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Virginia Competitiveness Forum 
2nd Annual VMA STEP Ahead Award Recognition Luncheon

November 19
Williamsburg Lodge Conference Center
310 S England St.
Williamsburg, VA


2020 VMA Day on the Hill 
VCBG Craft Beer Caucus 

Monday, February 3rd 

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VOLUME 10 | Edition 9 | October 2019
Letter from the President & CEO

Dear Members:

The 2019 VA General Assembly election is only 19 days away (November 5) and the 2020 General Assembly session will begin in less than three months.  In my last letter, I  stated that the  foundational public policies  of the  manufacturing sector will be challenged.  To get us ready for this challenge, the VMA Board of Directors has made a bold decision to help form the Coalition for a Strong Virginia Economy.

The Coalition for a Strong Virginia Economy includes over 20 business associations across the Commonwealth that have committed to a specific set of foundational public policies.  The policies will be released to the public in the next week.  The primary function of the Coalition for a Strong Virginia Economy is the protection of Virginia's "Right-to-Work."

As such, the VMA Board of Directors has adopted the following "Right-to-Work" public policy that will guide our future advocacy:

Virginia's "Right to Work (RTW)" was established on January 12, 1947 and is the 5th oldest RTW statute in the United States (§ 40.1-58 Code of Virginia). The Virginia RTW law guarantees that no person can be compelled, as a condition of employment, to join or not to join, nor to pay dues to a labor union. Virginia's RTW also assures that no person or organization may use intimidation, use of force, threat of use of force, reprisal or threat of reprisal, or interrupt the work of any employee.

§ 40.1-57.2 of the Code of Virginia prohibits against public sector collective bargaining. It specifically states that no state, county, municipal, or like governmental officer, agent or governing body is vested with or possesses any authority to recognize any labor union or other employee association as a bargaining agent of any public officers or employees, or to collectively bargain or enter into any collective bargaining contract with any such union or association or its agents with respect to any matter relating to them or their employment or service.

The VMA is committed to Virginia's RTW statute and prohibition against public sector collective bargaining. This commitment is uniform and Virginia's economic competitiveness rests upon these statutes remaining unabridged.

You may be asking yourself, "Is Virginia's Right-to-Work really in jeopardy?"  Until a month ago, most would have hedged that bet.  Now that 94% of the House Democrats and 79% of the Senate Democrats oppose Virginia's Right-to-Work, according to the Virginia Election Center candidate survey, losing Virginia's Right-to-Work is possible. But, it entirely depends upon who controls the Virginia House and Senate as well as a unified business community.

The bright spot in this particular debate is the unanimous commitment of Republicans and support of a few incumbent Democrats such as Senators Dave Marsden and Dick Saslaw to maintaining Virginia's Right-to-Work.

Now is the time to engage your employees and empower them to communicate directly with incumbents and candidates on this issue.  We have to support candidates that will protect Virginia's Right-to-Work. The VMAPAC will be making its annual candidate contributions in the coming weeks.  I f you would like to financially support the VMAPAC to protect Virginia's Right-to-Work, please email Kelly Stevens, VMA Accounting & Finance Director, at kstevens@vamanufacturers.com


Brett A. Vassey
President & CEO

MIBE Executive Roundtable & VMA Supply Chain Interviews

The VMA and MIBE Supply Base Committee will co-host the first MIBE Executive Roundtable in conjunction with the 5th Annual VMA Supply Chain Matchup Program.

Monday, November 18
Williamsburg Lodge Conference Center
310 S. England St.
Williamsburg, VA

Executive Roundtable Time: 10am-1pm
Supply-Chain Matchup Interviews - 1pm-5pm
Evening Reception - 5pm-7pm

Executive Roundtable
VMA Members are invited to participate in the first MIBE Executive Roundtable on Monday, November 18. The goal of this committee is to create an adaptable and flexible supply base that meets the current National Defense Strategy, is actively preparing to meet increased demands over the next five years, as well as anticipating the Navy's demands of 2030 (potentially 355 ships). During this first Roundtable, the group will identify and prioritize the contracting challenges and value-chain opportunities ahead of the ship building and repair industries as the first in a four-part series of Roundtables. Representatives should have a good understanding of their companies supply chain processes (i.e. Supply Chain Manager, Director of Procurement, etc.). Click below to register for the Executive Roundtable Meeting.

VMA Supply-Chain Matchup Program
The Virginia Manufacturers Association (VMA) is committed to expanding supply chain opportunities among Virginia companies. This includes reaching small businesses, as well as women, minority and veteran-owned businesses. This year, we are also partnering with the US Minority Business Development Agency, the VA Department of Small Business & Supplier Diversity, GenEdge and the Regional MFG Institute of Maryland. Immediately following the Executive Roundtable meeting, companies will have an opportunity to conduct supplier interviews for products and services during 15-minute sessions beginning at 1pm. Your company does not have to participate in the Executive Roundtable in order to do the supply-chain interviews.  At the end of the supply-chain matchup interview exercise, participants are invited to attend a cocktail reception from 5pm-7pm. 

