Volume 94 - Issue 6 | December 2021

Cathy Tenney, Editor
News from Ohio State Organization
Purpose gives birth to hope and instills the passion to act.
-Myles Munroe
Remembering Sally Gillmore, Sigma
OSO Historian
Sally Gillmore, OSO Historian and Sigma Chapter President, passed away November 5, 2021, at the age of 85.  Sally cherished her membership in Delta Kappa Gamma and was an active, loyal member throughout the 42 years she was a member.   Sally was a driving force in the publication of Milestones, the history of Alpha Delta State (now OSO) from 1938-2009.  At the time of her death, Sally was chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee for the next edition of Milestones; Milestones 2009-2021 is almost completed.  Since becoming State Historian, Sally archived all of the OSO and ADSOEF documents housed at the Ohio History Connection.  She served on the Ad Hoc Committee that created the initial documents for Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation.

Sally loved her membership in Sigma Chapter and served in nearly every chapter office and on every chapter committee.  She also loved learning and education.  She had the first iPad on the market, and proudly shared with others how it could be used and enhance their every-day lives.  Sally lived abroad when her father was in the Army and graduated from the Paris American High School, then graduated from The College of William and Mary with a math degree and went on to Kent State University to earn a degree in Library Science.  Sally also served her community as a member of the West Geauga School Board for 32 years and was a member of the ESC of the Western Reserve at the time of her death.

Sally was a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, librarian, expert seamstress, quilter, avid gardener, and a voracious reader who loved DKG and the friends she made through her membership.  Through her service to others and the example she set, Sally created a legacy that made and will continue to make a difference by the life she lived.

Cathy Tenney, Beta Kappa
The Arts & Humanities Jury of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International announced the publication of photographs ‘Grand Tetons in September’ and ‘Rocky Mountain Calypso Orchid’ by Cathy Tenney, editor of The Voice, in the DKG Gallery of Fine Arts, an online gallery of works of art and letters at www.dkg.org.  Cathy’s work will be displayed in the gallery for six months.

Luann Cooperrider, Gamma Sigma
Judge Luann Cooperrider, Gamma Sigma Chapter, was awarded An Advocate of Education Hall of Fame Award, from the Southeast Region of Ohio School Boards Association.

Diana Haskell, Gamma Phi
Diana Haskell, Gamma Phi and Treasurer of Ohio State Organization has been nominated to serve on the DKG International Finance Committee.

Congratulations to our DKG Sisters for their outstanding accomplishments!
A Message from Debby Canter
I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving with family and friends. Thanks for all of the positive feedback on the OSO “Give Thanks” video by our Editor, Cathy Tenney. It was beautifully done - thank you, Cathy!

We had a good turnout for the Executive Board Meeting on November 13. Committee chairs shared information about the work of each of their committees. Videos of Ohio’s First Lady, Fran DeWine, speaking about the Ohio Governor’s Imagination Library and First Vice President, Melodie McGee, encouraging all members to join her in the OSO Member “Ship” can be located on the OSO website to share at your chapter meetings. I mailed 30 folders to chapter presidents, past state presidents, and committee chairs that were unable to attend. Please let me know if you did not receive yours

June 10-11, 2022
OSO Executive Board Meeting
New Chapter Presidents' Training
Dublin Embassy Suites
Six of our nine remaining Gamma Sigma charter members were presented with a red rose.  Charter members present were Marilyn Fehrman, Virginia Mick, Janet Koehler-Wade, Pat Leader, Barb Behrendt and Melody Blake.  Not pictured are Carol Clark, Shirley Clark and Carla Sherlock.
Chi Chapter inducted four new members. Cathy Blevins, Carol Harp, Lynn Newton, and Carol Morris.  Welcome to Delta Kappa Gamma!
Janice Cool checks out the available baskets prior to Alpha Sigma Chapter's Annual Silent Basket Auction. The auction raised $239 which will be used to fund service projects this year.
Beta Alpha Chapter collected personal care and hygiene items to donate to the Oak Hill Middle School.

Tau Chapter celebrated Evelyn Maroon’s (third from the right) 97th birthday at their October meeting.  She has been a member of Tau and DKG for 66 years. Pictured from left to right: Nakia Miller, Tau Co-President; Mary Jan Adkins, Evelyn’s niece; Mary Sberna, Evelyn’s sister; Roberta Leach, Tau Co-President; Evelyn Maroon, Dorothy Winovich, Tau member; and Virginia Medvec, Evelyn’s student.

"Tis the Season of Treasuring 'The Gifts' on the
Delta Kappa GammaOSO 'Member' SHIP"
As we gather together in our various OSO chapters on the ‘Member’ SHIP Cruise let’s remember the special gifts that we have in each of our members during this season. Recall, some of the special memories that you shared with members of your sisterhood. Think about the trips or places that you had the opportunities to visit with members of your chapter and other sister chapters in DKG!

