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July 24, 2020
Postcards from the Coe:
A Wrap-up

At the outset of the COVID-19 closures, the Coe set out on a small, but meaningful, project—the act of giving.

We asked a handful of incredible artists, volunteers, friends, and supporters to create original artworks inspired by the Coe collection (or not) to be mailed out as postcards. 

We began Postcards from the Coe in April and now the program is coming to a close. We reached over fifty random individuals—sending a little unexpected gift of light through the post to each one.

We are deeply honored that the artists and friends who participated, Jamison Chās Banks, Vanessa Elmore, Jason Garcia, Ian Kuali’i, PD Morris, Eliza Naranjo Morse, and Vicente Telles shared their time and creative energy with the Coe and its public. We send them our sincere gratitude.

Please stay tuned for more out-of-the-box mini projects and ways to get “hands-on” with the Coe even if we can’t see you in person.
Postcard by Jason Garcia ( Okuu Pin ).
An Unassuming Dignity...

Pomo basket makers are widely admired for their breathtaking skills, as seen in these miniature baskets. Each is a virtuoso performance of selecting, harvesting, preparing plant materials, and the artist’s choice in using either all yellow or all iridescent green feathers.

The feathers are not applied after the basket has been woven, but are an integral part of the weaver’s conceptualization and the artistic process with each feather being carefully placed under a stitch before the stitch is pulled and tightened.
To learn more about these pieces read Bruce Bernstein's article here .
Unknown (Pomo), Feathered Gift Baskets , c. 1900.
Yellow: 2.25 in. diameter (5.7 cm); iridescent green, 2 in. diameter (5 cm). NA 0538ab
In case you missed it

In case you missed the most recent Collection Spotlight event that was held Tuesday, July 21, 2020 with artist Leah Mata Fragua as guest host, click here to watch it.

Collections Spotlight , a program developed in partnership with First American Art Magazine , is a free interactive, online discussion that brings together the public, scholars, and Native artists who select artworks from the Coe’s collection to interpret and discuss.
Unknown (Chumash) Ear Plug , c. 1750.
Wood, abalone shell, and asphaltum, 2.75 x .75 in. NA1414

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