Volume 94 - Issue 10 |April 2022

Cathy Tenney, Editor
News from Ohio State Organization
“We all have those things that even in the midst of stress and disarray, they energize us and give us renewed strength and purpose.  These are our passions." – Adam Braun
OSO Leadership Conference, June 10-11, 2022 Embassy Suites, Dublin OH

Why are we having a Leadership Conference? Combining the Spring Executive Board meeting with chapter leadership training, we are able to train, conduct state business, and enjoy fellowship.

Friday, June 10 (No registration fee for attending Friday)
1:00 pm: All incoming chapter presidents and treasurers should attend Chapter Leadership training. Other chapter officers are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

7:00 pm: “Ice Cream Social” for $11 a person. After the social hour, Game Master Cindy Lawyer will have games ready for you to enjoy (euchre, rummy, dominoes, puzzles, etc.).

Saturday, June 11 ($7 registration fee for attending Saturday)
9:00 am: Executive Board Meeting and General Session combined. All members are invited.

10:00 am: All members are encouraged to attend the ADSOEF Annual Meeting. 

11:00 am: There will be at least two breakout sessions available for members to attend. 

12:00 pm: The luncheon will be held with a plated lunch served for $32 a person. All outgoing chapter presidents will be honored for their service.

2:00 pm: Another breakout session opportunity will be provided with the possibility of an additional one at 3:00 pm. 

Hotel reservations are encouraged to help us meet our block. The overnight rate for OSO members will be $129. The link to make hotel reservations and the phone number with the group code is listed below:

Central Reservation: 1-800-220-9219
Group Name: DKG Leadership Conference Group Code: DK5
Leadership is for everyone, not just chapter officers. Make plans to attend and reconnect with other members throughout the state. I look forward to seeing you in June
With Passion for Our Purposes and OSO

Wanted Breakout Session Presenters!
Have a great idea for a breakout session on
Saturday of the OSO June Leadership Conference that would be of interest to members such as Chapter Newsletter Ideas, Chapter Fundraisers or How to Recruit to Members? If so, Dr. Molly Helmlinger wants to hear from you!
The application for breakout session 
presenters can be found at the end of the 
newsletter. Applications are due April 22.
Attention Chapter Presidents
Form 110 Reporting of 2022-2024 Chapter Officers needs to be sent to OSO President Debby Canter by May 15, 2022 and to International by July 1, 2022.

Remembering Our Lost Sisters
April 22, 2022 - Breakout Session Presenter Applications Due

May 15, 2022 - Form 110 - 2022-2024 Chapter Officer Report Due
Send to OSO President Debby Canter
Form 110 (word format)
Form 110 (pdf format)

May 18, 2022 - Chapter Programs Virtual Forum @ 7 p.m.
OSO Communications and Marketing Committee

June 10-11, 2022 - Leadership Conference
New Chapter Presidents' Training
OSO Executive Board Meeting
ADSOEF Annual Meeting
Dublin Embassy Suites

June 15, 2022 - President's Annual Chapter Report Due
Two Chapter Newsletters Due (see Gold Key Reminders)

July 1, 2022 - Form 110 - 2022-2024 Chapter Officers
Due to International

July 12-16, 2022 - DKG International Convention
New Orleans
Photographs Selected for
Spring 2022 DKG Fine Arts Gallery
The Arts & Humanities Jury of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International is pleased to announce the publication of photographs The Highline and the Littlest Engineer by Cathy Tenney in the DKG Gallery of Fine Arts, an online gallery of works of art and letters at www.dkg.org. Cathy is a member of Beta Kappa Chapter and editor of The Voice.

The Littlest Engineer was taken almost six years ago on Cathy's youngest grandson first train ride on the Silverton Durango Railroad in Colorado which is pictured below in The Highline.
Money, Money, Money
Missed the fundraising virtual meeting? No problem we've got you covered, just click on the picture to view the video recording. A link is also provided below for fun and easy way for all chapter members to participate in raising money for their chapter.

