Description of Virtual Race Series

We invite all runners and anyone looking for some fun, to join us in a competitive Virtual Race Series.

Virtual Race Series Guidelines

1. Each race will consist of finishing the required distance over the course of a weeks time. 
2. This is on an honor system. Please only submit accurate times.
3. Run alone or with a group of 10 or less, staying at least 6 feet apart.
4. The race can take place anywhere you currently run, race or love to visit.
5. Submission forms will be completed on a per race basis, and link will be posted on facebook.
6. Run as much as you want during the week. Only submit your fastest completed race time. 
7. Awards will be given to the top 3 males and females per race.

The Virtual Race Series

I solation 5k March 25 - March 30

Beat the Boredom Extra “K” (4 Miles) April 4 - April 11

Enough All Ready! 10k April 25 - May 1