January 2019 ~ Volume 86
It's Official - We are the "Ohio State Organization"!
During the 2018 International Convention, the Constitution was amended to state: 

"Each state organization of the Society shall be designated by a geographic area or by a country name." 

At the time this amendment was passed, there was no further direction or specification. Not wanting to make changes, and then perhaps further changes, your Ohio officers began using Ohio in speech and writing but did not address our logo, mastheads or official name. State Presidents sent suggestions among themselves, reported pros & cons of various ways to refer to ourselves, and sought input from the Administrative Board.
In December, we received Guidelines regarding DKG state organization names from Dr. Helen Popovich, International Parliamentarian, stating that our name is the Ohio State Organization. The parenthetical phrase "(formerly known as Alpha Delta State)" may be used, not as a part of the official name but to provide historical information. Dr. Popovich points out that "since the members voted to strike the Greek letter or combination of Greek letters that designate a state organization's name, the Greek letter(s) must be struck from the designated name."
We have changed the banner on The Voice and the website. The treasurer is moving forward to establish a name change with the secretary of state, the state office for payroll taxes, new checks, etc. After the state of Ohio grants the name change, there will also be changes to bank and investment accounts. DKG has provided the Internal Revenue Service with the name change.
It is now up to us to accept our name change and use it proudly. It works well when paired with the DKG logo. I suspect that we will also be using DKG OH as we speak of ourselves. At a time when it seems that change is the only constant in our lives, it is time to move forward with our Ohio State Organization name.
We are the Ohio State Organization of Delta Kappa Gamma Society International!

Best wishes for hope, health, and happiness throughout 2019!

By Diana Haskell, State Treasurer
Rules Relating to the Induction of Collegiate Members  and Their Dues and Fees
The 2018 convention amended the DKG Constitution to include a new classification of Society members: collegiate members [ Constitution, Article III.B.4]. Chapters can currently induct collegiate members.  
State Organizations recently received information from DKG that provides states and chapters with information that we did not previously have and this is the first opportunity to share it with you.
Collegiate members must pay international annual dues of $20.00 [International Standing Rules 4.11]. Note, however, that the Constitution, Article IV, Section B. 1 & 2 was not amended to require collegiate members to pay either an induction fee or a scholarship fee. 
The state organization has the authority to determine the amount of collegiate members' state organization dues; however, the amount "shall be an amount determined in accordance with the state organization bylaws" [Constitution, Article IV.A.2]. Thus, collegiate members may not be charged state organization dues unless the bylaws are amended to include a provision for collegiate members' dues.
The chapter has the authority to set the amount of their chapter dues; however the amount shall be "an amount determined in accordance with the rules set by the chapter" [Constitution, Article IV.A.3]. Thus, collegiate members may not be charged chapter dues unless the chapter rules are amended to include a provision for collegiate members' dues.
Chapters have the right to levy assessments and to vote to pay more than the amount of their dues and fees for special projects. ISR 4.42 excludes reserve members, but not collegiate members, from the obligation to pay chapter assessments; therefore, since chapters have the full authority to levy assessments, they can determine whether any assessment may apply to collegiate members as well as to active members.

Helen Popovich, PRP
International Parliamentarian
8/30/18; Updated 10/3/18
What does this mean for chapters?

  • Collegiate members are not to be charged an induction fee or scholarship fee.
  • Collegiate members cannot be charged state dues until there is a decision made by those present at the General Session held in April, 2019 at State Convention. 
  • Collegiate members' state dues will be determined according to state bylaws. Ohio Bylaws Article IV Finances, item # 2, "The State annual dues shall be determined by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the registered members present at a general session of the State convention."  
  • Adding a new population from which to collect dues would be a change and would require a vote of those present at the General Session held during the State convention in April, 2019. Joyce Jones Weinkam, State Parliamentarian)
  • Collegiate members cannot be charged chapter dues until the chapter amends its Chapter Rules. 
  • Chapters must provide a provision in their Chapter Rules for collegiate members' dues.
  • Collegiate members may pay chapter assessments levied by the chapter if the chapter determines if the assessment is applied to collegiate members as well as to active members.

By Diana Kirkpatrick, Chair
* * * * *
The State Membership Challenge ends February 1, 2019!
The month of January is your chapter's last chance to take part in our state membership initiative..."Pass on the Gift of Membership" to a key woman educator near you!
* * * * *
Today we want to bring you information on the new collegiate membership option to assist in answering chapter membership chairs questions.
  • Collegiate members cannot serve as an officer in the chapter. They can only be appointed to serve as a parliamentarian.
  • Because of the prior bullet, there cannot be a collegiate chapter of all collegiate members.
  • Collegiate members are not eligible for international scholarships.
  • Collegiate membership will change to "active" membership upon graduation and employment in education.
  • If a collegiate member does not complete an education degree and become an educator, her membership will be dropped.
  • Collegiate membership is not mandatory for your chapters. It gives those chapters that want to induct collegiate women an opportunity to mentor and support these women to develop their potential to be the very best educators they can be.
  • To further clarify the new collegiate membership option visit the following link to a document, from the International Parliamentarian, Helen Popovich, entitled, "Rules Relating to the Induction of Collegiate Members' and Their Dues and Fees." 
Your DKG/Ohio Membership Team:
Mary Callahan, Beta Lambda - mcalla1@msn.com               
Stephanie Davey, Alpha Delta - stephanie.davey@westfallschools.com
Kim Lewis, Delta Epsilon - klambertlewis@gmail.com                         
Linda Porteus, Delta Phi - jlporteus@sbcglobal.net       
Diana L. Kirkpatrick, Alpha Delta, Chair - kirkpatrickdiana@gmail.com

Welcome to Ohio/DKG!