More Chapter News!
Beta Nu member De Stuckwisch, elementary P.E. teacher, raised our awareness about the unique challenges art, music, gym, and technology teachers face as they adapt their programs to meet COVID-19 protocols. For example, she used pool noodles as light sabers to play Star Wars tag.
Judy Rosene, 50 year Gamma Phi member, was presented with a dozen red roses from President Helen Romes.
Ohio State Organization Scholarship and Grants Chairman, Marilyn Slusser shared information about the seven scholarship opportunities offered by Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation at the joint November meeting of Beta Eta and Beta Zeta.  Pictured left to right: Janet Steffy, Beta Zeta President; Marilyn Slusser; Deb Company and Marsha Reth, Beta Eta Co-Presidents.
Margaret Murph, Jane Houser and several other Gamma Phi chapter members helped with setup at Cincinnati’s 2021 Flying Pig Marathon

Beta Chi Chapter honored Carlie Powell, former president on her retirement from teaching. Carlie was toasted by close friend Wendy Spoerr who also served as president.
Seven local DKG chapters representing Columbiana, Mahoning and Trumbull counties held their tri-county dinner hosted by Alpha Omega and Delta Delta in Canfield at A La Cart Catering.  Eighty members welcomed our special guest, Ohio State Organization President Debby Canter.

Pictured are the current chapter presidents and co-presidents from the tri-county area.  Seated, left to right: Marsha Terry, Alpha Omega; Leana Spencer, Alpha Omega; Pam Todd, Alpha Iota; Debby Canter. Standing, left to right: Marianne Modarelli, Delta Delta; Mary Bumstead, Beta Chi; Sharon Jarvis, Beta Chi; Jane Snowberger, Delta Delta; Holly Buente, Gamma Pi; Kathy Murdock, Gamma Pi.  Missing from the picture are Debbie VanArsdale, Mu and Sandra Thorndike, Beta Pi.
Remembering Our Lost Sisters
Generosity with Philanthropy in the Giving Season!
Hooray!!! WE exceeded the matching gift challenge for Giving Tuesday!
The sponsor of the $840.00 match will make her donation today.
You’ve unlocked generosity, so now let’s keep donations coming in for “Be the Spark…Light our Flame”.  Together we are striving to meet the $8,400.00 goal, established in honor of the 84th Birthday of Ohio DKG.  Chapter Presidents and Chapter Representatives will have contribution forms to share with you.  The contribution form is available on the Foundation website at adseof.org: click here.  Another option: use your credit card/PayPal by going to the website. 

Charitable giving by the end of December 2021 may offer a tax advantage (check with your tax professional).  
Coming Soon To Your Inbox!
Beginning in January 2022, news from Alpha Delta State Ohio Educational Foundation will be sent to members on the fifteenth of each month in the ADSOEF Newsletter! The Directors are excited about this opportunity to share Foundation news with you in a new format. Our goal is to keep the newsletter brief, informative and enjoyable. We welcome your input and suggestions as we launch the ADSOEF newsletter. Check your inbox on January 15, 2022, for the inaugural edition!

Introducing ADSOEF Governance Committee
The Foundation Governance Committee is responsible for governance documents, including Bylaws and any accompanying policies and procedures that enable the Board to operate with a deliberate system of principles, to guide decisions, and to achieve rational and consistent outcomes.  In addition to working with the full Board and with individual Board committees, the Governance Committee researches best practices and guidelines to inform the development of Foundation documents.  Taking into consideration Directors’ input and recommended best practice, the Governance Committee drafts or revises policies and procedures for each Board committee to review and correct, and for full-Board approval.  

News From the ADSEOF Governance
During the past two years, the Governance Committee has been extremely busy making revisions to the ADSOEF Bylaws as well as reviewing, updating, and/or eliminating unneeded Policies and Procedures that govern the Foundation.  At this time, the Committee does not anticipate the need to make any revisions to the Bylaws but is aware that this could change.  There have not been any requests from the Directors to develop new Policies or Procedures during the Board of Directors meetings.  Policies and procedures are reviewed every two years from their dates of adoption, so during the next two years, the Committee will conduct reviews based upon these dates.  As a reminder, the Bylaws and Policies are on the ADSOEF web page for you to review.  If you have any questions and/or concerns about either of these, please contact me at lazearkaryn@gmail.com.

Karyn Kern-Lazear, ADSOEF Governance Committee Chairman
"Be the SPARK. . .Light Our Flame!" Donor Recognition
Beth Archer
   In memory of Sally Gillmore
Jim & Jay Bahnsen
   In memory of Pat Stetson
Lona P. Bowman
Holly Buente
Margaret Brooks
Debby Canter
   In memory of Helen Anderson
Patricia Cermak
   In honor of Barbara Smith
Kathryn Cryder
Andrea Dean
Linda Diltz
   In honor of Beta Rho Chapter
Karen Dombrowski
   In memory of Marleen McManus
Terri Duesing
Norma Frederick
   In honor of Donna Myers
Linda Geyer
Alice Harker
Linda Harrison
Dr. Norma Kirby
   In honor of Katie Gantz
Linda Lawwill
Kathy McClendon
   In honor of Kathryn L. Smith,
new member of Zeta Chapter
Jane Meese
   In memory of Bevan Barnett with
his wife, Mrs. Jaqueline Barnett
Betty Monahan
Patty Ondrus
Sandra Proaccio
   In honor of Kaitlin Nime
Sandy Royer
    In honor of Veterans who are
Linda Ruehrmund
   In memory of Marjorie Bigham
Judith Ruen
Nancy Russell
Cathy Tenney
   In honor of Dr. Norma Kirby
Ann Todd
   In memory of Sally Gillmore
Judy Valentine
   In memory of Eileen Young

Alpha Delta Chapter
Beta Nu Chapter
   In memory of former Chapter
President, Peggy Gentile 
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