Please contact Kimberly Noonan at knoonan@vamanufacturers.com if you have questions. 

MTM-EasyTime - Free VMA Member Access Until December 31


Drug Price Controls - A Hidden Tax On Manufacturers
The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has launched a national campaign to discourage Congress from implementing price controls on prescription drugs and protect patient access to life-saving medicines. This campaign features video ads, social media and cable television spots to encourage constituents to contact their member of Congress and urge them against drug price controls - a hidden tax on manufacturers.

Additional details can be found here: www.nam.org/hiddentax.  Click on the link below to add your voice to this campaign. 


VMA Committee Announcements

The VMA is pleased to announce three new committee appointments.  

Jim Taylor, Westrock,  has been appointed to Chair of the Environmental Health, Safety & Security (EHS&S) Committee.  Jim severed as the Chair of the Air Subcommittee for ten years before this appointment.  Jim has been at WestRock for 24 years and is the Director of Environmental Services, North Region. He assists sites with environmental compliance, sharing of best practices, and limited advocacy efforts on regulation development.  

Phillip Lockard, DuPont, has been appointed to Chair of the Air Subcommittee. Phil is a EH&S Senior Competency Consultant at DuPont with over 30 years of environmental experience.  Phil manages all air compliance and permitting matters related to the DuPont Spruance facility. 

Courtney Wright, Veolia, will assume the Co-Chair position of the Virginia Chemistry Council (VCC).  Courtney has been with Veolia for 3 years and is the Senior Director of Performance.  She has responsibility for developing and implementing their Operational Excellence Program for sites in the US and Canada.
A list of all VMA Committees is available on our website.  If you are interested in joining a VMA Committee, please contact Kimberly Noonan at Knoonan@vamanufacturers.com .  

Help Shape the Future Priorities of CEA

CEA's Board of Directors has kicked off a top-to-bottom review of its goals, challenges, and plans for the future.  Key in this effort is hearing from manufacturers about what CEA does well, what they don't, and what they must do in order to better serve their members.  CEA is requesting your feedback regarding opportunities you see, the challenges you face, and the ways that they can help achieve long term energy and environmental policy solutions.  Please provide your feedback.

If you have questions, please contact Kaitlin Schmidtke, Policy Director, at  kschmidtke@consumerenergyalliance.org

VMA Women in MFG Recognition Luncheon - November 19

Join the VMA on November 19 for the 2019 STEP Ahead Award luncheon to recognize Virginia nominees for the STEP Ahead & Emerging Leader Awards.
Tuesday, November 19
Williamsburg Lodge Conference Center
310 S. England Street
Williamsburg, Virginia

The luncheon will take place in conjunction with the Virginia Competitiveness Forum.  This year's keynote speaker is Kristen Cavallo, CEO, The Martin Agency.

Kristen Cavallo, CEO, The Martin Agency
Kristen is a nationally known speaker. She brought over 25 years' experience growing high-octane brands, and in her first year at The Martin Agency eradicated the gender wage gap; tackled invisibility by making diversity a priority; and pulled culture-quaking ideas right out of the shadows for clients like OREO, GEICO, UPS and Buffalo Wild Wings.

For questions and sponsorship opportunities at this event, please contact Kimberly Noonan at knoonan@vamanufacturers.com .  

Attend Under Your Corporate Sponsorship
If your company is a sponsor of this event, you may be able to attend for free under their corporate sponsorship. A complete list of sponsors is on our event website.  Please contact Kimberly Noonan at knoonan@vamanufacturers.com for details.

Room Block Information
A block of rooms have been secured at the Williamsburg Lodge for a rate of $169 per night.  Guests can contact the reservation line at 1-800-261-9530 to make reservations by phone or online at https://book.passkey.com/go/1810952.  Please mention that you are with the "VA Competitiveness Forum and Women in MFG" when making your reservation to receive the discounted rate. The conference reservations office is open Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:00.   The cut-off date for room reservations is October 18.

Women in MFG Leadership Council - Development Committee
The VMA Women in MFG Leadership Council is dedicated to providing continuing education, training and mentorship opportunities to women who have chosen a career in manufacturing. In the coming months, we will be exploring a partnership with UVa and the Darden Foundation to create a Women's Leadership Program curriculum that will help leaders develop skills and take on increasingly strategic roles in the manufacturing sector.  

We need your involvement!
The first exploratory meeting with the Darden Executive Education Leadership Team will be on Wednesday, October 23.  We need members of the Women in MFG Leadership Council to participate in this meeting and provide input in developing this training program.  Please contact Kimberly Noonan at knoonan@vamanufacturers.com by Monday (10/21) if you would like to serve on this subcommittee.

Q4 Savings - VMA's Microsoft Office Discount Program

Through an exclusive arrangement between the VMA's foundation, the Virginia Industry Foundation, and Microsoft our members can  purchase Microsoft Office 365 products for both personal and business use at significantly discounted rates.  Members also have access to a cloud-based library of training videos and guides. Please visit the  VIF website or reach out to Ian Ginger at  iginger@vamanufacturers.com for  additional information.