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April 27, 2022

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Last Sunday, we had the great privilege to welcome 11 confirmand students into full membership of FUMC upon the completion of confirmation. As I explained to one of our shy students, we take our confirmation vows in front of the congregation because they, as our church family, have a special responsibility in our confirmation. If you attended the 10:45 Beacon service this past Sunday, you had the important role of being present for these students’ vows, but you also pledged to uphold these new members with your presence, prayers, gifts, service, and witness.   

This Sunday, May 1, we again are called to be present in the life of students, our graduating high school seniors. At one time, we made the same confirmation pledge to these seniors at their confirmation in 2016.  Since making our pledge to these students, we have witnessed them grow up in and outside our church walls through their schools, activities, missions, and serving in worship services. Now we prepare with their families to send them out to have new adventures and discoveries, but our pledge is still the same: to support them with our presence, prayers, gifts, service and witness.  

It has been a privilege to walk with these students through middle school and high school. There have been silly moments, hard moments, fun moments, serious moments and in all of them God has been present, loved us, and given us grace. I invite you to join me in the Beacon Service this Sunday, May 1, as we celebrate and pray over these students for their next journeys. 

Our 2022 High School Graduates:

Lexi Abbott

Nickolas Bodenheimer

Preston Charles

Aubrey Cheek

Sophie Cook

Ian Dunnahoo

Madeleine Etchelecu

Lauren Lenhart

Ella Nolte

Payton Powers

Mackenzie Rumpel

Riley Seidel

Caroline Snyder

Kayden Turner

Peace in Christ,

Janice Crane, Youth Director

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We need volunteers for our Cinco de Mayo event at the Beacon Center, Centro Casa de Luz, our South Campus! We need people Saturday, May 7, at 1:00pm to set up for the event at 3:00pm. In collaboration with the East Texas Food Bank, there will be food distribution and lots of volunteers will be needed! Let us know if you are interested by contacting Pastor Rick at rick@lvfumc.org or by contacting the church office. We thank you for being a Beacon of Hope for All!

Join us in celebrating baptisms!

Luke Alston Jones & baby brother George Bryant Jones, both baptized April 24th, pictured below with parents

Greg & Melissa Jones

Image from iOS _27_.jpg

Mahina Wacasey was baptized April 24th. Parents are Greg and Rachael Wacasey.

Image from iOS _26_.jpg

Our 2022 Confirmation Class:

Riley Cox

Lilah Haas

Uchenna Ibeh

Luke Jones

Matthew McHaney

John Clark McHaney

Grayson Minshew

Mollie Kate Ogle

Elisa Shebli

Riggin Smith

Mahina Wacasey

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Draw Near - Debbie Study.png

Draw Near to God and God will Draw Near to you (James 4:8).

Please consider joining Pastor Debbie for "Exploring the Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Tradition" on Wednesdays at 6:15pm or Thursdays at 10:00am for the women's study, both located in room 259.

The Gospels According to David _portrait_.png

The Gospels According to Pastor David

Have you ever wondered why there are 4 Gospels? Or why they are called Gospels? In this short 4-week study on Wednesday nights, we peek into Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and talk about what makes them the 4 Gospels of the New Testament. Tonight is week 2 of 4 so come join us at 6:15pm in room 247!

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Wednesday Night Live for children Pre-K to 5th grade, including music, dinner, and activities, is now meeting each week from 6:00pm to 7:30pm! Dinner is provided for all children on Wednesday nights! A kid-friendly menu has been created, and a donation of $5 per meal would be appreciated to help with food and preparation costs. Here is the link to donate: Wednesday Night Live Children's Dinner Donation. See you Wednesdays for faith, fun, and fellowship! For more information, contact Jana Pritchett, Children's Director, at jana@lvfumc.org, or 903-753-4463.

We are celebrating High School Graduating Seniors this Sunday, May 1, in our Beacon Service. Join us as we pray over our seniors as they end one chapter and begin another.

High School Seniors and families don’t forget to rsvp for lunch on May 1 after service. Luncheon will be served in the Heritage Room. Your family is invited; we just need to know numbers. Also email janice@lvfumc.org with a senior’s photo and information about their plans. contact Janice for any questions.

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Youth Ministry is looking for hosts for Wednesdays in June and July. We keep our meetings going in the summer usually around pools or lakes. We meet from 6-8 p.m., bring our own food, and we clean up after ourselves. If you would like to consider hosting us we would be most appreciative. Please contact janice@lvfumc.org or call the church office for any questions or willingness to host.

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Life Together at FUMC Longview
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If you or someone you know is sick or hospitalized and is unable to attend worship with us, please let us know!

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