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June 10, 2020
I arrived in Longview two days after our wedding. I was unloading my wedding dress from the back of the car when an FUMC church member pulled into the driveway with a basket full of flowers and goodies. Throughout that first week, as we unpacked boxes and began ministry here, there was a steady parade of people, food, and welcomes. Over the last three years, it has been my honor and privilege to walk with you through the beautiful, heartbreaking, sad, exciting, tragic, and joyful moments and seasons of life. It has been a joy to teach and preach and together to be formed by the good news we find in Scripture.

No minister or ministry is perfect, and as I prepare to leave, I ask your forgiveness for anything done and left undone that did not point us faithfully to Christ. Knowing and loving this church family has changed and formed me in ways that I can’t fully express my gratitude for, even though I never seem to be at a loss for words (especially on Sunday morning). As we have done the hard and holy work of being the church together, I have been blessed beyond measure by your kind hearts and genuine desire to follow Christ in all you do and say. I am especially grateful to my Faith Matters crew, who so patiently and faithfully gathered with me each week and were always willing to do the hard work of worship.

If there is anything I would like to leave with this church family, it is just one word - hesed. That one little Hebrew word which packs such a punch: hesed - God’s covenantal faithfulness, loving-kindness, steadfastness. God always does what God promises to do. And while God has not promised that each of our days lived in this broken world will be easy, or even good, God has promised redemption and resurrection for all creation. God knew you before you were born. God has been faithfully working in your life long before you could have known it. God is working in your life right now, for your good. And God will always be faithfully working for your good.

It’s a hard thing to leave a church during such a time of unrest and uncertainty. It’s harder still to go without being able to hug you and say goodbye. But I trust that God is always faithful, always good, and I know God is holding all creation now. In days of joy, give thanks for hesed. In days of suffering, rely on hesed. In days of uncertainty, trust in hesed. In days of unrest, find rest in hesed. God is always faithful, and so we can still be grateful and find joy. I love you all and give thanks to God for you daily. Thank you for loving my family and me with such grace. I can’t wait to see how God continues to use this church family to be a beacon of hope for all.

In Christ,
Pastor Becca
Where are you connected?
We are so excited to announce that we will be relaunching our in person worship opportunities! While things will look different than before, we are happy to welcome you all back home. Stay tuned for more details on what Sunday worship will look like starting in July!
We love and miss our church family! But we still want to love on you while observing social distancing! To do this, we've ordered yard signs for you to place in your yard or window. If you'd like to pick up a sign for your home, go to  and fill out the form!
Act quick - we have a limited quantity of signs available!
Randy Triplett and his art team from Creative for Kids will be here the first week of August to begin the painting project in the children's education wing on the second floor. They will finish in just under two weeks, so they will be done in time for school to begin back up.

Thank you to each and every family, Sunday School Class, and church group that has donated to this project. It could not become a reality for our kids without your help! We are only $6,752.82 away from completing the fundraising goal. I cannot wait to see the Bible stories come to life for our children!
JOIN US! We want YOU to come teach Children's Sunday School for the 2020 - 2021 school year! We are still looking for 2 teaching partners for the Pre-K/Kindergarten Class, 1 teacher for 1st/2nd Grade, 1 teaching partner for 3rd/4th grade, and a few 2 & 3 year old teachers. This is a wonderful opportunity to pour the love of Christ into these young children.

Please contact Loren Buchanan if you are interested in teaching at
The Cherokee Trace trip is FULL!
Thanks to all who registered their children for this trip. It is now full! We can't wait to see all the animals later this month.
We need volunteers for SOS Texas to sign up to bring lunches a nd popsicles to those at work sites for the following dates:
  • Week 2 June 22 - 26
  • Week 3 June 29 - July 2
  • Week 4 July 7 - 10. 
Life Together at FUMC Longview
We are replacing the hymnals for our Sanctuary!
If you would like to dedicate a hymnal in honor or in memory of someone, click one of the buttons below to either download the order form, or to order and pay online. You may bring or mail the completed form & payment to the church office if you'd prefer to not order online. Call the church office with any questions at 903-753-4463.
If you or someone you know is sick or hospitalized and is unable to attend worship with us, please let us know!

Contact the church office at
903-753-4463 or email us at
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