The Virtual Coe Being together while being apart....
August 14, 2020
Happy Summer!
—time for a short break...

The Virtual Coe is taking a short break returning on Friday, September 4. While away, we encourage you to explore the ever expanding Coe website and collection.

If you missed any of Collection Spotlight, check it out here.

Coming soon is the Coe Center Hands-On Curatorial Program exhibition website, curated by Santa Fe's own high school students—stay tuned for the email announcement...

A little more ambiguous...

Some of the pieces in the Coe collection are more ambiguous than others.

This small beaded case stands out as holding more questions than answers. The handwork of this case is stunning, from the tightly woven interior basketry to the intricate design and beadwork.

Sometimes all that we have to work from when a piece’s maker or even function is unknown is the story of its provenance. Ted Coe purchased this particular work from Jimmy Economos, a well-known Santa Fe art dealer, with whom he maintained a longstanding relationship as an enthusiastic client. The path of the piece before it came into Ted’s hands is much more interesting. Curious? Learn more here.
Artist Unknown (Mexico), Beaded Case, mid 19th C.
Seed beads, split stick, possibly willow, 2.75 x 2.25 in. Photo by Terran Last Gun. LA 0004
Have you been IMPRINTED?

In the summer of 2018, the Coe partnered with an incredible group of artists and thinkers to create the exhibition IMPRINT. One goal of IMPRINT was to send art out into the community in different and unexpected ways. The impact of this has been long lasting and continues to inspire unique partnerships between the Coe and artists to make art as accessible and hands-on as possible.

What we thought was going to be temporary wheat-pasted murals in 2018, using original work by artists Jason Garcia (Santa Clara Pueblo), Dakota Mace (Diné (Navajo)), and Terran Last Gun (Piikani (Blackfeet)) continues today. New installations of artworks have recently gone up on the exterior of Santa Fe’s local eatery Taco Fundación (voted Best of Santa Fe—Food and Drink 2020, Santa Fe Reporters Readers Choice award).

While pieces by Terran Last Gun and Dakota Mace remain as they were in 2018, Jason Garcia’s Corn Maiden has been updated. Garcia added an umbrella since she gets the brunt of the weather and sun. Also, we are excited to add pieces by the Albuquerque-based artist Vicente Telles.

A sincere thank-you shout-out to the special help of our friend Matthew Chase-Daniel of Axle Contemporary.

Check out the artworks here, or go grab a taco and see them in person!

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