Advocate Augie Fash began his involvement as an advocate for 2.5 years. He is currently on his second case which he was assigned to a year ago. This could not be a better match for Augie and the young boy he was assigned to “Jake.” Jake was placed in a foster care and was really withdrawn and in need of someone stable in his life. This was something Augie was acutely aware of as he grew up lacking that stability himself as a child. The fact that Augie is kind, sensitive, and a National Yo-Yo Champion was not lost on Jake. They bonded immediately and a wonderful friendship ensued. They frequently played games together and explored the community at large. A noticeable change was observed in Jake within the first few months as he became more confident, playful and less anxious in social situations. School was a big stress for Jake that Augie was able to help desensitize him about. They took trips to the local junior high schools to help Jake get acquainted with the campus, staff and size of the school. Jake has thrived with the attention and the calming effect that Augie has on people. Jake is realizing that he has a voice, can be self-reliant and that his world can be a safe and calm place in which to live. Thank you Augie for being there for Jake! You have made a difference.