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June 19, 2020

Collections Spotlight , a program developed in partnership with  First American Art Magazine , is an interactive, online discussion that brings together scholars and Native artists who select artworks from the Coe’s collection to interpret and discuss. Via the free virtual Zoom format, attendees from diverse regions are encouraged to engage with the artist through the questions asked.

The artist Elizabeth James-Perry visited with us via Zoom on June 16. Elizabeth is an enrolled member of the Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe on the island of Noepe (Martha's Vineyard). 
Elizabeth's fine artwork focuses on Northeastern Woodlands Algonquian artistic expressions: Wampum carving, weaving and natural dyeing. In case you missed this event, you can watch the video here

The next Collections Spotlight event is Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 3 pm MDT. Please stay tuned to learn who the artist will be. For more information about this program and past events visit Spotlight .

A different kind of Hands-On...

The Hands-On Curatorial Program provides an opportunity for high school students to work hands-on with the Coe collection of over 2,300 works of Indigenous art from around the world. Through museum visits and weekly sessions, the curators learn how to create their own exhibition from the Coe collection.

This year the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting closures threw our student curators a curveball. Normally, these curators would have completed their exhibition installation by May—resulting in a wonderful public opening. In an amazing act of resiliency and creativity, this group of curators has continued to meet weekly, adapting their exhibition to these new circumstances.

The exhibition this year is about nostalgia and how objects and spaces can trigger those feelings. Their title, decided upon in December, is (I’m Nostalgic For) Memories I’ve Never Lived Before —which feels particularly prescient given what has happened since then. They are in the final stages of preparing this exhibition, which will be shared with the public through a website that they have built themselves.

Their website will be live in a few weeks—please stay tuned for the announcement! In the meantime, maybe you can take time to think about the weight of nostalgia for the things that we all, collectively and individually, haven't lived before.

To learn more about their journey, click here .

Have you ever
climbed through a window?

In 1988, Ted Coe purchased this belt from a crowded showcase at the Acho-Dene Craft Shop at Fort Liard, NWT, Canada. It was an old-fashion type of store that Ted knew well. It is still there, selling moosehide mukluks and birchbark baskets tufted with moose hair.

The belt was made on a small loom of porcupine quills on a smoked moosehide backing with border beading. Anyone who knows moosehide knows the principal—the only “real” way to tan it is with smoke. Smoke tanning leaves a distinctive and wonderful smell...

To fully understand our title above—read the full story here .

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