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January 2022
NANB Makes Provincial Donation
In lieu of a 2021 holiday campaign with advertisements and Christmas cards, the Board of Directors and Staff wanted to support efforts by the province's Nursing Resource Strategy and donated $7,500 to the New Brunswick Multicultural Council. Funds will be directed to internationally educated nurses and their efforts to become licensed in New Brunswick. 
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Important Information
CNA Change in Membership

Cultural Safety

NANB 2022 Election
Call for Nominations - Region 2,4 & 6

New Standards
Nursing Education

NANB Documents
New and Revised
What you need to know...
All COVID-19 vaccine specific information and education links as well as other general resources can be found on the GNB website- Vaccine –Health Professional section

Important Information:
Canadian Nurses Association
Change in Membership
Fees will not be collected by NANB for 2023.

What does this mean for nurses in New Brunswick?
Payroll deductions: CNA fees will no longer be included in 2022 payroll deductions for registration in 2023.

Renewal fees in 2023: CNA fees will no longer be included although all registrants must continue to pay CNPS fees + NANB registration fees.

CNA memberships: all registered nurses in NB who have registered as active practice or non-practicing due to a leave of absence, are CNA members until the end of November 2022. As of December 1st, 2022, nurses wishing to retain membership in CNA must apply to CNA directly.

For background information, visit NANB's website.
Cultural Safety
NANB believes that creation of culturally safe environments is central to providing safe, ethical, and competent nursing care. New educational resources are available on NANB’s website to support nurses in reflecting on and actively creating a plan for professional development related to the creation of a culturally safe practice environments.
NANB 2022 Election
Call for Nominations
Nursing regulation in the public interest for safe, competent care.

Nominations are now being accepted for the position of Directors in Regions 2 (Saint John & Charlotte County), 4 (Edmundston) and 6 (Bathurst, Acadian Peninsula).

As per NANB by-laws, nursing positions on the Board of Directors continues to welcome all registrants in good standing. However, following a governance review we have adopted a best practice in Board composition by introducing a competency matrix model that identifies skill-gaps for recruitment efforts that would strengthen the Board with future decision making. Current Board composition would indicate a need for nurses with professional experience in administration/management, community health (EMP or PH), and or clinical practice.

The deadline for nominations is February 28, 2022. For more information and nomination forms, visit NANB's website.
New Standards for Nursing Education 
NANB has adopted new Standards for Nursing Education and associated program review process. Extensive work was completed as part of this project. NANB is pleased to announce the adoption of the College of Nurses of Ontario standards and framework. The new program review process involves a comprehensive review of nursing education programs every seven years. Additionally, programs participate in annual monitoring. More information is available on the Nursing Education webtab.
NANB Resources
New & Revised
Practice Guideline: Conflict of Interest
In any practice setting, nurses may find themselves in situations of conflict of interest, unknowingly or unwillingly. To avoid jeopardizing either the nurse-client relationship, professional relationships, or public trust, nurses must identify and address conflicts of interest and resolve them in the interest of the client. This revised practice guideline provides principles to guide nursing practice in the management of conflict of interest.

Fact Sheet: Complementary and Alternative Health Care
NANB’s Fact Sheet on Complementary and Alternative Health Care (CAHC) is intended for nurses who are considering using CAHC in their practice or working with clients who are using CAHC. It outlines treatments and practices that are considered CAHC, nurses’ accountabilities when working with clients using or inquiring about CAHC, and when CAHC is considered nursing practice.
Scholarship Dates Have Changed!
  • NANB Scholarship: Mallory L. Magee, Fredericton
  • NANB/TD Monnex Scholarship: Kateryna Hryniw, Fredericton & Ashley J. McKim, Moncton
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January 18, 2022

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January 28, 2022

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