters, please do get in touch at thevintagegirlie@outlook.com

 Discover Vintage at Twinwood Festival-Bedfordshire
Saturday 23th -Monday 25th August 2014
For the third year running we are bringing our Vintage Market to Twinwood Festival. Twinwood is the UK's Best Vintage Festival with a fantastic lineup of Live Music & Dancing. Get your tickets now!


Twinwood Festival, Twinwood Road, Clapham, Bedfordshire, MK41 6AB For more info visit www.twinwoodevents.com
Monthly Undercover Vintage & Antiques market in Bath First and last Sunday of every month, 9.30am-4pm 
Green Park Station, Green Park Road, Bath, BA1 1JB (next to Sainsbury's)...MAP 2014 Dates: 06.07.2014, 27.07.2014, 03.08.2014, 31.08.2014, 07.09.2014, 28.09.2014, 05.10.2014, 26.10.2014, 02.11.2014, 30.11.2014, 07.12.2014

11th July
Style Me Vintage
Rhodes Arts Complex 
1-3 South Road 
Bishop's Stortford 
CM23 3JG
6.30PM Onwards
Entry �5 (includes free glass om Pimms and a raffle ticket)
12th July 
Howden Vintage Home Fair
The Shire Hall
11 Market Place
East Yorkshire 
DN14 7BJ
Entry �1
12th July
Stockton on Tees Chic Vintique Fair
Parish Gardens area near Stockton Parish Church
High Street
Stockton on Tees
TS18 1SP
Entry FREE 
13th July
Dee Dee's Vintage & Handmade Summer Fair
West Monkton Village Hall
TA2 8NE 
Entry �1
19th July
Darlington Fashion and Vintage Fair
Central Hall Dolphin Centre 
Darlington Town Centre (market place)
Entry FREE
19th July
Matlock Vintage & Handmade Fair
The Imperial Rooms
Imperial Road
Entry �1
19th July
Stourbridge Vintage & Retro Fair - Kiki & Honey present July Jollies
St Thomas' Church Hall
Market Street
Entry 50p 
19th July 
Vintage & Craft Fair Stroud 
The Subscription Rooms
George Street 
Entry �2
19th & 20th July 
The Great Seaside Vintage Fair   
Whitby Pavilion,
West Cliff,
North Yorkshire
YO21 3EN
9.30am - 4pm (both days)
Entry �2; �1.50 concessions; Under 16's FREE
20th July
Vintage & Collectables Fair
Royston Halls
85 Royston Road
SE20 7QW
Entry FREE
20th July 
Woolavington Village Vintage & Craft Fair - TVG will be there!
Woolavington Village Hall
Higher Road
Entry FREE
26th July
The Whim Wham Cafe's Vintage Emporium
The Whim Wham Cafe
Arch 64
Whitworth Street
West Manchester 
M1 5WQ
Entry FREE
26th & 27th July
Leyburn Home Front Vintage Fair
Thornborough Hall
Moor Road
North Yorkshire
Sat 10-5 Sun 10-4
Entry FREE
27th July
Hancock & Smith Vintage, Retro Fair
Star & Garter Ballroom
4 Lower Richmond Road
SW15 1JN
12 noon-4pm
Entry �1







Vintage Village at the Royal International Air Tattoo

RAF Fairford


Vintage and retro (part of 3 day event)


Style Me Vintage

Rhodes Arts Complex




Vintage Village at the Royal International Air Tattoo

RAF Fairford


Vintage and retro (part of 3 day event)


Village Green Music and Arts Festival

Village Green Vintage Bazaar


Music and vintage festival


Stylish Vintage

* One of the largest Vintage Wedding Showcases in the area
* Stunning Catwalk with the ultimate in vintage bridal
* Vintage DIY workshops

Flaxbourne Garden


Vintage wedding fair


Vintage Village at the Royal International Air Tattoo

RAF Fairford


Vintage and retro (part of 3 day event)


Bows & Braces Vintage Fair

Lymington Masonic Hall


All things vintage fair


Vintage & Craft Fair Stroud

The Subscription Rooms


Vintage & craft


Vintage Summer Fayre

Belmont House


Vintage & craft fair


Woolavington Village Vintage and Craft Fair

Woolavington Village Hall


Vintage & craft


Belle's Vintage & Reloved at Old Spitalfields

Old Spitalfields Market

Greater London

Vintage & makers


Wigan - Vibrant Vintage Fair, Sunday 6th July, 10am-4pm, Haigh Hall, Cooperas Lane, Wigan, WN2 1PE, Besides the Seaside theme, over 40 stalls, live entertainment. Admission �1. www.vibrantvintage.co.uk


Vintage at the Village Hall: Monday September 8th is the next fair at The Corn Exchange, Market Place, Blandford Forum Dorset DT11 7AD 10am - 4pm. For more informatio, please go to their wonderful blog here. - TVG will be there!


Location: Old Spitalfields Market, 16 Horner Square, London E1 6EW-
11am - 5pm
Free entry
Nearest tube: Liverpool Street (5 mins)
Nearest mainline: Liverpool Street
DLR: Bank

Lou Lou's Vintage Fair

Leicester - Sat 12th July - St.Martins House (Leicester Cathedral)(12-5)
Bristol - Sat 12th July - The Passenger Shed (11-5)
Cardiff - Sun 13th July - The City Hall (11-5)
Sheffield - Sat 26th July - The Town Hall (11-5)
Manchester - Sun 27th July - Whitworth Hall (11-4)

For more Lou Lou's info, go to The Vintage Fair website.


Judy's Vintage Fairs 
London - Kilo - 3 August
Beacons Festival 7 August - Skipton
London's Vintage Furniture Flea Market - 7 Sept
Edinburgh - Affordable - 9 Sept
UCLU - Freshers - affordable (as the above) 24 Sept 
Lincoln - Affordable - 27 Sept
Glasgow - Affordable - 27 Sept
For more details on Judy's Affordable and furniture vintage fairs, please go to Judy's Events 

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