February 2019 ~ Volume 87
We have made it through January and the stress of resolutions!  

Have you stretched yourselves to achieve something different 
in your lives and in your chapter?  

You have had the beginning of your chapter year to warm up and now is when the stretch will do the most good - whether it is exercise or new endeavors.  Stretching is all about extending your reach  -- just a bit further than you did previously.  It can be a little painful but it leaves you stronger, more flexible and more resilient.  So rather than say, "One day I'm gonna . . ." --  start today -- for the good of yourself and the good of your chapter!
Throughout my DKG involvement, I have experienced the stretching of interests, experiences, and challenges and appreciate the personal growth that I have experienced.  I have also repeatedly yearned for more extensive travel, but was apprehensive about actually making that big trip. However, when the invitation to participate in a trip to the Antarctic Peninsula was received -- I accepted and am I glad that I did! 
A mind that is stretched by experience can never go back to its comfortable old dimensions.
                                   Oliver Wendell Holmes  


To Dream, To Dare, To Do!
By Debbie Canter

I am appreciative of the generosity and continued support of the Foster Care Initiative by our chapters. Many times, it's difficult to keep an initiative going and people lose interest. You have proven that when Delta Kappa Gamma members take on a project they see it through! Here a just a few highlights from chapter newsletters:

Beta Kappa Chapter partnered with a local doctor's two offices whose employees have donated over $1000 in diapers, clothing, toys and gift cards. Chapter members donated $980 in clothing, toys, toothbrushes, and gift cards which the doctor agreed to match. Altogether almost $3000 in much needed items were donated to Shelby County Family Services for the children in foster care.

Beta Rho Chapter welcomed a guest speaker who is an active foster care parent and advocate for the children in foster care. Chapter members donate gift cards to local families who participate in foster care.

Tau Chapter collected $ 700.00 and duffel bags for the foster children attending a local school.

Since chapter president reports are not due until June, please send me anything that your chapter has done with the Foster Care Initiative since last year's reports as I already highlighted those at last year's state convention. Let's keep this going strong and not lose steam!

Debby Canter
Educational Excellence Chair


Pickaway County Chapter, Beta Rho, of Delta Kappa Gamma International, recently welcomed Kristen King, a former teacher in Pickaway county now an active foster care parent and advocate, as a guest speaker. Kristen shared her experiences as a foster parent in Pickaway and Ross County. Beta Rho supports the foster care program by donating gift cards to local families who participate in foster care.  The Ohio State Organization initiative is to provide assistance to children in the foster care system.

Pictured are Kristen King and Beta Rho president, Debbie Frazier.
By Diana Haskell, State Treasurer
Change is Good!

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, 
not on fighting the old, but on building the new. 

Whenever there is a change it takes time to adjust and then we realize that the change was good. Recent changes at the international level align the membership year to match the fiscal year. Both are July 1 to June 30. This change is good at all levels of the Society by giving International, State and Chapters a better indication of membership for budgeting and planning.      
How does this change work?
  • Change when dues are paid - a member shall pay annual dues and fees no later than June 30 for the following fiscal year. Some will say, "We just paid dues by October 31, 2018." Paying dues and fees by June 30, 2019 still has you paying once in the calendar year but just earlier.
  • Change when dues are not paid - a member who fails to complete payment of dues shall be dropped as of October 1.    
  • New membership or reinstatement between July 1 and December 31 - a member shall pay an induction fee (new member only), dues and scholarship fee for the current year.
  • New membership or reinstatement on or after January 1 - a member shall pay one-half the international membership dues. Ohio State dues are not pro-rated. Chapter dues may be pro-rated as the chapter determines. (This requires a change to chapter rules.)  
Let's work together to implement the adopted changes for the good of Delta Kappa Gamma and its members. Yes, change is good and change is necessary.

Sue Eades, State Convention Coordinator
 As we deal with the "Winter Blahs"...
let us turn our thoughts to April  and the 
Delta Kappa Gamma Ohio State Organization Convention


Friday, April 5

First Timers - You don't want to miss this session for the first time attendees at 4:30 pm.  Learn all of the "ins" and "outs" of a DKG Convention and enjoy a fun activity which you will share later.  (Curious?)

Early Arrivals - Spend an enjoyable afternoon on a guided walking tour thought historic German Village.  Have dinner in Historic German Village at the famous Schmidt's Sausage Haus restaurant and a visit to the Book Loft - an unbelievable book store.  Tour leaves the hotel at 2:00 pm/return by 6:30 pm.  Look for this special tour in your registration.

Opening Session - The convention officially opens at 6:45 pm with keynote speaker 2018 Ohio Teacher of the Year, Jonathan Juravich.

ADSOEF Session - Open to everyone interested in learning about the Foundation, its mission and the wonderful work that they do.

Let's Make Music - Join Cheryl Quay as she rehearses and creates beautiful music with the DKG Choir.  Please sign-up in advance for Cheryl to have music for each musician.

Saturday, April 6 

Diverse breakout sessions that span continuing education, Society business and personal interests.

