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August 7, 2020
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Listen as Jennifer Villela interviews Rachel de W. Wixom and Bess Murphy about the Coe Center, and artist Will Wilson about his photographic work.

Learn more about Will and his generous support of the Coe Center through this special offer.
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People can be confused by or misunderstand relationships created by the deliberate separation or combination of Native and non-Native artistic approaches. Unfortunately, some people lament the melding and adaptation of non-aboriginal tools, materials, and designs. But where would any art be without inspiration and an infusion of new materials and design ideas?

This chair back is adorned with geometric motifs unique to the Mi'kmaq nation. Panels such as this one, veritable mosaics of colored porcupine quills and birch bark, were sometimes sold to individuals or furniture makers for placement right in the frames of tables and chairs. A Mi'kmaq chair panel would attract the attention of visitors, thus stimulating conversation ... and perhaps envy in wanting to own it.

Learn more about this piece here.

Artist Unknown (Mi'kmaq, Nova Scotia or Quebec), Chair, c. 1870,
Wood, quill, and rattan, 32.5 x 17.75 x 16 in. NA1326
In case you missed it...

The most recent Collections Spotlight event was Tuesday, August 4, 2020 with John Goes in Center entitled Plains Personal Adornment in Metal. Watch the video here.

Jhon Goes in Center is an Oglala Lakota metalsmith, carver, dancer, regalia maker, and cultural artist. Now based in Rapid City, South Dakota, Jhon hails from the Pine Ridge Reservation. He earned his museum studies degree from the University of Colorado and studied metal engraving from nationally renowned firearms engraver John Rohner. Jhon will discuss personal adornment in metals by Northern and Southern Plains artists from the 19th century to present.

Collections Spotlight, a program developed in partnership with First American Art Magazine, is a free interactive, online discussion that brings together the public, scholars, and Native artists who select artworks from the Coe’s collection to interpret and discuss.

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