Members of Gamma Lambda and Phi Chapters gathered at The Akron Art Museum for a guided tour Saturday, March 12. The stunning artwork behind us is titled Dzesi II  by artist El Anatsui. The work is made from flattened liquor bottle caps bound together with copper wire. The artist used liquor bottle caps to recall the liquor brought by Europeans to trade for slaves and other commodities and the consequences of that period of history. 
Delta Chi had a great turnout for our Founders Day and Recommitment Ceremony. Members attended in-person and via Zoom during the event. Three charter members in attendance were Jan Denny, Fran Louderback, and Jan Stewart. Jan is pictured holding the dress she wore during her induction ceremony in 1975!
On March 12, 2022, Tau chapter heard a presentation from Walt Iliff from the Northeast Ohio organ transplant organization Lifebanc Ohio. His wife is a double transplant recipient - heart and kidney. Walt was a living donor to his wife giving his left kidney to her. His daughter was a heart transplant recipient as well.
The DKG OSO "Member" Ship Cruise Passport Report
for 2021 - 2022
The 2021-2022 DKG OSO “Member” SHIP will soon be docking in Port Ohio.

It’s that time of year, when all of the Membership Chairs from the DKG OSO Chapters will be emailing their totals from each of the categories below who joined/ “came aboard” into your OSO chapters. The special “Passport Form” will be available on the dkgohio.org website beginning April 30 - May 15, 2022.

Remember the categories were….
  1. The Life Preservers: New Members who are Actively Teaching Educators
  2. The Anchors: Returning DKG Members/ Those who are Veteran Consulting Educators
  3. The Starting Ship Wheels: New Members who are Collegiate Colleagues becoming Educators

All OSO chapters who participated in the “Member” SHIP Cruise will be recognized for the total number of members who boarded their OSO chapter deck. The chapter(s) who have the most OSO New Members who boarded into their chapter overall from all categories will receive “Special Surprise” Recognition/Awards for their Chapter at the Leadership Development Training in June!
Melodie McGee, Gamma Nu
Membership Chair
A group of retired Alpha Psi members gathered together to make kindness bags for their active teaching members on Happy International Day of Awesomeness.  Each active teaching member was also given an extra bag of treats to share with a fellow teacher.  Alpha Psi Chapter wanted to let their chapter members working in the trenches know how much they are valued.  What a great way of advertising DKG to teachers! Pictured above are Alpha Psi retired members Barb Zirke, Judy Emmons, and Lexa Freshly.
Beta Kappa Chapter members Nancy Nolan, Bonnie Banks, and Cheryl Michael, place their donated items in goodie bags for active teaching chapter members. Fourteen bags were filled and distributed to show support and bring a little bit of cheer to their day!
OSO Honorary member, Rebecca Psigoda was the guest speaker at a Beta Upsilon and Beta Kappa joint chapter meeting. Beta Upsilon hosted the meeting on March 14.
Emma Cahyani
Emma Cahyani is a World Fellowship recipient and a first year master’s student in Multilingual Language Education at OSU. She is from Yogyakarta, on the island of Java in Indonesia. She received her bachelor’s degree in English Language Education at Sanata Dharma University in Yogyakarta. She worked in the Language Institute at the University for five and a half years before coming to the United States. She taught English and Indonesian as a foreign language.

Emma and her family moved to Yogyakarta when she was very young. She was born in Pekalongan, which is about four hours away from the city of Yogyakarta. Her father was a civics teacher and her mother was an administrative officer, but at different schools. Her older brother is pursuing a career in engineering.

“I initially was not too intrigued to become a teacher, but my interest in teaching gradually grew throughout my four years in college. I had wonderful professors who were not only great teachers but also role models. They had impacted the way I saw… teaching. My own teaching experiences during my college years, including a teaching practicum, volunteering, and working gave me unique perspectives….”
Other teachers in her big family also contributed to her decision to become an educator.

“Thank you, Delta Kappa Gamma, for supporting me in realizing my dream in studying in the U. S. and at OSU.”

To be continued next month….

Jeanne Bennett, World Fellowship Chair

The Flame Burns Brightly

Thanks to your donations we have exceeded the original goal for
‘Be the Spark… Light our Flame’

The total as of March 31, 2022, is 

Let’s keep it going!

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