Outstanding Speakers - including Becky Sadowski, International 1st VP

Chapter Showcases - 2018-2019 highlights of chapters

Agora - Shopping!  Enjoy!

Birthday Luncheon - honoring members, installing 2019-2021 officers and an opportunity to support ADSOEF.

Social Hour - Enjoy the ADSOEF photo booth and unwind with friends.

The Presidents' Banquet - Dress up and enjoy the presentation of past state presidents, chapter presidents and honoring chapters.  Live music, a delicious dinner in an elegant setting will provide a wonderful ending to a busy day.

Sunday, April 7

Celebration of Life Services - Honoring those sisters who have passed on.  Beautiful music will provide a reflective way to begin the day.

Brunch - Keynote speaker Dauna Easley will bring a message: 
"Teach: To Change Lives."

So plan your getaway weekend now at the Columbus Hilton/Polaris Hotel April 5-7, 2019.  Reconnect with old acquaintances, meet new friends, learn new things, hear outstanding speakers, enjoy good food and experience the wonderful Delta Kappa Gamma fellowship.  

Mark your calendars now!

Make your reservations early!

Be part of an OUTSTANDING convention!

Attention All Music Makers!
We would love to have you join us and sing for the convention. 
On your registration form please check CHOIR in the first workshop session. We plan to rehearse at other times when we find the opportunity to sneak in some extra practice during the convention. We will sing at the President's Banquet, the Necrology Service and the Sunday Breakfast. We would love to have you for as many of those events as possible.
In order for me to have the correct amount of music, it would also be very helpful for you to e-mail me with your name and the part that you like to sing Alto 1 or 2, / Soprano 1 or 2.  Click here>> CHERYL QUAY  

On your registration form 
>>>please  check "CHOIR" <<<
in the first workshop session. 
For members without email access, please call or write me with the needed information (your name and singing part):

 Cheryl Quay
 2521 Elmview Drive
 Lima, Ohio 45806
Phone: 419-991-4886

Sign-up for a Fun Tour of German Village during Convention!

Sign up here for a fun tour of German Village!
Thank you to Delta Theta President, Bev Babbert,
for making these arrangements.

Click below:

 (copy, print and mail-in your reservation ASAP)


You must contact the Hilton Columbus at Polaris to make your own reservation.  
CALL: 614-885-1600
All reservations must be confirmed by credit card.  
Check-in: after 3 PM / Check-out: 12 PM.
The nightly rate (king or double queen) is $154.00 plus tax, 
if reserved before March 14, 2018.

It is imperative that individuals indicate their 
DKG,  Alpha Delta State - Ohio State ORGANIZATION affiliation 
when making reservations.

By Diana Kirkpatrick, Chair

Welcome to Ohio/DKG!

We welcome the following initiates and reinstated individual/s as committed and valuable members of our state organization. Congratulations for being selected and recognized as a key woman educator who has demonstrated leadership capabilities, inventiveness, commitment, enthusiasm and/or has proven to possess the potential for distinctive educational excellence. We look forward to working with each of you as a contributing member of Ohio/DKG.

New Initiates

Gamma - Dr. Pat Farrenkopf; Zeta - Barbara Kocher and Amy Litteral; Lambda - Dee Speece; Alpha Delta - Beth Day, Rose Fisher-Merkowitz, Kathryn Kasberg, Sara Randolph, Amy Streitenberger and Amy Vernon; Alpha Nu - Danielle Dunkel; Beta Delta - Beckly Bringardner; Gamma Pi - Suzanne Brown, Elizabeth Danji, Jane Hallos and Janice Harvey; Gamma Chi - Carmela Elmer


Zeta - Tracy Stephens and Susan Sutton; Theta - Ginette Harvey; Upsilon - Kristie Fleck and Leigh Potapenko; Omega - Zita Knific; Alpha Zeta - Pamela Taulker; Alpha Mu - Carla Colson; Beta Alpha - Melissa Moore-Pyles; Gamma Pi - Elaine Morlan; Gamma Chi - Belinda Kretzer

A Reminder...
Chapters who participated in the "Pass on the Gift of Membership" Challenge are reminded to complete the Challenge Recognition form and Membership survey by the March 1, 2019 deadline. Both forms are available on the state website.

Click here:  Membership Challenge!

 Dr. Norma Kirby, Chair

ADSOEF has great news to share with Ohio members! 

Our Overseas Study A. Margaret Boyd Fellowship recipient has arrived in Ohio from Mongolia and is enrolled at Kent State University. Her graduate study is in the field of International Education.  She speaks English fluently.

Nominchimeg Davannayou, her husband, and baby daughter arrived prior to Christmas and have established residency.

Let us welcome Nomin and her family!

 Nominchimeg Davannayou
529 E. Main Street Apt. B-15, 
Ravenna, Ohio 44266. 

Email address: [email protected] 
Her birthday is June 6. 