We welcome the following initiates and reinstated individual/s as committed and valuable members of our state organization. Congratulations for being selected and recognized as a key woman educator who has demonstrated leadership capabilities, inventiveness, commitment, enthusiasm and/or has proven to possess the potential for distinctive educational excellence. We look forward to working with each of you as a contributing member of Ohio/DKG.

New Initiates

Kappa -Deborah A. Rellinger; Alpha Theta - Rachel L. King; Alpha Psi - Trudi K. Hardcastle; Gamma Xi - Jackilyn M. Chasteen, Joetta S. Rader, and Jessica L. Ritenbaugh;


Alpha Theta - Sandy Frase; Alpha Iota - Laura R. Nappi and Wanda Navoyosky; Alpha Psi - Pat D. McConnell and Cassie E. McLendon

The State Convention Committee is delighted with the variety of topics that make up the break-out sessions. There are sessions on society business, continuing professional education and personal interests.  
Special sessions have been created for chapter treasurers to learn about and practice the new chapter dues entry procedures. The Friday session for First Timers will be fun, informative, and not to be missed.
Outstanding keynote speakers during the three day event will include:
  • Becky Sadowski - DKG First Vice President, our International Representative
  • Jonathon Juravich - 2017 - 2018 Ohio Teacher of the Year and a finalist for National Teacher of the Year --  an energetic and enthusiastic presenter 
  • Travina Adams - from Hamilton County Jobs & Family Services who brings a compelling and heartfelt message on the value of foster care and caring educators
  • Dauna Easley - a motivational speaker bringing a message about teaching, caring for others and living successfully
The speakers and programs are in place. Time for visiting, socializing and carrying out business is scheduled. Now -- we need YOU to make this another successful convention!

Make your plans to be at the Columbus Polaris Hilton, April 5 - 7, 2019 and watch for the special convention registration issue of The Voice.

 Dr. Norma Kirby, Chair

ADSOEF Scholarship/Grant Committee Update

Happy New Year!!  
What is your New Year's Resolution?  

Thinking about that class project? 
Check out our new Project Fund application!  

Completing an advanced degree? 
Check out the various scholarships and grants that are available. 

In fact - make it your resolution to read below or check out our page at
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Hurry! The deadline is February 1, 2019!

 Are you planning to upgrade your license with classes at The Ohio State University or Miami University? Apply for...
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Or, if you have decided that another university fits your needs, check out the 
Annie Webb Blanton Scholarship 
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Are you planning to study abroad? 
Check out the A. Margaret Boyd Overseas Study Fellowship.

ADSOEF unveiled a NEW FUND at the October meeting:

Are you a classroom teacher who has a GREAT idea for a class or school-wide learning project?  Are you a chapter partnering with a community group and have an outstanding idea for a project that enhances educational excellence in a nonprofit setting?  Then check out this exciting, new opportunity!
If you have former students or relatives preparing to student teach who attend state supported universities, encourage them to apply for the Esther H. Strickland Student Teaching Grant.
Visit adsoef.weebly.com for more information about these opportunities. Amounts awarded will be determined by the number of applicants and available funds. 

DEADLINE FOR ALL ADSOEF Educational Opportunities  is 
February 1, 2019!  
Scholarship Committee
 In Honor of Our Alpha Delta Sisters

Marlene Baldwin
Alpha Theta
May 5, 2018
Dorothy Daniel
Alpha Theta
March 30, 2018
Shirley Graham
Gamma Upsilon
July 2018
Virginia Hart
Gamma Beta
May 3, 2018
Marianne Helmlinger
Beta Kappa
Martha Keisler
Gamma Lambda
Jan. 3, 2018
Shirley Knott
Alpha Psi
Nov. 14, 2018
Wendy Moorhead
Gamma Iota
June 21, 2018
Ann Randolph
Delta Alpha
Nov. 13, 2018
June Scott
Alpha Psi
Nov. 26, 2018
Carol Soberano
Beta Xi
August 4, 2018
Ruth Tisher
Alpha Theta
Oct. 31, 2018

Information for leadership, chapters and members can be found on our website.  Monthly newsletters are there for your reference.  Many thanks to Eileen McNally who keeps our website current and relevant.


April 5-7, 2019 - Alpha Delta State Convention 
Polaris Hilton Hotel 
Columbus, OH

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Meier Bauer,  Gamma Phi  

First Vice President/Membership Chair:
Diana Kirkpatrick Alpha Delta  

Second Vice President/Educational Excellence:
Debby Canter,  Delta Epsilon 

Re cording Secretary/Gold Key Coordinator:  
Karen S. Dombrowski,  Alpha Nu  
Corresponding Secretary
Communications and Marketing Committee Chair:
Ann Todd,  Zeta 

Nominations Committee Chair:
Tammy Schroeder,  Beta Eta

Diana Haskell,  Gamma Phi 

Joyce Jones-Weinkam, Gamma Xi

Immediate Past President:
Patricia Cermak,  Gamma Rho

Scholarship & Grants Chair:
Marilyn Slusser, Delta Kappa

Eileen McNally , Beta Delta 

Editor, The Voice:
Margaret Archangel, Delta Theta

Your Editor...
All the best to all of you,
Margaret Archangel, Editor

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