It is ADSOEF's goal that Ohio members will welcome her to chapter meetings, realizing it is the chapter's responsibility to provide her meal and transportation. Remember her with things such as: sending copies of chapter newsletters, small personal gifts, various correspondence for birthday, holidays, thinking of you cards (especially at midterms and finals.) Chapters in the proximity of Kent State may want to invite her to lunch, your home for dinner, shopping or even take her to the grocery. Some may want to deliver cookies/treats to her home, offer to baby sit or help with general questions. Chapters from a distance may want to send gift cards, gas cards, or anything to make her feel welcome. All of these are suggestions to be used throughout the year to make her welcome and to become a part of Ohio DKG.

     Several artists, members of Ohio State Organization, and their family members and friends have donated works of art for the Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation raffle at State Convention 2019.

     Raffle tickets will be available at the Foundation's display at Convention 2019. As pictures of the art works become available, we will post them on the Foundation's website at adsoef.weebly.com. Kindly join us in honoring the gifts of art from DKG sisters and in supporting our Educational Foundation.
     We had so much fun at the photo booth event at Convention 2018. Our ADSOEF Board of Directors have decided to provide the photo booth, again, at Convention 2019. This event is free of charge for members - another gift of HE ART where participants are the artists!
     Since 1954, the giving of money at the Birthday Luncheon has been a tradition at our State conventions. Over the decades, these gifts have been known as Money Corsage, Green Corsage, History Corsages, Grants-in-Aid for Non-Members, Recruitment Grants, Incentive Grants for College Seniors, and Esther H. Strickland Student Teaching Grant (1997). The monies have been used for a variety of purposes: scholarships for members, grants-in-aid for non-members, funding for committee work and printing the history of Alpha Delta State.

     Our Foundation continues the tradition of members "gifting" contributions at the Birthday Luncheon. One big difference - members may choose to contribute to any of the Foundation funds. Members and chapters are invited to give from the heart to support their favorite Educational Foundation funds.

     As former treasurer Edith Kneubuehl, reported, in 1969 members donated $2,050.00 for seniors studying in the field of education. This translates to a dollar value of $14,554.38 in 2019. 

In Edith's words, "Let's keep up the good work, Delta Kappa Gammas!"
In November 2018, DKG Ohio members received an Imagine ... letter 
to ask for help with building the Foundation's Projects Fund. Blessed with many generous gifts, the Foundation directors will be able to offer support in 2019 for members who strive for educational excellence. This is a blessing considering the Projects Fund is just a few months more than one-year old. Thank you, members, who contributed with generosity and caring. The Direct Appeal campaign is still open for members who want to support educators' great ideas. 

To access the Imagine ...  
Contribution Form, go to adsoef.weebly.com, Forms, and click on the form.

By Karen Dombrowski

Just a reminder that Gold Key applications are due March 1, 2019. I know it is still early, but time has a way of creeping up on us! All who attended the Executive Board meeting in October received a copy of the Gold Key Planning Sheet in their folders. This is meant to be an easy way for chapters to keep track of what items have been completed and what is still needed to be done for the Gold Key. Chapters need to make sure all information is completed correctly and submitted by the due dates (such as financial reports, necrology reports, newsletters, etc.). The Chapter President's Report does not need to be completed for Gold Key.
If any chapter president or her representative did not turn in their orange voting card from the October Board meeting, please get this to me as soon as possible. This is part of the Gold Key requirement.
The planning sheet and Gold Key application are both located on the Alpha Delta State website. If anyone has questions during this process, please feel free to contact me either by email or phone.
The Gold Key online application on the Alpha Delta State website will be shut down on March 2, 2019 so please make sure your chapter gets their Gold Key application in by March 1, 2019.
Karen Dombrowski
Gold Key Coordinator

 In Honor of Our Alpha Delta Sisters

Shirley Knox
Alpha Psi
Nov. 14, 2018
Gaylee Foley
Pi Aug. 15, 2018
Sarah Moshier Beta Alpha Oct. 25, 2018
Marjorie Payne Beta Alpha 2018
Joan Niclel
Beta Delta Dec. 13, 2018
Gwen Addy Alpha Zeta March 1, 2018
Kathleen Kerzman Gamma Rho 2018
Marilyn Perry
Gamma Mu
Nov. 16, 2018
Diane Getz
Delta Theta
Nov. 18, 2018


April 5-7, 2019 - Alpha Delta State Convention 
Polaris Hilton Hotel 
Columbus, OH

Calendar of Chapter Responsiblities - click below:

Meier Bauer,  Gamma Phi  

First Vice President/Membership Chair:
Diana Kirkpatrick Alpha Delta  

Second Vice President/Educational Excellence:
Debby Canter,  Delta Epsilon 

Re cording Secretary/Gold Key Coordinator:  
Karen S. Dombrowski,  Alpha Nu  
Corresponding Secretary
Communications and Marketing Committee Chair:
Ann Todd,  Zeta 

Nominations Committee Chair:
Tammy Schroeder,  Beta Eta

Diana Haskell,  Gamma Phi 

Joyce Jones-Weinkam, Gamma Xi

Immediate Past President:
Patricia Cermak,  Gamma Rho

Scholarship & Grants Chair:
Marilyn Slusser, Delta Kappa

Eileen McNally , Beta Delta 

Editor, The Voice:
Margaret Archangel, Delta Theta

Your Editor...
All the best to all of you,
Margaret Archangel, Editor

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